Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC Perfume Review

Get Carrie fever with the new SJP NYC Perfume!



A fruity, flirty fragrance to celebrate all things Sarah Jessica Parker, New York and of course, Sex in the City!

I spritzed myself at Macy’s randomly a few weeks ago when this released and was surprised by how fruity and fun it was. I guess it makes sense considering New York is such a fabulously fun place but lord, knows it doesn’t smell as good as SJP NYC that’s for damn sure.

First spray you’ll get full on fruit with notes of mandarin and a heavier note of strawberry. As the scent begins to dry down it’ll turn into a sparkling mimosa with hints of rose, rum, honeysuckle and a deeper base of creamy musk.

The scent comes across as sparkling, joyful, with hits of playfulness and tons of flirt. It isn’t a floral in the traditional scent but more of a fruity fragrance with subtle hints of floral.

I find you do have to be careful when indulging as one or two spritzes will leave you with a nice layer of fun but do more than that and the scent begins to enter the realms of cloying and a bit on the cheaper drugstore fragrance dupes you come across. So keep it light, a single spritz or two will do you well all day as the scent does have a good deal of throw and linger!

  • Anyone that likes extra sweet, fruity fun blends!
  • Anyone who loves SJP and Sex in the City!
  • Anyone who wants an inexpensive, fun fragrance for Summer!

  • Anyone who isn’t keen on sweeter fragrances!

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC is available for a reasonable price of $25 and upwards to $49 at Macy’s. I thought the scent was fun for Summer plus I’m a big supporter of funnier, fruity blends so this is utterly appealing to my nose. They also have a cute bangle available with a sweet slide out of solid fragrance if you want to accessory a bit along with your fragrance. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Summer fragrance, this may appeal.


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  • 6/18/10 11:40 puranki:

    I am kind of shocked that she made a perfume, well luckily it’s not a make up line up.
    I must admit I find her one of the ugliest women I’ve seen in Hollywood…

    But thanks for the review!


  • 6/18/10 15:57 Paloma:

    I smelled this in a magazine a while back and made a blog review of the sample I tried….I loved it! I really hope to get it once I get a job lol


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