C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Cleanser

I count my blessing that the dry skin I experience just about everywhere else on my body doesn’t extend to my hands. Phew! One less place to worry about flaky, gross dry skin.

However, if you happen to have dry or chapped hands, the new C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Cleanser may be something that could help!

Get your hands in good working order again with this rich, emoillent, soap-free cleanser. It’s a combination of skin conditioning aloe and moisturizing jojoba oil to cleanse and soothe rough, dry chapped hands without harsh detergents. The cleanser will liquefy on contact when applied to skin and helps hands feel softer, smoother, and protected.

Available now from Bath and Body Works.

  • 8/11/10 16:18 Emily:

    This is actually my stand-by for winter time! I bought it last year at Bath & Body Works….highly recommend it.


    • 8/11/10 16:20 the Muse:

      awesome emily thanks! will have to try!


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