Best of Beauty Most Unusual

Gather round kids. I took sometime out today to gather up some of my best Beauty Most Unusual posts that we have all had a good giggle at. If you haven’t experienced Beauty Most Unusual before you’re sure to be in for a treat exploring some of these posts and if you already have perhaps you’ll find a post you missed in this batch.


Beauty is damn unusual.


Fragrance is innocent enough innit it? We look to perfume and different forms of fragrance to express a certain sense of style as we want people to associate us with what we might smell like, which one can hope, isn’t disgusting. But sometimes fragrance can become unusual….. Check out a few strange perfumes that smell like a funeral, fish, and even…..bread.

I think we were all somewhat shocked after seeing what Bleach Black named one of its nail polishes!

The next time you stroke your cat (that totally sounds wrong once you read the post) you might think of this product!

Jebus in my beauty reminded me of my days at a private, all girl’s Catholic School.

You haven’t seen anything like this foot peeling product from Japan, proceed to hurl, in the opposite direction please, yes, away from me, k, thanks.

Some people conceal their eyes and pimples and hey some conceal their FEET!

Happy readin’!

Feel free to blather about these posts, I’m always open to discussions about foot concealer and Jesus Christ Superstar hand cream.


  • 8/2/10 20:24 mercedes:

    yay muse your back!!! like a month ago i started not visting your site as often then not at all.but now im starting to get in the groove of makeup and your site!! yack,that foot peel is totally nasty,at first i thought it ws like a sheet you put on (like a mask for your feet) then i realized it’s peoples actual skin!!!! so nasty,it literally makes me wanna puke


    • 8/3/10 9:31 the Muse:

      yay for being back mercedes. Welcome back. Yea…it’s actually skin, totally gross 😛


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