Win It: The Mystery BIG Prize!

The following giveaway is now closed and the winner will be alerted via e-mail shortly. Thank you for joining in!

You’ve been waiting ALL day for this haven’t you? I said I would be having a MAJOR big prize for my last giveaway of the day! And believe me, it’s major!

But first a recap…..

If you haven’t already enter all of these great giveaways!

And now…drum roll please….

Jump ahead to win…..

Your very own MAC Stereo Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had one to give everyone that comes to visit me daily but sadly I merely have one to give away! It’s SUPER rare as you know considering it sold out very quickly when MAC released. I loved it and I think you will too if you haven’t tried it already. If you own it already, I’m hopeful you’ll give someone else a chance to win it. I’m not banning owners of Stereo Rose from the entry just saying if you have it already maybe find it in your heart to refrain from entering πŸ˜‰ and give someone else a chance to snag it!

A winner will be randomly selected and alerted via e-mail (DO NOT put your e-mail with the post, fill out the submit form with your e-mail address) on Monday July 26th, 2010.

You have FOUR chances to win.

Comment! Say hello, say I wanna win, tell me your favorite color, any comment will get you a single chance to win!

For two more chances to win you can follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my feed!!

If you already follow and subscribe, you’re automatically entered to win!

And finally you can subscribe via E-mail which will give you a fourth chance to win!

UPDATE: I am giving those who retweet my contest a fourth chance to win ANY of the giveaways listed.Β  Simply RT @musingsofamuse “insert contest link” and title of item being give away and you’ll be entered to win again.

For example if you wanna a fourth chances to win Stereo Rose simply head to Twitter and type RT @MusingsofaMUse I want to Win Stereo Rose

You can do this for any of the contest!

That’s it!

Good Luck!

Special thanks to my best friend Jai who donated his back up Stereo Rose for the giveaway!

Have you consumed today’s ?

  • 7/16/10 15:55 LINDARRAGNAR:

    hey muse!!! my fav colour is silver!!!! :)

    I would like to try the stereo rose

  • 7/16/10 15:56 Karrie:

    Hi Muse,
    I just came back from the Nordstrom anniversary sale.
    I got boots!
    Fabulous giveaway you’re having!

  • 7/16/10 15:56 HC:

    Hello! I want to win. My favorite color is purple.

  • 7/16/10 15:56 allison1998:

    Oh…I just had a heart palpitation! ‘Lizbeth…Im comin’ to join you honey!!! πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 15:57 Anna:

    Well you know my favourite colour at the moment is: neon yellow!

  • 7/16/10 15:58 SarahSullz:

    Oh heyyyy!
    I wanna win, and my favorite color is green ! (:

  • 7/16/10 15:58 Storm:

    I’m a huge MAC Junkie but…somehow…don’t own this…or any other MSF! I’m broke and couldn’t afford to order it! It is gorgeous though. You’ve been awesome today, Muse! (Even more awesome than normal!)

  • 7/16/10 15:58 Stavroula Plag:

    Woohoooooo!!!! I don’t own any MAC MSF!!! Great giveaway!! I’m following you on twitter (StavroulaPlag) and I’ve subscribed to your blog feed via iGoogle and My Yahoo! hehe! πŸ˜‰

  • 7/16/10 15:58 LuvJ:

    Forget the “following”.. I’m stalking you today with all these giveaways!

    • 7/16/10 17:05 Stavroula Plag:

      looool !! πŸ˜‰

  • 7/16/10 15:59 Jessie:

    hiiiii! my favorite color is silver and i just went for a 30min run in 85F heat. not one of my smartest ideas…

  • 7/16/10 16:00 Dani M:

    I would love to win this!
    My favorite color is PPIIINNNKKK!

