Sephora Color To Go Red Edition Palette

I’m going out on  a limb here to tell you how much that the Sephora Color To Go Red Edition Palette is prob stupid awesome.

Check it!

I haven’t reviewed it for you yet but I have the Sephora Makeup Palette To Go Bronze and Imma a likey! I know, I know, I complain and rant about Sephora make but honestly the bronze palette is rock-a-locking!

That’s why I’m interested in picking up the Sephora Color To Go Red Edition Palette. It’s $15 bucks, I’m not losing much by indulging! You get 8 shadows with this, one blush, and four lip colors so it covers lips, eyes, and cheeks in a slick little case that’s travel friendly.

Available now from Sephora.

  • 7/13/10 14:30 Erica B. (IBLEEDPNK):

    I love sephora palettes and have to agree the bronze one is great. I was in there last week and didn’t see this, so I will have to check back.


    • 7/13/10 14:37 the Muse:

      erica isn’t it great?! I thought I would trash it but I like the damn thing 😀


  • 8/20/11 17:38 alex:

    I really love this palette. it was my first palette ever and i love it the most. I got the stila colour wheel but i think the pigment of this palette is much better :) not to mention the colours are absolutely stunning!


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