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I happen to be an indecisive little bugger. I can NEVER make up my mind about anything. For example, if I see a pair of sneakers that come in pink, blue, and white, I’ll proceed to buy all three colors because I can’t settle on simply one shade, seriously? Come on, choosing something as mundane as the color of my next pair of chucks is damn difficult.

That’s why I like Lush Soap Stacks. A cocktail of two Lush Soaps for a sweet little price tag. Ahh relief, now I don’t have to make hard decisions.


Lush has always offered Soap Stacks but recently they started cocktailing two soaps together instead of several. This is a rather fab way of trying out their soap if you haven’t before or if you’re as bad as I am making choices…well, this is obviously for you.

A slice of Lush Ice Blue and a bit of Lush Bohemian for a cool, citrus-y Summer treat!

Two of my fav sweeties bundled together, Lush Godmother and Lush Rock Star!

I dunno what the hell Lush was thinking bundling together Honey I Washed the Kids with Karma but hey could work for the stinky hippie types among us.

Lush’s sexiest soaps bundled together! A hunk of Sexy Peel and Sultana of Soap!

What do you think?

Can you settle on a single soap?

Or would you rather have two to choose from?

Available now from Lush UK.

  • 7/27/10 14:30 Scientific Housewife:

    That’s a neat idea, the UK site always has better stuff than the US one does!


    • 7/27/10 14:36 the Muse:

      oh I’m sure that we’ll get ’em too SH 😀


  • 7/27/10 14:41 LINDARRAGNAR:

    ahha love the names ahhaha

    and god thats sucha good idea!! the honey i washed the kids would smell so bad with karma though ;(


    • 7/27/10 14:43 the Muse:

      omg yes linda! stinky hippie meets sweet honey!? EW!?
      WTH lush!


  • 7/27/10 22:18 Paloma:

    USA Lush better start doing it, too. I am probably the most indecisive person ever.


    • 7/28/10 9:11 the Muse:

      hey paloma for sure 😀 I’m positive by end of august/September they’ll have 😀


  • 7/28/10 0:56 Cham:

    this is LOOOOVVVEEE!!!!


  • 7/28/10 4:24 Sammay:

    Is it possible to break them apart?


    • 7/28/10 8:56 the Muse:

      sure sammay it’s two pieces of soap :)


  • 7/28/10 10:06 Brandi:

    No matter how hard I try, I cannot love their soaps. I’m a shower girl all the way, but I think this is a great idea.


    • 7/28/10 13:03 the Muse:

      oh hell yes brandi I’m def a shower gel too 😀 really? not even rock star?!


  • 7/29/10 23:06 sammie:

    After I read your comments about Top of the Blocks, I had to search through your past posts to see what you’ve said about Karma (I’m a relatively new reader). September 1, 2009 was a GEM of a post! And I just simply totally agree. I get what they were doing with the whole “Top” 2 soaps thing, but if they don’t mesh well together (and 1 is as icky as karma), and they suit 2 totally different nose audiences, then why are they being mixed together? Thanks, muse!


    • 8/2/10 13:40 the Muse:

      LOL sammie so glad you looked back 😀 xoxo! karma is so utterly stinky hippie YAK! It’s the weirder cocktail ever isn’t!?

      My pleasure dear!


  • 8/26/10 20:28 brey:

    Is it by any chance Karma is one of their best-selling soap (I know Honey is), hence the name of those two being the top of their soap-list?

    Oh I will DEFINITELY get myself a piece of Sweet Soap


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