Musings of the Day: Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 2010

Musings of the Day

Oohhh Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on which means Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives!


Musings of the Day: What are you haulin’?

Check out my wants!

Let’s see I want……

  • Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 1

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 5

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 4

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 3

  • Clarisonic Turquoise Mia Set

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives 2

How about you?

Did you pre-order anything yet?

Planning to?

Share it!

Take a look through all the Nordie’s Exclusives by visiting this

  • 6/21/10 13:19 Kristina:

    Oh no! I’m wanting the Dior and the Bobbi!


    • 6/21/10 13:25 the Muse:

      god me too Kristina trying to refrain but can’t help myself, cart loaded, trying not to hit submit grrr!


  • 6/21/10 13:56 morgan:

    is there a difference between the regular clarisonic and the clarisonic mia? because i thought you already owned a clarisonic but i may be mistaken


    • 6/21/10 15:10 the Muse:

      mia is smaller, portable morgan


  • 6/21/10 14:06 Karrie:

    I have my eye on the shu uemura palette.
    Seems like the perfect palette to travel with since the colors are so everyday.


    • 6/21/10 15:09 the Muse:

      karrie must get a second glance at that one, just skimmed over it :D


  • 6/21/10 14:23 Catherine:

    Did you try any of the philosophy gels last year?

    I also want the Lippmann Collection ‘All That Jazz’ Color Trio , CLARISONIC® ‘Turquoise Mia’ Set , and I’m sure I’ll find a few more things on second glance.


    • 6/21/10 15:08 the Muse:

      catherine tbh I can’t remember what they were…remind me? LOL!

      I want the mia too, LOVE the color!


      • 6/21/10 15:19 Catherine:

        same as this year =) … the celebrate line


        • 6/21/10 15:52 the Muse:

          doh Catherine. sorry. Nope haven’t tried those ones as they always sounded meh to me :)


  • 6/21/10 14:32 peri:

    theres not much there i cant live without, but they have that juicy rollerball set. hmm… lol


    • 6/21/10 15:08 the Muse:

      I see that peri :-D wants! lol, should just say wants everything easier!


  • 6/21/10 14:39 Marina:

    That MAC lipstick looks sooo pretty…but I’m on a bit of a spending hault after Friday…spent a lot at WWoHP! I have my review up here:
    It’s the second post from the user rinacee…
    It was amazing, in short.


    • 6/23/10 16:52 the Muse:

      OMG marina loves! tell me more tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • 6/23/10 17:06 Marina:

        I don’t know what else to say besides what I said in the review…it’s just incredible. I got chills constantly throughout the day…and it was 100 degrees out! It was so worth the wait to get in. It was surreal, and so so authentic. They even had dust on some of the wand boxes and books! You really felt like you w ere in Hogsmeade with all this magic going on around you…and then you turn the corner and BAM! Hogwarts! It was crazy incredible. I’m going back soon with a relative to see the whole entire Islands of Adventure, but we’re going to go into HP at night (maybe around 4 or so) so we can see the castle and shops all lit up.


        • 6/25/10 16:07 the Muse:

          god I must go Marina November can’t come SOON enough for me!


  • 6/21/10 15:03 Nik:

    I really want the Lancome brush set, I have the indigo and hot purple/pink brush sets so i feel like i shouldn’t?! grrr…I am in love!


    • 6/21/10 15:07 the Muse:

      Nik i want that set too! But I have so many brushes…damm!


      • 6/21/10 15:19 Nik:

        Maybe if it’s around like the other ones were I’ll get it in a couple months. I am trying to talk myself out of it though :…(
        Why are they unloading so much awesomeness at once?! I am scared of fall too! Ahhhh!


        • 6/21/10 15:52 the Muse:

          nik ditto just don’t need more brushes :-D oh groan Fall, ouch my wallet!


  • 6/21/10 15:54 Comrade_Garlic:

    Yay! There isn’t anything I must have. For once I think I can pass up the sale.


  • 6/21/10 16:18 Sasha:

    Will there be a free shipping code?


    • 6/21/10 16:19 the Muse:

      yes sasha on orders 200 and more hun :D


  • 6/21/10 17:31 Cynthia:

    The Clarisonic Mia is something I’ve been wanting. I really like the Turquoise now more than the pink one.


    • 6/21/10 22:21 the Muse:

      me too Cyn!


  • 6/21/10 18:00 jkim:

    omg. i might have to have that dior palette. i was worried it might cost a gazillion dollars, but $54 is pretty decent for that thing!


    • 6/21/10 22:20 the Muse:

      I agree jean, seems like alot of product for the price!


  • 6/21/10 18:51 imprompturoses:

    I love the turquoise Mia. It looks so happy! Too bad I already own the pink one :)


    • 6/21/10 22:19 the Muse:

      me too roses :-D I don’t have a mia so I’m all about it!


  • 6/22/10 15:05 Christina:

    I like the NARS Deep Throat/Laguna set!

    And the Dior Ready to Wear Palette is so gorgeous and handy.


  • 6/23/10 21:40 ValentinaSugar:

    Hi Muse,

    I was wondering which of these you are getting for sure (if you haven’t ordered something already)!


    • 6/24/10 4:36 the Muse:

      hey valentine got it all in my cart just trying to figure out if the chocolate palette is the one I am getting from qvc in October on auto ship….oh not all the lipsticks of course, I decided on 5 of the shades so far :)


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