Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss Coming to Japan

Please see this updated post for pricing, availability, and color information.

July 1st marks the release date for the Make Up For Ever Lap Shine Lip Gloss in Japan.

Can we please have them in the US too?

I can easily see myself becoming terribly addicted to these. Available in three finishes, metal, diamond, and star there’s a finish and color for everyone.

  • Make Up For Ever Diamond Collection Lab Shine Lip Gloss

Available in 12 shades providing sheer coverage with a shimmering finish.

  • Make Up For Ever Star Collection Lab Shine Lip Gloss

Available in 14 colors with park particles and offering medium coverage.

  • Make Up For Ever Metal Collection Lab Shine Lip Gloss

Available in 9 new with fine pearl particles and providing the highest coverage of the three finishes.

If Japan is seeing these now I’m hopeful we’ll see for the Fall or at the very least the Winter (if at all).

Looks pretty damn nice and I must say quite impressed with all the releases lately from MUFE.


Have you consumed today’s ?


  • 6/14/10 10:58 Stephanie:

    I love the models in the ad and how their bangs cover their eyes. As for the gloss, I don’t even know where I’d start with all those options!


  • 6/14/10 11:28 LINDARRAGNAR:

    ;( DIAMOND ?!?! STAR !?!??! AND METAL !!! they names just got me then i looked at the colours!!!1 :(‘

    i am really hoping they get these here……..the gold, white, silver & puple looks so delightful…(metal and diamond though) only the hot pink star one seems interesting


  • 6/14/10 16:07 shontay:

    These actually are in the US. They are at the MUFE boutique. I saw them when I went to the boutique about a month ago :).


    • 6/14/10 16:28 the Muse:

      cheers thanks shontay 😀 great news!


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