Yay or Nay: New Face Of Dior Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman has been named the new face of Christian Dior Parfums and recently signed a contract with the brand to represent them in an upcoming campaign, It’s her first time representing a fragrance/cosmetic brand.

It’s understandable why they choose Natalie as although she has a classic girl next door look there is also something very interesting and of course beautiful about her looks.

What do you think?

Natalie Portman as the new face of Dior?



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  • 6/9/10 10:17 Kelly Li:

    i heart her! Though I do feel she’s somewhat too young to represent Dior, not sure if it is just me lol


    • 6/9/10 10:19 the Muse:

      maybe Kelly. 😀 I can’t wait to see the promo images!


  • 6/9/10 10:28 Yasumi:


    She wore the funky Star Wars makeup beautifully and has ever since been top notch in my book.


  • 6/9/10 10:39 Inês:

    Hey Muse! I’m still alive and I still read your blog!
    Am I the only one who sometimes mistakes Keira Knightley and Natalie and vice versa? XD I was going to say “But hasn’t Natalie represented Chanel already?”


    • 6/9/10 10:48 the Muse:

      hey ines *hugs* haha I figured you might be busy which is why I haven’t heard from ya!

      NOOOOOOOO I heart Keira must be why I never mistake the two 😀

      There used to be someone else that reminded me of Natalie…who was it….think think!


    • 6/9/10 12:55 Kate:

      At first when Star Wars came out and Keira wasn’t a big name. Once Keira started showing everywhere (as well as the Pirates movies) I was able to tell the two apart easier.

      Random fun fact: Did you know on the Phantom Menace set when Keira and Natalie were in makeup, even their mom’s couldn’t tell them apart?


      • 6/9/10 13:02 the Muse:

        HA really Kate!? LOL


    • 6/9/10 13:44 Ebontien:

      Nope you’re not XD I kept thinking that they were very similar and wondered about a film casting them as doubles or something.

      Turns out it already has happened. In that first episode of Star Wars movie, Keira played Sabe…Amidala’s bodyguard double.


  • 6/9/10 10:51 Lucky:

    Meh; this would have been a good idea circa 1999, but now it’s just plain dumb. Seriously: is Dior now courting the “Ivy-League Educated Stoner” demographic, or is there some other reason they’ve brought Princess Amidala on board?

    Also, did the folks at Dior give a reason for why they and Monica Bellucci are (to qoute Christian Bale) “f*cking done, professionally”? If so: it’s not good enough.


  • 6/9/10 11:09 Bora:

    I say NAY! But for a totally irrelevant reason. True story: my brother and I ran into her totally random in some historical gardens in China. He was living there for a year, and I went to visit him. He took me to Shanghai for some sightseeing and we went to the garden and lo and behold there she was. He went over very politely to ask for an autograph and picture and she flat out refused and was pretty rude to him.

    That’s not really a reason she shouldn’t be the face of Dior but on principle anything with her is a nay from me. She might be lovely to everyone else in the world but NO-ONE who is rude to my little brother gets a pass from me. Grrr.

    She’s beautiful, smart, intelligent…. oh ok then. Maybe she isn’t the *worst* choice in the world ….


    • 6/9/10 11:26 the Muse:

      SERIOUSLY bora?! She seems so nice and sweet too OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rudeness is unforgivable :( celebs need to learn proper manners, this is there job after all. If you don’t want to be bothered def don’t get into show biz imho!


  • 6/9/10 11:14 Jeweled Thumb:

    I love Natalie, I think it’s a good idea for Dior to get a fresh faced celeb to represent them so they may get ahold of the younger market – maybe they’ll launch a newer fresh fragrance that I’d actually wear – one can hope!


  • 6/9/10 12:50 Christine:

    Yay! I love Natalie Portman – can’t wait to see what the ads will look like!


  • 6/9/10 13:46 Tammy:

    Hmmm not what I would have expected but it’ll be interesting to see what they make of her…


    • 6/9/10 13:53 the Muse:

      me too Tammy!


  • 6/9/10 13:47 Marina:

    Yay for sure! I love Natalie Portman. She’s brilliant, and has a very classic, friendly look that can also be high fashion. I’ve loved her ever since her role in V For Vendetta!


  • 6/9/10 14:24 puranki:

    uh definitely always YAY for her.
    She’s an absolute gorgeous :)
    Although I’m not a too big Dior Fan also I’m not sure if she fits the campaign since she is really a “decent-makeup-more-natural-beauty” person.

    Hard to somehow picture the whole thing right now.


  • 6/9/10 15:08 LINDARRAGNAR:

    nay nay NAY

    natlaies cool and all but Diors idk more mature and glamorous then this.

    idk i really will like to see the ads ( i bet they will turn out very nice like the usual dior promos) but meh i don’t think of dior as a brunette company LOL


  • 6/9/10 15:59 Tina:

    Nay. Too young and not sophisticated enough. Even Gaga would be a better Dior–she’s got that whole European, edgy, D&G vibe about her . . . not that Dior is anything like D&G . . . okay, I’ll shut up now.


  • 6/9/10 20:46 jonnie:

    She’s beautiful, for sure, and to me she was one of the bright spots in the three new Star Wars movies, but I’m not sure I can see her as a Dior woman though…? Although Keira is very young as well, and she looked lovely in the ads I saw, so who knows? Maybe I’m just wishing for more mature representation because I’m getting older. 😛


  • 6/9/10 22:54 Melissa:

    I’m a um -may – love Natalie but Dior to me is a little more euro-looking. I see Natalie as more of a cover girl not that I don’t absolutely hands down love Drew as a covergirl.. anyways count me as on the fence.. Lets see the ads and I’l decide


  • 6/10/10 1:23 Paloma:

    Do I think that she could pull off something like this:



    That is all.


  • 6/10/10 15:22 Bonnie:

    Nothing against Natalie but I miss the days of Isabella Rosselini, Juliette Binoche, et al (and of course the supermodels!) in the makeup and perfume ads. :) My recent faves are Audrey Tatou for Chanel (brilliant) and Chloe Sevigny for Chloe.


  • 6/10/10 18:17 Estella Iris:

    Definately a yay from me! She’s my absolute favourite startlet these days. I love her! I’m so excited to c her transformed from a natural beauty to sophiscated lady by Dior. I’ve been in to Dior makeup lately…even tho she signed onto a perfume campaign, I can c this pairing will seriously hurt my wallet, lol.


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