Guerlain Fall Collection 2010 Photos

More photos of the upcoming Guerlain Fall Collection 2010 courtesy of the British Beauty Blogger.

Mmmm kinda let down with the shades but I may be talking too soon as they might turn into something incredible.

What do you think?

Have you consumed today’s ?


  • 6/7/10 17:08 Zuzu:

    Amazing colors!!!


  • 6/7/10 18:11 LINDARRAGNAR:

    OH my god!!!!

    the first two palletes are so beautiful!!!
    I have to save up my money for this collection :( (no mac to the beach for me )


  • 6/7/10 18:53 cecile =):

    oh my lord this looks gorgeous haha, i really love champ elysees <3 but i have a feeling that it's not going to be easy on my wallet …


  • 6/7/10 20:32 Hazel:

    i love all the shades!


  • 6/7/10 20:37 Elle:

    Vendome and Champ Elysees color combos look really pretty imo! that purple looks stunning. Though nothing amazingly unique but a good all round palette for on the go.


  • 6/7/10 22:42 dina:

    not digging colors but packaging is gorgeous!!!


  • 6/7/10 23:37 JoElla:

    OMG I must own Vendome!


  • 6/7/10 23:46 Carolanne:

    gorgeous! i especially like passy and vendome <3


  • 6/8/10 0:27 electronicfly:

    Mmmm Vendome looks soooo luxurious..


  • 6/8/10 4:03 Ryan:

    I love them, but then again we have very different tastes in eyeshadow. I just can’t pull of bright colors the way you do Muse. But that doesn’t mean I wear boring eye looks, I just wear 60s eyeliner instead. Back on track: maybe I just like these because I’ve been so deprived of palettes for so long that any palette will impress an tempt me.


    • 6/8/10 9:01 the Muse:

      hey ryan aw don’t say that I think everyone can pull off bolder color 😀 no matter what!


  • 6/8/10 18:02 Sarah G.:

    My jaw literally dropped when I saw that packaging. It’s stunning. I think the colors in Champ Elysees would look pretty with my blue/green eyes…..


  • 6/12/10 15:23 Amanda:

    These are stunning palettes, thank you for posting them Muse! I’m having a hard time choosing which one. Do you think Sevres would appeal to very fair skin with brown eyes? I love the green color :-)


    • 6/14/10 11:56 the Muse:

      amanda gotta see them in person before I give any recs on color 😀 my pleasure, glad you enjoyed the post hun!


      • 6/14/10 19:14 Amanda:

        Thanks Muse :-) Are you planning on hauling any of these? The design is a lot different then previous palettes they’ve released.

        Sigh, and my love for pretty packaging is a weakness!


        • 6/15/10 7:38 the Muse:

          same weakness here amanda. maybe must see them 1st 😀


  • 8/19/10 8:02 lorraine:

    i am afraid the colors are quite boring. but the packaging the just fantastic.i love the second pallette which is the most chic among all


  • 8/19/10 8:09 lorraine:

    ohoh when i look at passy,the color range just totally reminded me of too faced naked pallete


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