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It’s been such a long time since I looked at the Lola Cosmetics website. Remember when the brand was sold at Sephora? Gosh seems hundreds of years ago.

My first glance at the site and already lemmings are beginning to stir with the new Lola Masquerade Collection.


A fitting name, Masquerade, for a collection that features ways to hide, conceal, and create flawless coverage.

  • Lola Masquerade Foundation $45

Rejuvenate your skin with a trip to the “fountain of youth” and capture your own luminous, radiant look with Lola’s Masquerade Foundation. This revolutionary formula contains Chinese medicinal ingredients that helps restore your skin to a youthful appearance, while providing treatment driven flawless foundation coverage. Adjustable coverage that is silky upon application while maintaining a natural skin finish.

  • Lola Mirage Concealer $24

Mirage Concealer will instantly erase the appearance of dark circles with silky smooth sheer coverage and mask the appearance of aging with light reflective hydrating properties. Wear it under or over foundation and your skin will glow with age defying radiance. Best results if applied with Lola’s Crème Colour Brush.

  • Lola Eye and Makeup Remover $26

Gently cleanse and hydrate with Lola’s conditioning Face & Eye Makeup Remover. This delicate PH formulated cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin and safe for contact lens wearers. So pure it will leave your skin feeling soft and fresh with no oily residue.

Hmm I forsee an order in my future….

I’m very curious about both the concealer and the foundation. I’m trying to figure out if the foundation is a power or not, if it’s a cream I could easily see myself becoming a good deal excited! And you know me and concealer…..

The Lola Masquerade Collection is available now at

  • 6/15/10 9:50 Marina:

    I’m obsessed with anything relating to masks or masquerades…so this is definitely intriguing. I like the look of the foundation, but I’d NEVER pay $45 for it.


    • 6/15/10 9:51 the Muse:

      Marina curious if it’s cream or powder…I’d probably dish out for it if it was cream…I freaking love the way creams make my face look 😀


  • 6/15/10 10:37 laura r:

    Marina- Lola Cosmetics have recently surfaced in a big way on i had never heard of the marque (don’t hurt me, Muse!) but i bet if you check back there in a few months you might see some of these goodies….


  • 6/15/10 17:25 Lillian:

    The packaging of the foundation is beautiful!


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