Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Lime Taffy Review

In the early stages of Philosophy’s Shower Gel life, there wasn’t alot of scents to choose from and the ones they did have weren’t nearly as fantastic as the current releases. Indeed, you’ve heard this all before from me but I can’t begin to tell you how Philosophy has evolved as some of their earlier releases weren’t anything like what we experience from them in the realms of shower gel today.

I’m mentioning all this because most recent release of Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels has been a bit of a bust for me and I feel like I’m doing a rewind back to Philosophy’s past with some of these as they aren’t up to my current standards of what their shower gel should smell like!


A three in one shower gel scented like Lime Taffy that you can use as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath!

As with most Philosophy Shower Gels this lathers up nicely creating mounds of gorgeous bubbles. It multitasks beautifully so you can use it to wash your hair, to cleanse your body, or in your bath tub for a super bubbly bath!

This is probably the worst of the three Taffy scents I tried sadly. Although I like the smell of Lime this is very similar to Philosophy Key Lime Pie but has considerably less fragrance. It has a nice layer of tart lime with a mix of something more….perhaps vanilla? To give it that taffy-like scent however it really has very little linger or throw and isn’t as heavily scented as many other Philosophy gels are!

  • Anyone who likes Philosophy Shower Gels and has a bit of the “collect ’em all” disease (I do!).

  • Anyone who already owns Philosophy Key Lime Pie.
  • Anyone already used to the quality of the newer Philosophy Shower Gels (this takes a bit of a retro spin and has the formula of one of the older gels)

I was excited to try out the Philosophy Salt Water Taffy Shower Gels but all three have been a tad disappointing so I really don’t think you absolutely need these. Indulge in another scent, I think you’ll be happier for it.

    Wanted to love, but sadly no go.


    This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
    Read my full disclosure statement here.

    • 6/14/10 19:09 Amanda:

      This looks so yummy too! I use the Korres Basil Lemon shower gel, that’s my favorite one but I can see why you didn’t like this one.

      Just means you have to try more 😀


      • 6/15/10 10:48 the Muse:

        ha amanda true dat :)


    • 6/16/10 4:24 astrorainfall:

      I just love Philosophy bath gels. Their scents are so yummy. I was in the US and would’ve bought several bottles but alas my luggage just wouldn’t allow such an indulgence!


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