Yay or Nay: Tyra Banks Launches Online Beauty and Fashion Brand

Ok, I admit it, I don’t really like Tyra Banks. She annoys me for some reason (could be the FREAKY ass dolphin thing). Don’t be mad at me k?

So of course, I’m irritated just for the sake of being irritated that Tyra Banks is launching an online Beauty and Fashion Brand. Please, can we stop giving everyone their own TV show, their own fragrance, their own fashion brand, and their own beauty brands? K, thanks.

Tyra Banks Fashion and Beauty Empire?

Yay or Nay?


“I have always been passionate about harnessing my experience and knowledge in the beauty and fashion businesses and creating an engine that would provide my audience with inspirational and instructional content to help them look and feel their best,” said Tyra Banks, Chairwoman and CEO of Bankable. “I am very confident that with Demand Media, that dream is about to become a reality.”

I honestly don’t have a ton of info of what Tyra plans to do in the realms of beauty or what sort of products she has lined up but I do look forward to seeing what she comes out with but overall, I kinda think it’s a nay for me.

Just not into the whole celebrity releases makeup debut type of dealio.


How about you?

Tyra Banks Beauty and Fashion Brand?

Yay or Nay?

  • 6/30/10 11:19 Stephanie:

    I will not buy Tyra cosmetics based on principle alone! She irritates me and I think she is trying to take over the world.


    • 6/30/10 11:24 the Muse:

      lol stephanie I feel the way sometimes too!


  • 6/30/10 11:30 Margaret:

    “Harnessing”?? “Engine”??? Who writes this crap? Sounds more like she’s applying to MIT rather than putting her name on beauty products.

    Thumbs down.


  • 6/30/10 11:31 Jennie:

    Tyra has been pretty successful in just about everything she’s done. (except her dabble into music, lol!) I have no doubt that her products will be good quality. As far as celebrities having their own cosmetics line, I can’t really think of many people. Except maybe Kat Von D. I’ve been really pleased with her line at Sephora. But I dunno if I would really call her a “celebrity”.


    • 6/30/10 11:32 the Muse:

      she did music jennie!? when! LOL! mm kvd I don’t call a celeb either tbh. she’s more reality star type.


      • 6/30/10 11:35 Jennie:

        Yeah, on Cycle 2 of ANTM she had the girls be in a music video of hers. “Shake ya body”


        • 6/30/10 11:41 the Muse:

          must look that up Jennie!


          • 6/30/10 11:47 SilhouetteScreams:

            She sings the ANTM theme song too 😛

  • 6/30/10 11:47 Courtney:

    I’m also not a huge fan of Tyra but I think if she can come up with a cosmetics line with a wide range of shades for women of color then it’s bound to be successful. I’m white (almost translucent) but I constantly hear from my darker skinned friends about how there are never enough shades for them. I know Iman Cosmetics has some but a lot of the high end brands don’t have that much variety.

    I’m also curious as to whether CoverGirl has pulled out of ANTM and if the new cosmetics contract from now on will be with Tyra’s brand.


  • 6/30/10 11:48 SilhouetteScreams:

    Oh man, her beauty line will probably be HILARIOUS. I can’t stand the woman, and I can’t say she’s ever really on the mark with her fashion and makeup 😐 if any kind of model is going to release a cosmetic line, I’d rather it be someone like Jess Stam


  • 6/30/10 12:32 Karrie:

    I’m curious to see what she will come up with.
    I read about this on other sites too.
    It sounds more like she’s making instructional how to videos on applying makeup.
    But if she has beauty and fashion products to sell, it will be interesting to see them.


    • 6/30/10 14:36 the Muse:

      karrie I read the release as she would be doing some sort of drugstore type site or something with cosmetics and the likes and possibly a release of makeup!? but maybe I’m utterly off base here!


