Lush Summer Pudding Soap

Remember when Bill Crosby sold his soul for Jello Pudding and Jello Pudding Pops? God, I miss Jello Pudding Pops, what the hell happened to those anyway? Remember when he did that famous quote, “there’s always room for Jello…” For the record, I had plenty of room for those nommy pudding pops but not for Jello. I mean seriously, people eat Jello? Anything that wriggles like that should not be consumed in my humblest opinion.

But anyway speaking of Jello, pudding, and the like anyone see the new Lush Soap?

I can make room for Summer Pudding!


New from Lush, a summery slice of soap for your shower!

Check it!

Our Summer Pudding was created by Noriko, who was inspired by that staple of a British summer. Just like a real pudding, it’s brimming with pieces of fruit. It’s a creamy soap that scents your body with its fruity fragrance. We make it with scrubby ground almonds, softening almond oil, and cleansing citrus oil. We’re sure you’ll find it difficult to resist a slice of pudding.

Mmm sounds delightful.

I think I want some!

Available now from Lush UK.

  • 6/17/10 13:37 Stephanie:

    It’s so pretty! Can’t wait to try it.


  • 6/17/10 13:38 Lillian:

    Mmmm sounds goood! I’ll have to give this a whirl.


  • 6/17/10 21:34 Robin:

    Wannit wannit wannit! So purdy!


  • 6/17/10 22:36 Vanessa:

    :DDDDD I wonder how this’ll compare to Sultana of Soap.


  • 6/17/10 23:47 Melissa:

    ugh no soapy orders until the temp cools. thanks for showing it – I’m lemming some.


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