  • 7/16/10 16:01 Marina:

    LOL! I knew it would be Stereo Rose! So psyched. This is awesome, Muse! I follow @glttrandrcknrll and am subscribed through Feedburner…is that the same as RSS? I am confused XP

  • 7/16/10 16:01 rachel:

    hi muse! my fave color is bright purple :)

  • 7/16/10 16:01 Kristina:

    I’m still waiting for my Stereo Rose! :( It’s been 8 days since they sent me a backorder notice and I’m really wondering if they’re going to cancel my order.

  • 7/16/10 16:01 Caitlin:

    *GASP* I can’t beleive you’re giving this away eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • 7/16/10 16:02 Fortworth:

    Yellow ! Followed by red and then orange :)

  • 7/16/10 16:02 Kim:

    This got my heart racing! I would love to win this!

  • 7/16/10 16:02 Rozelyn:


    All these giveaways… @ w@! <33

    And my favorite color is maroon! πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 16:02 Stephanie:

    Omg, I’d die if I won this. It looks so pretty. All these giveaways has my head about ready to explode, LOL.

  • 7/16/10 16:03 Kim:

    Following you on Twitter (BreezyKim)

  • 7/16/10 16:04 Ashley:

    My jaw just dropped, unbelievable! I’m crushing hard on Stereo Rose but I don’t even have it.
    P.S. You have a great friend Muse! Tell Jai your readers are SUPER THANKFUL!!

    • 7/16/10 16:06 the Muse:

      he’s listening/reading Ashley πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 16:05 Jessica Diaz:

    WOW!!!! I would LOVE to win the Stereo Rose!!!!!!!!! I have never tried this color but I feel like it could go with any skin tone beautifully. I LOVE MAC!!!!!!!! MY favorite color is turquoise.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  • 7/16/10 16:09 Stephanie:

    I would love an opportunity to win the coveted stereo rose. My favorite color is still pink :)

  • 7/16/10 16:13 Vanessa:

    I would love to win stereo rose!! The economy’s hit me pretty bad and I can’t afford to buy makeup outside of the drugstore. My fav colour is purple! :)

  • 7/16/10 16:14 Amanda:

    Went looking for this at MAC the day it came out. I figured nobody where I live is ‘in the know’ enough to get this. Guess I was wrong!

  • 7/16/10 16:14 imprompturoses:

    Wow wow wow! You weren’t kidding when you said it would be something that everyone is lemming. :)
    Thanks for these great giveaways & have a wonderful vacation!

    • 7/16/10 16:16 the Muse:

      thanks roses xoxo!

  • 7/16/10 16:16 Alex ADC:

    Hi there, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the stereo rose! The name alone sounds extraordinary, and MAC is most definitely awesome. My favorite colors are orange, light pink and purple. Thanks for this awesome give away!!

  • 7/16/10 16:16 elusive:

    Hi, I love your site and subscribe to your rss feed. I wanna win and my favourite colour is pink! =D

  • 7/16/10 16:16 Regina:

    how nice of you to give away such a coveted item! : ) I know I would love to have it!

  • 7/16/10 16:16 jones:

    ooooh pretty- i wanna win !!

  • 7/16/10 16:17 Margaret:

    I want to win out of curiosity! I’ve never bought any MAC!

  • 7/16/10 16:18 Christine:

    Aww that’s so sweet of Jai! Thanks, and please enter me into this giveaway!

  • 7/16/10 16:18 Rachel:

    enter me pleaseeee!!!

  • 7/16/10 16:18 carlie:

    I wanna win :) it’s so purty….

  • 7/16/10 16:19 InΓͺs:

    ZOMG! I don’t think I even saw one of those here in Portugal!

  • 7/16/10 16:19 sugar sugar:

    Hello! OMG!!! I’ve been lemming at stereorose but it’s OS everywhere. This is such a fantastic prize! =D

  • 7/16/10 16:20 Jenny Z:

    I’d like to win. Went to all 3 of the MAC stands in my mall all sold out of Stereo Rose. At one stand some lady bought ALL of them, went on a website to purchase one from someone and they promised to me but then sold it to someone else .. how rude!

