Stila Travel Girl Palettes: Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA Palette

Wanna take a road trip but no time? No money? Can’t drive? No problem. Take a road trip with Stila, best part, it’ll only cost you $10 bucks!

Stila launches it’s own road trip with the new Stila Travel Girl Palettes all priced to own at an affordable $10 bucks!

What are they?

A slim line palette featuring a Stila girl! Each palette contains Stila four eyeshadows and one Stila Convertible Color. All yours for $10 bucks. A new palette will be introduced each month up until November starting today.

Today you can take advantage of this road trip by purchasing the Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA Palette which features:

Four Stila Eye Shadows:

  • Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
  • Southern Belle (mauve)
  • Valley Girl (pink)
  • City Chick (alloy)

Stila Convertible Color:

  • Hibiscus

You can join the Stila Girl’s each month as they travel across the globe to exotic locals like Russia, Japan, and more! Each new palette will launch mid-month and will be available for a limited time.

Collect all five girls!

Visit to purchase the first now!

  • 6/17/10 12:02 HC:

    I’m so tempted but I want to see all 5 and buy only 1! Are the shades LE shades?


    • 6/17/10 12:06 the Muse:

      hc no not that I see b/c I have at least one of the shades already :)

      for the price you can afford to buy all five can’t beat 10 bucks imho!


  • 6/17/10 12:08 Sara C:

    Are these only going to be available online? Cause I’d love to be able to just pop into sephora or ulta and grab them :)


    • 6/17/10 12:19 the Muse:

      so far looks like exclusive to Stila’s website Sara :)


  • 6/17/10 12:20 Larie:

    $10 is an awesome price, but I wish they were just shadow palettes, as I really don’t care for that convertible color stuff – it has a weird consistency imo. Of course, I might still have to get them – they’re cute!


  • 6/17/10 12:31 Jay:

    Too bad we can’t buy it here in Canada. I’m considering having it sent to my cousin in the states, but not sure if it’s still worth it after paying for shipping….esp when i want to buy one every month…lol


  • 6/17/10 12:34 Marley:

    UGH. MUSE. Come on, that’s the second time in two days I’ve seen something on your site, and immediately ordered it. I know I’ll have to have all these palettes- I’m thrilled at the return of the Stila Girl, and Stila e/s and convertible colors are my staples. But you have to stop making me buy things!!! :)


    • 6/17/10 12:47 the Muse:

      LOL marley sorries!!!!!!!!!! I’m dying to collect all five myself *smacks forehead* the disease, oh god the disease!


  • 6/17/10 12:36 Stephanie:

    Wow–I am actually pretty tempted to collect these! What a fun idea,


  • 6/17/10 12:39 yay:

    tempting but i never use Stila Products before…


  • 6/17/10 13:19 Kristin:

    Is it greedy of me that I still want a free shipping code, even though this is only $10?! Haha! I hate paying shipping! Especially when the price of shipping is nearly the same as the product I am buying. Maybe we’ll get a weekend free shipping code soon!


    • 6/17/10 13:26 the Muse:

      LOL nope b/c I want the same kristin LOL!!!!!!


      • 6/22/10 10:51 Ashley C.:

        Hey I just got a free shipping code in my email – good through June 24th, I think! 😀 It’s “refill” and no minimum!! Getting this and the It Girl palette!!


        • 6/22/10 12:46 the Muse:

          Thanks Ashley !!!!


          • 6/23/10 1:07 Ashley C.:

            No problem! 😀

  • 6/17/10 14:14 elizabeth:

    Hmm, it says “Brought to you FIRST on!”, not exclusively, so hopefully they’ll be available at soon so I can use my discover rewards :) I do wish it were all eyeshadow tho.


  • 6/17/10 16:19 Sarah:

    Stila is making itself look better and better to me. Do you think deals like this mean that their way over charging us for a single eyeshadow? I mean $18 regularly when theyre selling 4 for $10?

    Anyway, I cant wait to get these, Im more of a palette person because when I think of single shadows I just get overwhelmed and then end up not being able to pick anything.

    And last thing, when they release the next months palette does the previous months become unavailable?


    • 6/17/10 16:29 the Muse:

      lol sarah maybe 😀 god yes, palette the spice of life 😀

      Not sure but I’m assuming so!? I guess it depends how fast they sell!


  • 6/17/10 21:38 Robin:

    Oh yesssssss, Stila is back! This is the first time I’ve seen a CC in one of their palettes. I wonder if the shadows are full size, but for the tiny price, it doesn’t matter :)


  • 6/17/10 21:53 nia:

    oh interesting. if i were in the usa, i bet my asz that i be ordering this, pronto.

    anyone knows (or can guess) the size of this palette? could it be as big as a name card?… hmmmm


  • 6/17/10 21:57 Comrade_Garlic:

    Wait, no Kitten? It can’t be a Stila palette. I will so be buying all of these.


  • 6/17/10 23:52 Melissa:

    OMG i need all 5 right now. Love me stila shadows have only one palette that was at costco- its a talking one. Anyhow I’m ordering now. What else do I want? LOL


  • 6/18/10 5:12 Mara:

    Why oh why is Stila doing this to me? They keep launching all this new stuff when all I want is the “Stila Loves Claire Pettibone” palette. I’ve read in the past it was going to be launched this spring, yet it’s almost summer and it’s still not here, arrghh.


  • 6/18/10 7:36 Vonvon:

    OMG!!! These are gorgeous! and such collectibles! and only for 10 bucks each???? what a great great steal!!!! I wish I would be able to collect them all!


  • 6/22/10 15:04 Courtney:

    Just ordered mine online and added the It Girl palette to my order too. You can’t beat the prices, especially with the free shipping. LOVE!


    • 6/22/10 15:33 the Muse:

      yay courtney enjoy hun!


  • 7/13/10 17:35 Jennifer:

    This wonderful palette can also be ordered at for FREE Shipping! That is how I snagged it. :)


    • 7/14/10 13:12 the Muse:

      awesome thanks for the tip Jennifer :D!


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