  • 6/30/10 12:40 jenna:

    i have to say i’m with you Muse! i also love Stephanie’s comment about taking over the world!
    i won’t be purchasing anything from this line because i feel like she is just trying to find another way to plug other aspects of her career.
    Tyra Beauty Products > ANTM > The Tyra Show > Bankable


  • 6/30/10 13:20 Marina:

    I don’t mind Tyra, but I think it’s just too much. I’m an ANTM fan, but sometimes I just feel embarrassment for her…She’s a good role model for women, but sometimes she just acts really goofy.
    Dunno about the makeup. She’s just trying to make sure her name stays alive as time wears on…


    • 6/30/10 14:35 the Muse:

      marina I couldn’t agree more. I think Tyra is a very good role model and has some very good shows and points and she keeps things very real but I do agree she acts a little TOO silly sometimes.


  • 6/30/10 13:44 Tsahi baxter:

    I’m sorry i’m gonna have to agree with you Muse, oh Tyra please stop already!!! sigh…………


  • 6/30/10 13:58 Lauren:

    UHHHH…………no :)


  • 6/30/10 14:12 Ashley:

    Seems like everyone dislikes Tyra. I don’t hate her but I don’t love her, she’s also not the worst of the bunch. I’m just peeved that Kim Kardashian has her own make up kit at Sephora, I hate the woman! To be fair, I don’t want any celebrity or singer to launch their own fashion, beauty or skincare. Get over yourselves, you aren’t scientists!


    • 6/30/10 14:34 the Muse:

      lol ashley


  • 6/30/10 14:46 Emilie:

    I think whatever she comes up with will be…interesting. I’m probably one of the few who like her(but how can you be scared of dolphins? it’s like the woman who was scared of cotton balls). I expect “fierce” to be part of the brand name or slogan though. If it’s not I’ll be disappointed.


    • 6/30/10 14:55 the Muse:

      LOL emilie agreed but than again I have weird fears too, spiders, EEP but dolphins and cotton balls? a little strange.


    • 7/1/10 14:27 regina:

      dolphins are actually big bullies that are one of the few animals known to kill other species for fun.*from watchin animal planet =)* but they do look cute.
      i actually kinda like tyra but i am wary of all these celebrities dabbling in fashion and makeup lines of their own.


  • 6/30/10 14:51 Shannon:

    Well, I want to see what she has before I say it’s a dumb idea. I think it’s a shame that we can’t be more supportive of success women. Yet, we look up to trash that spread their legs to get famous. I am very proud of her for things that she has accomplished. Maybe people like to see others fail because it keeps them from realizing how sad their lives are.


    • 6/30/10 14:54 the Muse:

      hey shannon. I don’t anyone is supporting people that spread their legs? Hm. Haven’t seen that around here. But I think mostly alot of folks aren’t so into celebs that release makeup and fragrance b/c generally quality stinks. I personally don’t like Tyra. She’s a tad too over the top at times, example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TViW3x7DyF0&playnext_from=TL&videos=JQvtoDGaQTU&feature=rec-LGOUT-exp_fresh%2Bdiv-1r-1-HM lol

      but I’m not sure anyone is bringing her down because she is famous mostly for myself, and I think others, it’s an issue of quality plus versus whether or not we like the person or not. Def not out to spread negativity around here, I get ALOT of it myself being a blogger, but it’s always nice to be able to discuss everything openly here on Musings be it a yay or a nay situation


      • 6/30/10 15:15 Shannon:

        I’m not talking about anyone specifically, because there are so many non- celebs. I’m just thinking maybe she has something different? I don’t know yet. Yes I totally get that people are worried about quality. I would just rather support someone who is setting a good example for others. It would be nice to cheer on someone who struggled to get where they are. I just think that people really don’t like success.


        • 6/30/10 15:39 the Muse:

          Yup alot of people struggle to get where they are Shannon :) it’s always great to support those types of people.


  • 6/30/10 14:53 Coral:

    It’s a nay for me too. Tyra is just getting a bit too much for me. I used to love watching America’s Next Top Model but then it started to go downhill and she took herself way too seriously.
    On principle I usually stay away from celebrity fragrances. I just don’t think it’s cool. That’s probably the approach I’ll take with the make up too. But I’d still like to see what she comes up with.