  • 7/16/10 16:20 Sadie:

    haha. when you said that there was going to be a big surprise giveaway I just knew it would be stereo rose. : D so fun. thanks so much!!

  • 7/16/10 16:21 Ashley:

    Aaagh!!! I want it!

  • 7/16/10 16:22 ena:

    Oooh I was curious about this!

  • 7/16/10 16:23 Sarah G.:

    Winning new beauty stuff would make my day!

  • 7/16/10 16:23 Eve:

    Oh I hope I win so I can see what all the hype is!!! Pick me!

  • 7/16/10 16:23 KristyQ:

    WOW. Jai is fan-freaking-tastic! I already own this, so if my name is drawn, please pick someone else :) Just wanted to say that I don’t know ANYONE willing to give up their Stereo Rose (even if it’s their backup) so Jai is wicked-awesome.

    • 7/16/10 16:33 the Muse:

      aw thanks kristy ha. He’s very special to me :) and very generous lol!

  • 7/16/10 16:25 Barbara E.:

    What a great giveaway!!!

  • 7/16/10 16:26 Diana:

    ahhhhhhh!!! me wants!!!

  • 7/16/10 16:27 Gen:

    Wow! a chance to win this oh!so wanted item! excited!

  • 7/16/10 16:27 Monica:

    It’s sold out everywhere where I live! Would love to win.

  • 7/16/10 16:28 Sarah:

    Knew it! You’re the best! I thought this or UD Naked palette! Hope hope hope I win! :):):):):)

    Hmm, did you know…

    SWIMS & NOON are words that can be flipped backwards and upside down and be spelled the same way!

    Found on

  • 7/16/10 16:30 Michelle:

    My fav color is BLUE!

  • 7/16/10 16:31 Blair:

    Hello Muse,

    I’d love to win Stereo Rose! Something random – I adore Sonia Rykiel Beaute!

    I’m subscribing to your blog via RSS and I follow your Twitter account under the moniker BijinBlair =]

  • 7/16/10 16:37 Danielle:

    It’s possible I will cry if I don’t win this. :(

  • 7/16/10 16:38 Stephanie:

    I would love to win one of these!

    and my favorite colour is purple!

  • 7/16/10 16:38 Hana:

    It’s so pretty. ;_;

    I follow and I’m subscribed to your feed and email!

  • 7/16/10 16:39 Marie:

    I think it’s awesome that all these giveaways aren’t restricted to US residents only.
    I don’t own anything Mac (I can’t find a store nearby), so I wish I could discover the brand with this product. :)

  • 7/16/10 16:39 Emily:

    I would looooooooove to win this! Pick me! Choose me! Love me!

  • 7/16/10 16:39 Tiffany:

    Hi Muse! My favorite color is purple! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • 7/16/10 16:43 Rin.:

    OMG. STEREO ROSE. I went to my MAC counter and it was sold out. :(

  • 7/16/10 16:43 Amalie:

    Such a great color! I’m already following you through google :)

  • 7/16/10 16:45 Liz:

    I’ve wanted this forever, and never was able to even buy it from MAC or anywhere!

  • 7/16/10 16:45 My-Linh:

    I always say my favorite color is pink but sometimes there is a pink overload you know? I also love reds, berries, purples, and yellows…ok I pretty much just like warm shades because they are most flattering on me! :)

    I’m subscribed via RSS and I follow you on twitter: @my_linh

  • 7/16/10 16:46 Hillary:


  • 7/16/10 16:46 Nadia:

    I’ve been looking for MAC Stereo Rose! Can’t believe! That’s my dream!

  • 7/16/10 16:46 gwen:

    thanks for a great giveaway!!!!

  • 7/16/10 16:49 Joy:

    That’s so sweet of Jai to donate his back up Stereo Rose! :)

  • 7/16/10 16:54 courtney:

    yeesss! go mac!

