Dianne Brill Panties in a Bunch Mini Lip Gloss Set Review and Swatches

I bet a man was the one who created the saying, “Don’t get your panties in a bunch”. Yup, definitely something a dude would say. But I actually don’t mind getting my panties in a punch particularly when they come in a box, look like bon bons, and come in pretty colors.


A gloss set inspired by a little box of the yummiest bon bons!

So I’m not going into great details about Dianne Brill Lip Lingerie because I did this hardcore review a while back ago which is worth a little peek if you have a sec (review and swatches).

Here’s the recap.

First off Dianne Brill Lip Glosses aren’t particularly cheap at $27 bucks a pop so purchasing the Panties in a Bunch is pretty economical since you get to try out six shades for $47. Even though they are smaller in size, you’re still getting more for less plus variety factors into the cost.

Not to get into a long review on the gloss since as I mentioned above I’ve already babbled it before but I will say the gloss is thick, pigmented, and feels incredible on. It’s one of those luxe glosses that makes lips look kissable and sexy.

The set comes packaged in what looks like a little candy box. Slide it open to reveal six gloss pots that are housed in individual compartments and bedded down atop little bon bon-like wrappers. Basically it’s like opening up a box of fancy chocolates or truffles, so novel and sweet.

Although the pots are small, they house a fair bit of product and a little goes a very long way since Dianne’s Glosses run on the thick side. You get six shades total which include three best sellers and three shades exclusive (LE shades) to the set.

Shades included are:

  • Satin Hipster (Dusky Mauve)
  • Sheer String (Shimmering Coppery Beige)
  • Vinyl V-String (Shimmering Brick Red)
  • Frilly Thong (Dusky Coral)
  • Pearly Panty (Shimmering Dirty Pink)
  • Jeweled G-String (Shimmering Transparent Pearl)

The normal range of glosses come with a lip brush that can be used for application. I hated the fact that the set didn’t include brushes. It’s not too big a deal but the glosses aren’t something to be used with fingers in my opinion so a lip brush included would have been a nice extra!

  • Anyone interested in trying something different (Dianne Brill makes some fab cosmetics! It’s something new and fresh you might not have tried yet!)
  • Anyone who wants a variety of high end glosses!
  • Anyone who likes thick, gooey glosses!

I personally adore the set and think it’s worth a haul. If you haven’t tried Dianne Brill Cosmetics definitely check out her site, she has some fun offerings (www.diannebrill.com).

Very Muse Approved for purchase!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 7/29/10 15:38 Nunu:

    I just wanted to comment about the name “Vinyl V-String”…
    It brings all sorts of…*ahem* interesting images to mind.
    I won’t be surprised if you get hits from questionable keyword searches now.
    Great to have you back Musey! n OMG u actually SAW the Wizarding World of Harry Potter???!!


    • 7/29/10 15:43 the Muse:

      hey nunu nice to be back :)

      Oh believe me I’ve had WORST LOL! Green snot was a popular keyboard for a while and I still don’t know WHY!?


      Yea! My cruise ship docked in Port Carnival from morning until evening so we had a full day to explore 😀 I’ve been to Universal before but this is my first visit to Wizarding World 😀 I’m such a kid, love!


  • 7/30/10 10:57 Mi:

    Very lovely!


  • 8/2/10 8:45 Stephanie:

    Love love love the packaging. So cute!


  • 8/3/10 14:10 Pooja:

    After reading your review Bought these,Can’t wait to get them[Thanks for sharing the coupon too]


    • 8/3/10 14:16 the Muse:

      yay pooja! enjoy! let me know how it turns out?!


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