MAC Digi Dazzle Collection: MAC Dazzle Lipstick

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MAC Digi Dazzle 1

MAC Digi Dazzle Collection is looking all kinds of hawt!

Check it!

MAC Dazzle Lipstick

  • Wham (Plum brown)
  • Win-Win (Light pink)
  • Snazzy (Deep Plum)
  • Sweet Bits (Light Lavender Pink)
  • Troublemaker (Magenta)
  • Infused with Glam (Copper Brown)
  • Liquid Lurex (Tarnished Golden)
  • Naughty You (Neon Pink)
  • Smash Hit (White Beige)
  • Baby’s On Fire (Deep Red)
  • Glaringly Hip (Light Peach)
  • Hellraiser (Light Lavender)
  • Hot Sass (Bright Orange)

MAC Digi Dazzle 12

MAC Digi Dazzle 11

MAC Digi Dazzle 13

MAC Digi Dazzle 14

No full details yet but I’ll update with the good word when I know the release date.


  • 6/2/10 11:42 Wendy:

    I hear Lavender and get way too excited… it’ll probably be sheer. I am looking forward to the purple looking one from In the Groove, though that one also says sheer.

    And mmm… magenta…


    • 8/22/10 14:42 V:

      The Hellraiser lipstick is very nude all but a few are and most have A LOT of glitter I preordered the hellraiser and LOVE it! its great but just a little sheer, but i like sheer. If you like it then try it with a clear gloss on top! GREAT COMBO!


  • 6/2/10 12:00 Nia:

    They very much sound like a skip to me.

    Ha, see, I am getting much more selective :D


  • 6/2/10 13:11 dina:

    ohhh, curious to see how these swatch :) texture looks different


  • 6/2/10 13:38 Lillian:

    oh wow i need to see swatches stat! The lavender one is really exciting.


    • 7/8/10 22:07 vicky:

      i have one swatch of one lipstick of this collection. check out


    • 8/22/10 14:43 V:

      The lavender one: look up on what I wrote to Wendy


  • 6/2/10 14:15 Miss D:

    Oh…these look nice! I’m wondering about the texture as well, and if the lipstick will be really creamy.


    • 6/2/10 14:20 the Muse:

      looks glittery miss d:)


  • 6/2/10 14:16 Michelle:

    When I was @ Nordie’s picking up my 2TB haul the MUA said that this should be out around the time of their Anniversary sale…so July 16th.


    • 6/2/10 14:20 the Muse:

      cheers thanks michelle!


  • 6/2/10 19:51 Tinkerchelle:

    Is that….. GLITTER LIPSTICK!??! Hooooooooly Christballs, that is awesome!


    • 6/3/10 12:09 the Muse:

      ha chelle!


    • 8/22/10 14:44 V:



  • 6/2/10 20:16 Heather C.:

    OHHH! I want!!


  • 6/2/10 21:55 Comrade_Garlic:

    Dear MAC, please stop with the Dazzle items. I feel the need to buy them all. I can not afford that. That said I hope these suck and are gritty so I won’t buy them.


  • 6/3/10 1:15 Melissa:

    uggggggggggggggggggggh I want them all. I will have to see them in person and narrow it down to one in each family. That is what I usually do with big releases, one Pink, one Beige, etc. Ok maybe 2 pinks. Of course if a color looks ick on me that helps too.


  • 6/8/10 17:22 Michele:

    These dazzlesticks are AMAZING! Every single color! When worn, it looks as if you have liner, lipstick, and gloss on at the same time! I pre-ordered 2, but I’m going to add a few more to my order as they are LE and absolutely gorgeous. IF you LOVE dazzleglass and superglass, you will LOVE these lipsticks. The shimmer/glitter level is somewhere in between the two glasses, but it is much more vivid. This is a super-moist but ultra light weight lipstick. It doesn’t really feel like you have much on but when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, it’s all sparkle and rich hues. I got Win Win and Smashhit from Nordstrom’s pre-sale, and am going to add Liquid Lurex (gold) the two lavender shades and a couple more of the pinks when I go back in a few days… to round out the collection. These wear really long, too… LOVE!!! *You can try these on and pre-sale order them in Nordstrom right now… I am in California (:


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