Avon Perfect Wear Everlasting Lip Gloss Review

Avon Glazewear lovers on alert as the new Avon Perfect Wear Everlasting Lip Gloss might tickle your interest!


A pigmented lipgloss from Avon that promises to hold out for eight hours…!

Avon Perfect Wear Everlasting Lip Gloss is $8 and available in ten shades so those who are on a bit of a beauty budget may find this appealing.

For the most part I feel like this gloss is more of a lip cream as it’s fully pigmented sans a shiny, glossy finish of a lip gloss. The formula has a bit of a silicone feel on lips which makes it stick around on lips pretty long. I tried the color Lingering Plum which is a plummy red with a bit of sparkle. The shade has excellent color coverage and as I mentioned acts more like a lip cream than it does a gloss.

Although the gloss does have a long wear it doesn’t last more than four hours as the formula is a tad drying so you’ll see a bit of fading, migrating, and flaking (due to the drier texture of the gloss) after at least three or four hours.

I’m not keen on the formula as I have to apply a clear gloss on top to get a shiny finish since the formula applies more dry. The texture of the “gloss”, I use the term gloss loosely, is dry which could account for the reason it wears so long since it’s not nearly emollient enough to slip and slide around on your mouth.

  • Anyone who wants a pigmented lipgloss that acts as a lip cream or lipstick.
  • Anyone who wants to keep their lipgloss budget in check (can’t beat the $8 price tag).
  • Anyone who likes Avon Lipglaze will find these are an interesting alternative with better color pay off!

  • Anyone who wants a super glossy finish (this doesn’t give a glossy or shiny finish, more matte in some ways).
  • Anyone who has dry lips or fine lines (this will migrate around the mouth and into fine lines if you have either dryness or lines)

The only thing I really liked about the gloss was the color pay off. I think it defeats the purpose if I have to apply gloss on top of a gloss you know? The drier texture of this wasn’t comfortable on my lips and even though it wore long I couldn’t really get on board with the general dryness.

If you’re looking for a budget lip gloss that wears long and has good color pay off this may appeal however if you want your gloss to be shiny this may be a skip as it acts more like a lip cream than an actual gloss.

No likey.

Available from shop.avon.com

Anyone try?



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  • 9/22/10 19:47 Ozma:

    I tried this, and I didn’t like the smell.


  • 3/23/11 21:12 Bridgette:

    ooh I had this. I used the whole thing only because hate wasting stuff. I didn’t like the color, but that was just color preference. I hated how sticky it was, but I discovered that if you have lip balm under it, it becomes more wearable. I sorta miss is a little bit now.


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