Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer Review and Swatches

Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer 1

Gather around kids.

Let me tell you something. Don’t let ANYONE ever telling you that spending less on product is a good idea. In some cases you may get lucky when you go the budget route but in my experience it’s rare that you actually snag something worthy of it’s $4 buck price tag.

For example, Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer is a mere $3.49. Sounds to good too be true doesn’t it?


A cheap as chips concealer that comes in a squeezable tube with a brush applicator offering a light, natural finish in a cream to powder formula.

I went into this purchase thinking how cute a concealer this was and how great it would be if it worked. Price wise it won’t really set you back much at all as it’s under $4. It has an interesting design which has a brush applicator on one end and a tube which you squeeze to release the product into the brush.

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Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer 4

Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer 5

The formula is a thin consistency that manages to be a tad creamy regardless. You can brush it under eyes, on blemishes, or anywhere else you need a bit of concealing.

Needless to say I knew going into this that it probably would be bad. Honestly, I’d never expect to buy a $4 concealer and expect it to perform miracles and this doesn’t disappoint because miracles it does not do or concealing for that matter. The formula is a tad too thin to hold much in the ways of pigmentation. I tried it under my eyes and it concealed little to nothing of what I had going on under my eyes such as dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. The concealer is creamy but a bit too thin to offer any coverage as it’s thinner consistency allows it to absorb into the skin on contact without offering any coverage.

Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer 6

Bonnie Bell My Style Concealer 7

The squeeze tube and friendly brush application is rather an interesting design but squeeze it too hard and you’ll end up with a mess so you have to press down VERY, very lightly to distribute a tiny bit of product.

Although it promises a cream to powder finish it remains far from matte once applied and will stay dewy to the touch with a slow dry down that isn’t powder-y in my opinion.


  • Anyone with very little to cover (this MAY work if you have a tiny spot you wish to conceal with a bit of powder on top!).
  • Anyone who likes a thinner less pigmented concealer.


  • Anyone in need of pigmented coverage to conceal major woes (fine lines, dark circles, pimples, acne scarring, etc…)
  • Anyone who doesn’t like messy packaging (this runs towards being pretty messy).

It didn’t take a degree to know this would turn out bad but for the sake of trying something new in the name of beauty budget I felt like I might as well indulge. Who knows? It could have turned into an incredible concealer…

But sadly it did not.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single person who would honestly need to buy this. Perhaps teens might like it and benefit from it uses but no one already used to posher cosmetics.

Skip it.

Really a waste of money.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/7/10 20:05 teresa:

    thank you so much for reviewing this concealer because i would always go to walmart to find new beauty products to sneak themselves into my mom’s cart and concealer is always one of them. And muse, i have a question for you. Whenever i buy a new concealer it works ok at first, then once i figure it out it works great, but then, after 2 months, it does nothing. No matter what i do to make it work agian it just wont work. Do you kno what to do muse?


    • 6/8/10 10:59 the Muse:

      ha teresa I like the sneak part :-D

      Mmm how do you mean doesn’t work? Is it caking? creasing?


      • 6/8/10 16:21 teresa:

        it cakes it creases it fades and it conceals absolutly nothing


        • 6/8/10 16:21 the Muse:

          I guess we are in agreement teresa LOL!


  • 6/10/10 18:42 Jennifer:

    That is too bad the concealer was horrible. We will have to agree to disagree. I think I get some bad drugstore items as much as I receive items that I spent quite a bit on that don’t meet my expectations. I think I expect more from them because of the cost. For instance, drugstore mascaras just cannot beat any high end mascaras these days for me. I thought YSL Faux Cils was my HG until I met Rimmel Sexy Curves. I thought MUFE Smokey Lashes was my HG until I met Rimmel Volume Maxxx prior to the above. I thought the matte Illamasqua blushes were my HG until I started buying the Palladio matte mosaics. I agree that some drugstore items are horrible, but I won’t ever forget some of those items I spent a small fortune on and could have cried after opening them. I love that everyone gets to chime in though and I will always respect everyones opinion. I still buy both expensive, moderate and drugstore (although BOGO for the drugstore these days as I don’t think they are so cheap anymore). Take care, Jennifer


  • 7/24/12 14:28 sindy:

    I read your review on the mystyle concealer and I agree that it is a bit watery at first. I have really oily skin so my eye shadow tends to crease after a few hours and i found that putting this on under all my other makeup helps to keep my eyeshadow from creasing. I have tried several pimers to help with my eyeshadow deal but this is the only thing that works for me. I wouldn’t recommend it for concealing but i would for oily skinned people with eyeshadow problems like me.


  • 10/28/12 11:09 mindlyly:

    I think this would be a great concealer. I am actually looking all over for the medium shade so I can use it under my eyes. I don’t like heavy concealers under the eyes and need something to blend into the edges of my foundation. I ran out of the other cheap stuff I was using and don’t feel like ordering more yet. I like that you included “who might like it” b/c even though it’s not that great it is exactly what some people are looking for.



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