Benefit Ultra Shine Lip Shines are Shiny!

  • 6/30/10 21:12 Bora:

    These are on my “To Buy” list after your review! I also love that you get a great 5ml and a brush applicator. Take THAT MAC Dazzleglasses.


    • 7/1/10 9:40 the Muse:

      bora amen to that love the big size!


  • 7/1/10 10:57 Bora:

    I now have Wild Child, Fox Lady and Dancing Queen and am trying to work out what time I can leave work tomorrow so I can go back for Spiked Punch and Back to the Fuchsia. A new addiction is born….
    I love these and they make up for the disappointment in the MAC Superglasses which I bought and regretted earlier this month.


    • 7/1/10 16:26 the Muse:

      lol bora damn girl. nice haulin’!


  • 7/2/10 15:30 Liz:

    Love love love these! I only have two (so far): Dancing Queen and Back to the Fuschia. Both rock!


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