Wants It: Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream

I have a thing for cuppycakes. Whether eating them or having my makeup and jewelry shaped like ‘em, I’ll take them anyway I can ‘em.

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 7


Meet the new Naughty but Nice Cupcake Hand Cream available on ASOS.

What more could a cuppycake lover want? Available in four different scents and designs these particular cupcakes are fat and calorie free but still remain decadently cute.

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 1

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 5

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 4

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 3

Naughty But Nice Cupcake Hand Cream 2

Cute beauty is meant to be shared.

Loves it!

Wants it!

Available from ASOS at $8.45 each.

I’ll take half a dozen please.

  • 6/8/10 14:14 Cheryl:

    These sound amazing! I’m such a sucker for cute packaging :)


    • 6/8/10 14:14 the Muse:

      me to cherly total sucker!


  • 6/8/10 15:04 Phyrra:

    The cherry is so cute! I adore cupcakes.


  • 6/8/10 15:42 Lillian:

    Oh that is so cute! I need to get me some of these :)


  • 6/8/10 17:52 Melissa:

    Oh Yes how cute- I actually might haul these for gifts. I’ll wait til the fall to order any skin care related items through the mail. Oh and speaking of cute stuff- got my 2nd ever Missha haul today. Everything arrived beautifully. Their packaging and quality is top notch for the price. IMO of course.


    • 6/11/10 15:56 the Muse:

      aw fantastic melissa! missha is such a fab little asian brand :D


  • 6/8/10 18:37 jonnie:

    It must be mine. These and those adorable cupcake lip glosses you posted the other day!


  • 6/8/10 19:52 Lucky:

    They’re cute, but they’ll never replace Tutti Dolci, in my heart. RIP, Tutti Dolci. :*(


    • 6/9/10 10:20 the Muse:

      oh gawd mandy tutti dolci way back girl way back!


  • 6/8/10 22:11 caroline:

    when r u reviewing the nyc color lipgloss? i want to know what it looks like since it is apparently awesome LOL. thanks!


    • 6/9/10 8:36 the Muse:

      shortly caroline :)


  • 6/8/10 22:13 caroline:

    btw what is ASOS? i want the coconut one!


    • 6/9/10 8:36 the Muse:

      a shop caroline :) ASOS=British fashion/beauty online store


  • 6/8/10 22:14 The Beauty Alchemist:

    I totally want these. Too cute.


  • 6/9/10 3:23 Lilly:

    I wants to eats it lol. Seriously it looks so pretty, I would just sit and stare at it all day. The chocolate one must be mine.


    • 6/9/10 8:35 the Muse:

      lol lilly i hear ya!


  • 6/10/10 22:34 del:

    i just want these to sit on my desk & tempt everyone who walks by…do you know what size they are? and have you tried them? not like it matters since i want to buy them from appearance alone…hehe…just thought it would help sway a lemming.


    • 6/11/10 15:16 the Muse:

      lol I hear ya del! :-D I haven’t tried them not sure on size and such but gonna order ‘em!


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