Cargo SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer

Tis the season for tinted moisturizers dears. I’m all for light wearing base in the Summer. Seriously, who wants a ton of goopey foundation on their face in 90 degree weather. Ummm no! Cargo Tinted Moisturizer is light coverage with an SPF 20….

On board with that?


Cargo SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer is a skin energizing mineral tinted moisturizer with light diffussing pigments to help even out skin ton without being heavy or greasy.

My review isn’t base on coverage since the shade I got wasn’t my exact correct tone (WAY too dark) but I will tell you about the texture of the product and how it feels on. First off it does sport a nice range of sun protection with an SPF 20. I find most TM’s (tinted moisturizers) go for 15 or less and in some cases 20. Of course, I’d rather go with the SPF 20 so I’m appreciating the fact Cargo went with the higher number here. This is a thick formula with plenty of pigmentation but it easily absorbs into skin without feeling greasy or heavy. Although the shade I got to test wasn’t suitable for my skin tone I can easily see a lighter shade offering nice coverage that will even out my complexion.

The formula is oil, paraben, and fragrance free.

Aside from the color I got, nothing to rant about here.

  • Anyone who likes fully pigmented tinted moisturizers!
  • Anyone seeking a lighter base for the Summer.
  • Anyone who wants to erase dullness and even out skin tone with light coverage.
  • Anyone seeking a TM with a higher SPF.

  • Anyone that doesn’t like thicker, creamier tinted moisturizers.
  • Anyone unwilling to spend over $30 on a base!

Color was way off on this product but it actually didn’t stop me too much from experimenting fully. I’m liking the general feel of this and will be indulging in my own color as I liked it so much.

What TM do you use?


Available from Ulta.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/9/10 14:11 pquanda:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff!
    I am a full face/flawless type of gal, who almost always does LM primer, NARS Sheer Glow, with MUFE HD powder on top – until I tried this. I was given a sample, I spread some on (without ANY primer) and topped it with the MUFE HD powder and the coverage is just as great, but for some reason it looks more seamless and flawless! When I wear my Sheer Glow, (total HG) people compliment my foundation… When I wear this TM, I get complimented on my skin! My aesthetician asked me what I was doing different!!


    • 6/9/10 14:16 the Muse:

      aw great to hear such fab results pquanda!


  • 6/9/10 14:11 Annie:

    Oooo! I use Laura Mercier’s TM – do you know how this compares?


    • 6/9/10 14:16 the Muse:

      hey annie laura’s is a little thinner and a little less pigmented than this :)


  • 6/9/10 14:44 Louise:

    Hi Muse!

    In general what would you say are the differences in function between tinted moisturizers and BB Creams, and do you have a preference? I’m currently loyal to my Missha Watery BB Cream, but would love if it had a teensy bit more coverage – do you think TMs could provide that?



    • 6/9/10 15:07 the Muse:

      hey louise. tm’s are NOT like BB Creams. It’s my pet peeve when people compare the two as similar hehe.

      For the most part BB’s offer alot more in the ways of whitening, SPF, anti-aging etc…compared to TM which do not do most of these things. Also BB cream tends to run way more pigmented and much thicker/creamer.

      If you need more coverage from Missha go with other BB’s in their line as the Watery is actually, imho, not their best.

      Hope this helps hun!


  • 6/9/10 22:49 Melissa:

    I am loving my urban decay tm so much I might use it up. I think I use it almost every day. If I do run out, I may switch to cargo. I never was a fan of TM because i thought they didn’t have coverage. UD has coverage and doesn’t irritate me. Cargo’s ingredients are similiar but your swatch makes it look thicker then ud’s. Would u agree?


    • 6/15/10 10:58 the Muse:

      mmm melissa a little thicker than UD yes :)


  • 6/30/10 12:02 Sara:

    The tinted moisturizer I use is the CoverGirl Smoothers tinted moisturizer, its light but doesnt really cover that much…is this one very heavy and is it natural looking? One more q, what color did you get?


    • 6/30/10 14:36 the Muse:

      hi sara yes natural looking and quite thick. not sure of the shade, the release I got wasn’t labeled sadly!


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