  • 6/30/10 15:00 Roxie:

    Add me to the “nay” group. I don’t buy celebrity fragrances nor will I be buying their cosmetics.


  • 6/30/10 15:08 JoElla:

    uum… no thank you!

    And that is the thought I have on her and this line!


  • 6/30/10 15:32 spifftiff88:

    i’m not interested


  • 6/30/10 16:43 Michilicious ~ Potatisbruden:

    I’m not very interested just for the fact that she is pretty much an allround celebrity. Makes me think ‘Gwen Stefani’. You know, the Harajuku stuff. Not that there’s anything wrong with Gwen Stefani, and I LOVE Harajuku fashion, and wouldn’t have anything against trying the perfumes.. it’s just how I feel 😛
    I do like Tyra actually. But however, it’s the makeup that counts, so as long as it’s good makeup.. 😛


  • 6/30/10 16:44 Brooke:

    Most likely not interested. I love The Soup on E! when they make fun of her me, me, me attitude.


  • 6/30/10 17:11 ValentinaSugar:

    I agree with u muse. I personally really dont like Tyra. Something about her that I cant stand. Neways on to another note. Have u tried the chanel rouge cocos??? I want to get one but not before knowing your opinion of them.


    • 7/1/10 16:27 the Muse:

      no not yet valentina 😀 kinda lemming ’em though. I’ll try to pick a few up review 😀


  • 6/30/10 21:02 Bora:

    Two words from me: HELLS NO.


  • 6/30/10 21:28 electronicfly:

    Meh. Not a fan of Tyra Banks. Too OTT, too everyone-look-at-me-look-at-me-NOW for me.


  • 7/1/10 2:48 noemii:

    Nay !! For the life of me, I cannot stand Tyra Banks. Especially on her talk show. She’s gorgeous, but there is something very ugly about her. She is SO freaking judgmental and close- minded and so freaking preachy and so condescending. Grr. She makes me mad.
    In general, I’m not one for celebrity endorsed products. Just like I love Drew Barrymore, but I have no desire nor do I think i will be buying any of the products she has been advertising for Cover Girl in the near future .. But … i have to admit, i think black eyeliner from Kate Moss would be The Shit :]


    • 7/6/10 2:05 Renee:

      Ugh, I know, she is preachy as Hell. She brings people on with different opinions to hers and treats them like they’re nuts, then gets all huffy when her constant “OMFG YOU’RE WRONG” comments don’t change their minds. Sasha Grey’s response video to her appearance on the Tyra Banks show was a total smack down that shows just how manipulative Ty-Ty can be.

      Beautiful woman, but she needs to just shut her agitating mouth for a little while!


  • 7/1/10 12:07 Bonnie:

    Not interested because Tyra gets on my nerves, but I did buy that Gisele line of products (very good actually!) and am somewhat interested in Ramona Singer’s (Real Housewives of New York) line of products. :)


  • 7/2/10 2:34 Paloma:

    Nope. I’m sorry, but either this chick REALLY thinks that she has experience in ALL areas (ie, homeless for a day, fat for a day…just so she could tell people that she knows how it feels….) or she’s trying to be like Oprah……didn’t she say shortly after OPRAH’S announcement, that she was ALSO stopping her show? Dunno…either way, I think she is way too full of herself and needs to stop pretending to be more than just a sometimes pretty face with a racist mind (if you need to ask, watch past episodes with racial debates…..).


  • 7/4/10 16:22 jones:

    it actually makes more sense that she launches beauty and fashion lines than alot of other people- she was one of the most successful supermodels of all time =)


  • 7/6/10 2:04 Renee:

    I say nay because I’ve seen the kind of makeup she puts on other people and the tips she gives people. Seriously, watch some of her “makeover” videos. “Applying with a lip brush makes your lipstick last longer!” No it doesnnnnnnn’t! Aaagh!


  • 10/3/14 14:25 K. Chong:

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