Tarina Tarantino Beauty to Launch on QVC

Tarina Tarantino Beauty once exclusive to Sephora may be launching on QVC shortly! Yay! Fans of flex pay and makeup bundles rejoice!

Although I hate QVC’s shipping prices, I do love some of their rather good deals particularly when they bundle up several pieces of product together, I’m hoping to see that with Tarina Tarantino Beauty.

No further info yet but will update as it becomes available. Update: The line will be featured July 16th on QVC please visit this link to get further information.

Whatcha think?

Would you buy it from QVC?

Have you consumed today’s ?


  • 7/12/10 16:52 Comrade_Garlic:

    I was hoping for better combo sets. Maybe a complete eye look or something. So far it’s a bust and it hasn’t even aired yet. Saves me some money.


  • 7/12/10 23:56 Steph:

    On a totally unrelated note…Whoa, is that her natural eye color? /:)


    • 7/13/10 13:10 the Muse:

      I dunno always wondered that steph!


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