Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter

Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter is kinda unusual….


Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter is Laura’s new concealer to combat everyone’s enemy, dark circles.

It’s design to offer intense coverage to even the most stubborn of dark circles. It’s actually rather strange as the shades come in Orange/Yellow (created for olive and deeper skin tones) and Mauve/Rose (created for fair to medium skin tones).

The orange or salmon shade combats purple/gray circles and the rose combats pinkish/purple dark circles.


I’m all about taking up the sword and battling my dark circles but these shades look like they might make me LOOK too made up, know what I mean?

But count me curious….

Could be exactly what the Doctor ordered.

What do you think?

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  • 6/9/10 13:30 Lillian:

    Hmm well they might work beautifully, but they are scarily dark and bright looking! I can’t magine that dark rosey colour blending into my pale skin at all.


    • 6/9/10 13:33 the Muse:

      lol not so sure either lillian. kinda strange 😀 but I’m willing to try!


  • 6/9/10 14:23 Larie:

    Oh, interesting! Kind of reminds me of the Bobbi Brown correctors, since I guess they’re supposed to be more of a corrector than a concealer? At least…I hope so, since my skin definitely isn’t naturally salmon/rose, lol. I may have to try these.


    • 6/9/10 16:25 the Muse:

      yes larie for sure :) more a corrector than a concealer :)


  • 6/9/10 22:46 Karen:

    I think they might work.


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