Too Faced Long Stemmed Lashes Eyeliner/Serum

Lash serums are REALLY taking the lash world by storm this Fall….mmm!

Next up on the serum list the brand new Too Faced Long Stemmed Lashed Eyeliner/Serum.

Check it!

Ulta exclusively brings us this dual sided eyeliner and contains liquid liner on one side and a night boosting serum on the other. In an independent consumer study:
72% of participants reported appearance of longer lashes after four weeks
81% of participants reported increase in the appearance of lash thickness and fullness after eight weeks

I don’t mess with lash serums to be honest but sounds intriguing!

It’s $38 and available at Ulta exclusively.

Whatcha think?

  • 7/7/10 19:50 Phyrra:

    I think I’m loving everything from Too Faced lately, but I’m too nervous to try a lash serum, per se. I’m cool with lash conditioners, stuff you brush on. Just nervous about applying stuff to lash line that could permanently darken or anything.


    • 7/10/10 23:22 Brianna:

      Been using long stem lashes for 1 week. This formula is so gentle and will not cause any darkening or eye irritation. I’m kind of a junkie and think more is more (lol) so I applied too much the first night. Got in my eye a little and had to close it for a sec but no probs. Didn’t even burn. Haven’t noticed results yet but I’m hoping!! This girl doesn’t have hundreds to spend on latisse. Loooove the new Naked eye palette. If you don’t have it… GET IT. :) :) :)


  • 7/9/10 17:28 Mary:

    I started using this product last night :) I’m somewhat skeptical if it will actually work. It honestly worries me a little to put a product that close to my eye but I figure I do it with eyeliner anyways so what the heck and it was gratis so might as well give it a go!


  • 7/11/10 0:27 Sydnie:

    This serum is fantastic! It has no warnings or anything, it’s the first on the market that will NOT darken anything, it just creates fabulous lashes. I’ve been using it and I accidently got a LOT in my eye (someone scared me) and it stung a little like poking your eye with mascara but other than that nothing. It’s absolutely amazing!


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