NARS Fall Collection 2010 Photos, Prices, Official Release

May be Summer heatwave time in my little city but it’s about time to introduce Fall. Now NARS Fall Collection 2010 is one to look out for. Releasing July 15th, this is an array of gorgeous shades that’s sure to please NARS fans far and wide.

Check it!

  • NARS Douceur Blush $26

Sweet, gentle, delicate. NARS Douceur Blush: A soft pink-brown
hue that lightly imparts a honeyed brown kiss of innocence on cheeks. Unique
to the Fall 2010 collection, the powder is lightly etched with the NARS logo.

  • NARS Daphne Eyeshadow $23

Style icon. Designer. Model. Heiress of haute couture. Named after Daphne
Guinness herself—François Nars’ inimitable muse—this hypnotizing matte,
deep-violet single eyeshadow exudes excitement. Apply liberally across the lid
up to the brow, blending outward. Head-turning.

  • NARS Mangrove Eyeshadow (Limited Edition) $23

The magnificence of this tropical tree, captured in the softest, mellow yellow
laced with lime. Richly pigmented and crease-resistant, use this single
eyeshadow to highlight the inner corner of the eye, as a bright base shade for
the lid or to diffuse a deeper shade by sweeping it into the bridge.

  • NARS Coconut Grove Eyeshadow $23

Grooving in the Grove—Miami’s magical neighborhood on Biscayne Bay—has
attracted musicians, artists, and writers for decades. Dense, dramatic, and
daring, this dark chocolate-cum-taupe confection increases depth on the lid
and doubles as a lash liner when used wet.

  • NARS Rouge Basque Lipstick (Limited Edition) $24

Inspired by the inside cover of a book from the famed French countryside,
François Nars envisioned the quintessential red from the Basque region. The
result is lipstick with a luminous satin finish. It is as deeply pigmented as the
region’s history and as bold as the wine for which the area is known. Pair with
NARS pencils, or apply with a NARS lip brush.

  • NARS Strawberry Fields Lip Gloss (Limited Edition) $24

Imagine juicy, mouthwatering strawberries, just picked. Then delight in the
serious, yet sexy shine of this bright pink confection. Worn alone or over NARS
lip products, the gloss’ Vitamin-E enriched formula seals in moisture. Lips feel
supple and hydrated.

  • NARS Palladium Soft Touch Shadow Pencil (Limited Edition) $24

Once the NYC hot-spot, characterized by glamour, glitz, and decadence. This
sparkling turquoise soft touch shadow pencil rocks with all the vibrancy and sex
appeal of its namesake. Layer it with other NARS eye products—or go it alone—
to line, accent, highlight or illuminate unforgettable eyes.

  • NARS Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo $32

Love, sex and power. Russia’s empresses had it all. Inspired by royalty, the
eyeshadow duo pairs the majesty of platinum gold infused with silver reflections
with a bold, steel grey. Swipe and shadow along the upper lid or smudge along
the lower. Positively regal.

  • Rajasthan Eyeshadow Duo (Limited Edition) $32

Sacred temples and scorching deserts. Bengalese tigers and Bagaru prints.
India’s largest state fascinates and tantalizes. Like its namesake, the Rajasthan
Eyeshadow duo is an exotic palette, playing glazed almond against cool
charcoal. Worn solo, blended or layered, the look signals drama.

Ok, let’s see, virtual wish list, I want the duos, I want the gloss, I want the blush….yes, I shall be broke.

Everything looks delicious. Hopefully they look as gorgeous in person…well maybe I should hope not, I’d be richer for it if they weren’t.

What do you think?

Anything appealing?

  • 7/8/10 10:34 Alicia:

    The lipgloss and blush are really beautiful. If they look like that in person I will have to have them.


  • 7/8/10 12:06 Courtney:

    Loving the purple eye shadow and the turquoise shadow stick! No idea where I’d wear those colors but I still want them!


  • 7/8/10 12:31 Miss D:

    The lipgloss and eyeshadow duos look great! That Tzarine duo color- “platinum gold infused with silver reflections”- sounds like heaven! I hope it’s beautiful in person.


  • 7/8/10 13:12 Kristina:

    Wants the Rajasthan duo! Strawberry Fields looks pretty in the tube but I doubt that shade would be flattering on me.


  • 7/8/10 13:31 peri:! i love the daphne eyeshadow! SO AWESOME! lol. must have.


  • 7/8/10 18:25 demosthenesval7:

    can i just say for the record how hard it is for me not to be broke when fall mu launches hit – i want soo much

    def. getting both duos, daphne & mangrove singes, l/s & lip gloss, and the pencil at least my NARS MUA will be thrilled with me, my bank acct not so much :p


    • 7/8/10 21:33 the Muse:

      tell me about it demos but let’s be honest every season that hits we end up broke haha! Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring, Holiday


  • 7/8/10 21:32 Comrade_Garlic:

    I can hear my bank account quietly weeping. I want everything.


  • 7/9/10 1:07 Sarah:

    Daphne eyeshadow NARS Palladium Soft Touch Shadow pencil look amazing!


  • 7/9/10 3:32 Nia:

    Me likey! I lot. I will pick up Daphne and Zulu.
    The gloss looks nice, but to be realistic I think I already have a shade like this, I am sure.


  • 7/9/10 9:15 Lisa:

    For the sake of my wallet, I’d say I might just pick up the Rajasthan duo and possibly the lipgloss depending on how it looks in person. I am trying to be on my best behavior for the Holiday collections…


  • 7/9/10 13:14 Robyn:

    daphne !! wants to compare it with that makeup forever shadow the purple one i forgets the number but pretty sure you know what on eim talking about


    • 7/9/10 13:17 the Muse:

      lol yup I know the one robyn! wonder how they compare HM!


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