Steal This: $5 Urban Decay Cosmetics


Me thinks you should be hauling Urban Decay for $5!

Enjoy $5 Urban Decay goodies at

Check it!

Urban Decay Cosmetics 2

Urban Decay Cosmetics 3

Urban Decay Cosmetics 1

Happy haulin’ my dears!

Come back, tell me whatcha get?

  • 7/13/10 11:52 Laura T.:

    Wow, thanks for the tip! I got the loose pigments in Yeyo, Asphyxia, and Shag, and the Ultraglide Lip Gloss in Lust. Shipping is reasonable, too. Awesome!


    • 7/13/10 12:31 the Muse:

      nice hauling Laura :D


  • 7/13/10 11:54 Kat:

    As soon as I got the e-mail from Urban Decay, I was on the site. I ordered the O lipgloss and Shag loose pigment eyeshadow. I’ve been wanting to try both of these products so it’s fantastic that they’ve been marked down.


    • 7/13/10 12:31 the Muse:

      yay kat :-D currently wondering if I should give those glosses a second chance!


  • 7/13/10 11:58 unicon:

    argh.. that is a very good deal! too bad they don’t ship internationally. ):


  • 7/13/10 19:16 Janine:

    Hauled the vegan palette (couldn’t wait anymore!), gkosses in lust, hustle, and heat, loose pigments in rockstar and smog, and 2 vintage brushes. Everything was a steal (except for the palette, but I’m afraid it will sell out before the FF sale and I MUST have it!!) :)


    • 7/13/10 19:17 Janine:

      OOPS, glosses, not gkosses! The ultraglides! Apparently I cannot type when excited LOL


    • 7/14/10 13:11 the Muse:

      fabulousssssssss janine :-D good hauling, agreed on the vegan, seems like it’ll sell out during FF!


  • 7/13/10 21:36 electronicfly:

    First thing I did was check out the reviews and swatches hehehe :D Although I’ve read that generally the smoke out pencils are toooo hard, I still feel like getting it! I mean, $5 hello


    • 7/14/10 13:10 the Muse:

      I was thinking for $5 it can’t be too bad electronic :)


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