Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Lemon Taffy Shower Gel Review

Kinda sorta wasn’t all that impressed with Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels that I recently hauled.

But…doesn’t stop me wanting to babble ’bout ’em!

Check it!

A Lemony Taffy scented shower gel that you can use as a shampoo, a shower wash, or a bubble bath!

It’s a typical Philosophy Shower Gel that lathers up beautifully and creates mounds of foam and bubbles with the scent of Lemon Taffy.

Lemon Taffy has a bit more of a candy scent going on than my most recent foray with Strawberry Taffy. Mmmm it’s a little difficult to describe but it does have a little bit of a taffy-like scent mixed in with a tart lemon. It’s not overly tart because the taffy part really cinches the gel together to create something else which isn’t very fruity, tart, or lemony. Maybe a little vanilla can be sniffed in this too…hard to describe it exactly but lemon lovers and candy ones for that matter will love it.

As always, it’s an in shower experience so you won’t be smelling of Lemon Taffy after your rinse. This never fails to disappoint me.

I felt like Lemon Taffy was easily duped with Philosophy Lemon Meringue so it’s probably not an absolute must have.

  • Anyone who likes Philosophy Shower Gel and has a compulsive need to own them all (like me!)
  • Anyone who likes lemony, candy scents.
  • Anyone who wants a multitasking shower gel that doubles up as a bubble bath and shampoo!

  • Anyone who wants to smell like Lemon Taffy outside of their shower (sorry the scent doesn’t linger!)
  • Anyone who already owns Philosophy Lemon Meringue Shower Gel (kinda a dupe for this!).

I purchased each of the three Taffy Shower Gels individually which accounts for some of my disappointment that they weren’t nearly as great as I wanted them to be. However, QVC is now offering them as a set which I think is a nice deal and possibly worth a haul if you really dig on Philosophy Shower Gels. I do feel, so far, that the Taffy Gels are easily duped and not particularly unique or wow aspiring but the deal of getting all three is tempting.

Available from QVC.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 6/10/10 13:49 Lindsay:

    I’m glad Im not the only one who’s disappointed when I get out of the shower not smelling like my pricey philosophy bath gels. No I have to pay $5 more to get the perfumed version, boooooooo. :)


    • 6/10/10 14:14 the Muse:

      lol lindsay TOTAL agreement here


  • 6/11/10 0:44 Katie:

    Personally, I don’t care about scent. I have a shower gel for when I WANT to smell like food (Sephora Vanilla Cupcake anyone? lol) and others for whatever mood I want to be in when I get out of the shower. I LOVE the way Philosophy makes my skin feel, and that is enough to make me overlook any of that other stuff! :)


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