Kat Von D Adora Collection: Kat Von D Adora Parfum, Palette, and Lipstick

Adora means “Beloved One” in Latin. For Kat, Adora reflects the next chapter in her personal evolution—an introspective renaissance discovered through deep layers, stories, and scars. She’s a romantic soul with an edgy exterior. Adora is a sensual and passionate perfume journey—unexpected and provocative. This scent reveals a stirring glimpse into an enigmatic life…tortured, beautiful, and brutally honest. At the top, crushed juicy notes of lychée and boysenberry intertwine with thyme and a crisp shot of cassis. The heart fuses the distinct sweetness of hyacinth with jasmine to create floral notes, enhanced by freshly peeled mango. At the base, patchouli finds her spiritual matches with sheer musk and amber wood.

A smoky eye adds an instant air of mystery—create your own, from angelic to devilish, with the Adora Eyeshadow Palette. Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora, this artistic spectrum of shades brings an edgy-glam creativity to your makeup. Adora fuses love and fury—two sides of color reflect two distinct facets of Kat. One side has an assortment of frosty whites and silvers; the other includes a range of sexy black and maroon shades.

Designed by reality television star Kat Von D especially for Sephora, Painted Love Lipstick takes Kat’s signature lip color, a sophisticated red, and expands it into a range of smoldering shades, from crimson to blood red. The sleek black tube is stenciled with passionate red roses and speaks to a romantic soul, with an edge.

Dunno ’bout you but I’m thrilled about this collection. It’s available for a limited time from Sephora shortly and I imagine I’ll be snapping up, at the very least, that palette! Not sure I can pull off the lipstick and need to sniff the perfume prior to purchasing as I wasn’t too keen on Saint and Sinner but loving all over the yummie eye palette.

Yes, please, I’ll take one.

Until Adora arrives check out my Stash Spotlight on the other Kat Von D True Romance Palettes.

  • 6/28/10 11:41 Kayra:

    This might be the first collection I’ll buy completely :D. Cherry red is my fav lip colour, eyeshadow palette looks stunning and the perfume has such a beautiful bottle … not cheap goth like Manic Panic but really victorian-esque and beautiful one.


  • 6/28/10 11:41 Galen:

    Eyeshadow palette is $34, not $18, right?



    • 6/28/10 11:43 the Muse:

      yup galen sorry typo all corrected!


      • 6/28/10 12:25 Galen:



        • 6/29/10 9:11 the Muse:

          my pleasure galen!


  • 6/28/10 12:27 JayJay:

    The palette is gorgeous, but I already own a lot of similar colours, so I may have to pass. I will definitely check out the lipstick though. Good reds are hard to find!

    I liked Saint perfume, but Sinner was way too spicy. I’m interested to smell this one.


  • 6/28/10 12:43 jonnie:

    I really liked Sinner… Saint was a bit too sweet (although combining the two is pretty awesome!) it wears off so fast though. I’m very curious about this perfume. The rest I’m not as interested in. I am not bold enough for the red lips. I tried last fall but I just didn’t feel right…


    • 6/28/10 12:54 the Muse:

      jonnie can’t pull off so bold a red myself 😛 I didn’t like either Saint or Sinner sadly…:( not sure about Adora but have a feeling may feel the same…but must sniff 😀 maybe it’ll surprise me!?


      • 6/28/10 13:36 jonnie:

        I had received a sample of saint I thought was fab, so I bought it and was kinda meh on it… not sure how it was so different but oh well. I decided to get the sinner rollerball and I thought it was okay but not awesome, but then my BF sniffed me was was all wow, you smell awesome! So I wear it sometimes when I’m with him and it has grown on me quite a bit. :) and like I mentioned, mixing the two is quite nice to me! However, the scent wears off really quickly. :( not sure if I’ll buy sinner again because of the miserably short wear time. I’m curious to smell this one to see if it’s in the same vein since I liked the others, but I hope it’s available in the relatively cheap rollerball like the others. I don’t like paying a lot for something that wears off so quickly.

        I’m also considering buying UD Revolver when the Naked pallette becomes available, since I know I’m gonna buy that… maybe there will be free shipping. :) I know the two are unrealted, but UD seems like it would be in the same edgy vein as KvD…


  • 6/28/10 13:13 Lauren:

    I love all of KVD palettes so I’m waiting for adore to go live!!!


  • 6/28/10 18:22 Marina:

    Not to interested for once! Colors are kinda blegh for me. I can’t wear most darker shades like this :( Pass…except I adore the lipstick color.


  • 6/29/10 11:18 Bonnie:

    I’m with you, Muse–must have that palette! Red lipstick is very hit or miss with me, though…I love the ‘idea’ of it but in reality, I can’t always pull it off.


    • 6/29/10 11:25 the Muse:

      *nods* same bonnie 😀


  • 6/29/10 14:02 Potatisbruden ~ Michilicious:

    I wanna smell that perfume!!


  • 6/30/10 8:45 Luna:

    Love the palette :) Can’t wait to try!

    Now if I can find the gypsy palette on eBay. That would make my day ^^;;;


  • 6/30/10 11:58 Jennie:

    The perfume sounds like it’d smell lovely. I really like the colors in the palate but I read somewhere that it’s half powder shadows and half cream shadows. I could her True Love palate a while back and the cream shadow in there was AWFUL. It dried up so quick. I eventually just took it out of the palate completely. And as for the lipstick, I bet its beautiful if you’re the type of person who can pull off such bold reds.


    • 6/30/10 14:43 the Muse:

      I seen that Jennie, half and half, but I don’t mind they make a good base for shadow 😀 haven’t experience drying up on the palettes myself, but heard that in various reviews!


  • 7/1/10 8:35 Luna:

    Just got the email from Sephora. Kat Von D’s palette is here! I just ordered it YAY!


    • 7/1/10 9:07 the Muse:

      me too luna!


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