  • 7/16/10 16:54 courtney:

    twitter follower – meandbells

  • 7/16/10 16:54 courtney:

    rss subscriber

  • 7/16/10 16:54 J Brown:

    I would love to win the coveted Stereo Rose!!!!!!

  • 7/16/10 16:55 Roisin:

    I want to win! Thanks to your friend Jai want a nice thing to do

  • 7/16/10 16:56 Kelly S:

    Aw, I’d love to win!

  • 7/16/10 17:01 Holly:

    Would love to win – and what a nice friend you have!

  • 7/16/10 17:02 Sasha:

    Wow! That’s fabulous! Thanks Jai!

  • 7/16/10 17:04 Jenny:

    hi muse, I wanna win,my favorite colors pink!

  • 7/16/10 17:07 niewniewjen:

    O:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: omg muse i wants it!! <3

  • 7/16/10 17:08 Egle:

    Hello! i would really love to win this. Mac has great products.

    My favorite color is yellow.

  • 7/16/10 17:08 Julianna M.:

    Ah, the mysterious and elusive Stereo Rose. I’ve been hunting it for years, and I hope, with your help, to soon mount it on my wall in triumph….or spread it’s loveliness over my cheeks. Whatever works. Have a great vacay!

  • 7/16/10 17:09 Tenaya:

    omg your soo generous! IM NOT WORTHY (waynes world reference lol) oh hi Muse my favorite color is pink i would love to win stereo rose =)

  • 7/16/10 17:09 Crystal:

    I’ve been wanting to try a MSF!

  • 7/16/10 17:10 Niika:

    i would love to win … it’s sucha a pretty blush =]

    i follow you on twitter @Niikaology and i am subscribe via email

  • 7/16/10 17:12 T:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • 7/16/10 17:14 yadi Quinones:

    i am totally lemming this little bit of fabulocity !

  • 7/16/10 17:15 Sapp:

    there where alrady sold out here at the counters before the launches!!! the good customers did put them behind the desk, so with 5 of them.. no one in our little country had a change.. even when you where outside the door when the open time at the store.. so to bad for all of us who did waited.. for nothing..

    so we would like to enter… and thanks to Jai who is donatie his back up from Stereo Rose!

  • 7/16/10 17:17 Essi:

    eeeeeee!!!! tell Jai he’s the best!

  • 7/16/10 17:17 jennifer:

    Have a relaxing vacation!

  • 7/16/10 17:19 Hannah:

    Hii(: I would LOVE to try Stereo Rose.. please enter me! Thanks!! (and my favorite colors are pink and purple but not together :D)

  • 7/16/10 17:22 Lumy:

    πŸ˜€ great colour!

  • 7/16/10 17:23 libby:

    hi again, πŸ˜€

    i think i’m running out of favorite colors with all these giveaways you’re throwing! i currently have on a really dark purple on my nails, so dark purple is also a favorite :)

  • 7/16/10 17:23 Amy:

    Oooh, this is a great giveaway! Hope I’m lucky πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 17:25 charlotte:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I literally just choked on coffee when I saw this! Me being like a huge Mac junkie I have been trying to get my hands on this shade for awhile! I soooooooooo sooo want this. This shade would look oh so super cute this summer! I need it pretty please? omg my heart is pounding i want it so bad!!! This is like theeeee best giveaway everrrrr! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • 7/16/10 17:28 Broadway:

    omg Omg OMG!!! Stereo Rose?! I wanna win this! Please, Muse, please!!

  • 7/16/10 17:28 Lexi:

    I wanna winnn!
    My favorite color is blue.

  • 7/16/10 17:30 Lisa:

    Wow, today has been awesome on your blog! I follow you on twitter (reikokorin)

  • 7/16/10 17:31 Stephanie:

    omg u are amazinggg! enter me! :)

  • 7/16/10 17:35 P. Cruz:

    Wow! It’s so pretty! I’ve always wanted to try Mac. XD

  • 7/16/10 17:43 Christy Olin:

    I would love this!

