Essence Cosmetics Twilight Eclipse Collection

Twi-hard fans gather round!

Remember all my babblings about German brand, Essence Cosmetics which recently launched at Ulta?

Well, Essence Cosmetics Twilight Eclipse Collection launches in Europe shortly…

Hopefully we’ll get it!


The collection will consist of a glitter eye pencil, duo baked eyeshadows, shimmer powder, lip gloss in four shades, and five shades of nail polish! Squeal!

Now the novelty is just the name and possibly the colors as the packaging is typical Essence Cosmetics fair but I’m big enough of a groupie to get hyped about this!

I dunno if this will ever make its way to the US but hopefully Essence might consider our market value if it starts doing well at Ulta.

Have you tried Essence Cosmetics yet?

What did you think?


Need Twilight cosmetics now? Indulge at it’s not as cheap but it’ll feed the fan girl inside!


  • 6/3/10 16:32 May:

    Eeeek! So exciting! I’m a sucker for things like this!



    • 6/3/10 16:40 the Muse:

      me too may :)


  • 6/3/10 17:19 alieke:

    Essensce make-up is the best!
    I’jm from holland and they sell it at the drug store here. They have super fun fun fun colors and all kinds of diffrent things. The quality is gr8 for such a cheap product, and they have lots of new things very often. If you can get you grabby little make-up paws on it buy it all!! This is the second twilight inspired line and i’ve got some things from the first line and their awesome. We may have essensce but you have lots of other brands we don;t get over here so the way i see it, it’s never fair 😉
    Greetz Alieke


    • 6/8/10 11:37 the Muse:

      ha I know alieke so ironic isn’t it? we crave essensce and you guys are craving stuff here 😀 the irony!



  • 6/3/10 18:08 deejay:

    This line actually feel more right that the DUWOP line. Hope they bring it to the states so I can try them out.


    • 6/3/10 22:32 the Muse:

      hope so too deejay!


  • 6/3/10 18:46 Rinny:

    The colors look pretty nice, but I kinda hate how Twilight puts its name on practically every single product out there…I was even gifted a fleece blanket with Robert Pattinson’s face on it lol. What are they going to come out with next??


    • 6/3/10 22:31 the Muse:

      LOL rinny all about marketing and tweens!


  • 6/3/10 19:00 Marina:

    Probably won’t indulge if it does come over here (partly since I already dropped $90 in Twilight Beauty and was mostly disappointed, and partly since I’m major obsessed with Harry Potter right now and Twilight has taken a backseat…Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens in two weeks…and I only live an hour away. My excitement is bubbling over haha). It looks cool though! I’ve never tried Essense.


    • 6/3/10 22:31 the Muse:

      hey marina I’m hitting it up in the Fall probably 😀 def didn’t want to deal with kids in the Summer so fall it is 😀

      Can’t WAIT you’ll have to tell me how it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 6/4/10 6:05 Marina:

        Will do :) And yeah, alllll the kids (including FL kids) will be there. And adults. But it’s just going to be crowded. Too crowded for my tastes, but it’s Harry Potter.


        • 6/4/10 9:16 the Muse:

          lol marina even harry potter can’t convince me of a hot theme park with LOTS of children! nightmare! LOL I’ll wait for Fall!


  • 6/3/10 19:26 DivineMsN:

    Every time I read “Jebus” I laugh. You are way loca girl!


    • 6/3/10 22:28 the Muse:

      ha divine at least someone enjoys my stupid humor ^5!


  • 6/3/10 19:47 Jelena:

    Essence is one of my favourite brands. It’s cheap and good quality. Plus they have these cute limited editions every month that make me very happy :))))
    New moon collectioon was great too! I hope you’ll get this one in US..


    • 6/4/10 10:11 the Muse:

      I hope so too Jelena :)


  • 6/4/10 0:50 Jackie:

    I am a huge Twilight fan, and Eclipse is my favorite book and tickets have already been bought for opening day, but I can’t get on board with this or the line from DuWop.

    Maybe if the nail polish has a cute/Twilight-ey name I might pick it up. I’ve bought a couple of polishes already from the brand at Ulta and I am quite impressed at the quality for the price.


    • 6/4/10 1:32 the Muse:

      Haven’t gone the DuWop route Jackie keep postponing it…marketing is crazy on this stuff 😀


  • 6/4/10 1:29 Ryan:

    No more twilight crap. I can’t take it anymore. Probably I couldn’t escape it even if I went to Pluto.


    • 6/4/10 1:31 the Muse:

      aw come on Ryan you know you’re Team Jacob!



  • 6/4/10 15:08 knownever:

    It’s strange that twilight themed beauty products are so popular because the makeup is far from the focal point of the film. like i can’t even remember what looks the characters wore. not that it’s a bad thing,


  • 11/14/12 21:10 Isis:

    essence is nice enough, not as good as catrice quality wise and at a similar price, but some of the limited edition stuff is fun, I recently got a gorgeous soft pink shimmer body powder, that I love! oh and they do a black brow pencil(which are oddly hard to get, most only go to dark brown) that is excellent!!


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