  • 7/16/10 17:46 Iris:

    Hi Muse! I would love to win this! Green :)

  • 7/16/10 17:47 Lauren:

    OMG! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7/16/10 17:54 Brooke:


  • 7/16/10 17:55 Elaine R:

    Have never tried Mac Stereo Rose-thankyou for the chance!

  • 7/16/10 17:57 Ally:

    Hi Muse! I would love to win this! I, like everyone else, can’t find it and would absolutely love to have it! Thanks so much and enjoy your vacation- hope it’s lovely!!

  • 7/16/10 18:05 Saneeya:

    Wow..that’s an epic giveway :)) thanks

  • 7/16/10 18:07 Janet:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about your fabulous giveaway. Please give your friend Jai and huge thank you for all of us for the Stereo Rose.

  • 7/16/10 18:08 cassie:

    I want to win!!

  • 7/16/10 18:18 Sunshyn Vanderheiden:

    It certainly looks like a wonderful color. I’ve never tried it.

    I started following and subscribed by reader today – just found you :)

  • 7/16/10 18:20 chibaraki:

    Oh man I wanted to try this out but it was sold out EVERYWHERE by the time I got to looking.

  • 7/16/10 18:23 jenny:

    Fav color is black :) would love to win!

  • 7/16/10 18:24 Py:

    ooo been so curious about all the stereo rose hype

  • 7/16/10 18:25 Andi:

    Oh man I want to win this one so bad! I follow you on twitter (DeusExMchna) and I use Firefox’s RSS feed reader to check on your blog! I also signed up for email alerts as well!

  • 7/16/10 18:30 Jenny:

    i check your blog not 1 time a day, but 2-3 for updates =) have a good vay-cay!

  • 7/16/10 18:31 Anet:

    OMG Thanks! Hi and I wanna win! My favorite color is purple. Thanks!!!!!!

  • 7/16/10 18:31 Amber G:

    MAC is an amazing brand and I would love to try these products

  • 7/16/10 18:32 SANDY:

    looks sweet

  • 7/16/10 18:32 Amber G:

    I follow you on Twitter – I’m @AmberGoo

  • 7/16/10 18:34 Louise:

    Helloooo I’d love to win this! My fave colour is GREEN! And I’m also a subscriber =)

  • 7/16/10 18:37 Gata:

    Hi and I would love to win this. I love coral! So exciting!

  • 7/16/10 18:39 Amy:

    Holy smokes, I want I want!

    Subbed via RSS and on Twitter @mizzprice

  • 7/16/10 18:41 Pes:

    Hi I wanna win and my favorite color is navy blue. I so badly want this!!! so beautiful…I’m also a follower/subsriber using googlereader. Also an email subscriber with this email. Thanks again.

  • 7/16/10 18:43 Steph:

    **Super Mario Bros death music** X_X

  • 7/16/10 18:49 Priscilla:

    Okay, this is gorgeous! Thank you giving us these giveaway opportunities!

  • 7/16/10 18:49 brandy:

    Sooooo pretty!

  • 7/16/10 18:49 Denise S:

    I’d love to win, thanks!

  • 7/16/10 18:51 Claire:

    Hey Muse!!

    Love your blog, even more now!! favourite colour is gold xx

  • 7/16/10 18:51 dangster:

    Wow, I gotta get me that :)

  • 7/16/10 18:51 Denise S:

    I follow you on Twitter: lazybones344

  • 7/16/10 18:51 amy:


  • 7/16/10 18:52 Denise S:

    I’m following you on Twitter: lazybones344

  • 7/16/10 18:55 Kim:

    Today has been awesome! Thanks!

  • 7/16/10 19:03 Deb:

    How sweet of both you to share!

  • 7/16/10 19:05 Ada:

    Hi Muse!

    Please enter me! My favorite color’s pink :]
    I just started out with MAC (I’m a proud owner of a Hyper Real foundation and MSF blush in Gleeful), but I’m loving their stuff so far. Jai’s so sweet to donate his backup! I love your blog!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  • 7/16/10 19:17 Leah:

    I’d love to enter. Your site is fantastic :)

  • 7/16/10 19:18 cecile =):

    I’ve always wondered about the hype surrounding this haha, my favourite colour is green :) thanks muse!

  • 7/16/10 19:19 Brianne:


  • 7/16/10 19:22 Amber:

    Oh my gosh!! This would be so beyond awesome to win. I was so excited when they were re-releasing this shade and then it all sold out and i didn’t get the chance to get it! My birthday is next month (Aug 11th), so I’d love to win this and year it on my birthday! (‘ll be the big 2-1!) Thank yooooou!

  • 7/16/10 19:22 Amber:

    I’m an email subscriber!

  • 7/16/10 19:23 Amber:

    I RSS subscribe via Yahoo reader.

  • 7/16/10 19:23 Amber:

    I already follow on Twitter on @lipstickncandy

  • 7/16/10 19:33 Ann F:

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway. Please enter me for the giveaway.

  • 7/16/10 19:38 Mary:

    Yay I wanna win!

  • 7/16/10 19:43 Carissa:

    it would be literally amazing to win stereo rose! thanks for the great giveaway!

  • 7/16/10 19:44 evo:

    favourite colour is purple! :)

  • 7/16/10 19:52 Kelsey:

    I would love to try this out!

  • 7/16/10 19:52 LostcauseFoundeffect:

    my favorite color is black
    although that sounds very cynical
    i just like it

  • 7/16/10 19:53 Julia:

    great prize.

  • 7/16/10 19:54 Hannah:

    My only chance to own something MAC haha. I have only one blush atm (R&R) which totally crumbled into pieces no thanks to the hot weather T_________T

    so yes, cross my fingers and hope to win ;D

  • 7/16/10 20:03 Ni:

    Ooh, me want.. It’d be great for my first MAC MSF. Thanks so much for giving away great swag and awesome blogging.

  • 7/16/10 20:05 xMissxAndristx:

    i wanna win!!

  • 7/16/10 20:08 Audrey:

    Yay giveaways! I’m already subscribed through RSS and I follow your Twitter, also! πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 20:13 electronicfly:

    zomg IS WANTS! please? πŸ˜€ followed and subscribed as well πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 20:15 Lilly:

    What a lovely giveaway! That blush looks great!
    My fave color is pink ^^
    Thanks for the chance and have a wonderful weekend.

  • 7/16/10 20:19 sammie:

    you are so generous!!!! many of us were just not able to snag that, as you clearly appreciate. thanks for being so sweet and giving each of us a chance to win stereo rose… my fingers are crossed!

  • 7/16/10 20:25 weijie:

    Always wanted to try stereo rose! The colour is sooo pretty!

  • 7/16/10 20:27 Janine:

    My favorite color is olive green… but I can has Stereo Rose? LOL

  • 7/16/10 20:35 Tatiana:

    Wooh hoo Stereo Rose, love me some MSF!

  • 7/16/10 20:45 Stephanie:

    I tried desperately to get this on the day it came out to no avail. Excited to have one more chance!

  • 7/16/10 20:54 Sammay:

    I wish I could win this! It would be my first MAC product ever! I think I’m definitely missing out not having any MAC and I think Stereo Rose would give me a chance to get into MAC

  • 7/16/10 20:59 Nancy:

    WOWWW! I would love to win this! What a great prize Muse and Jai.

    My favorite color is black.

  • 7/16/10 21:07 Jessie:

    Mysteries are the best!!

  • 7/16/10 21:15 Mandy:

    Muse is awesome! So generous. Everyone makes it sound like such an awesome MSF to have but it was already sold out within minutes…>__<;;

    My favorite color is purple :]

  • 7/16/10 21:20 B.Cole:

    I would love love love to win!!

  • 7/16/10 21:20 Ashlee:

    Hey Muse!
    I wanna win because I really want to get Stereo Rose and review it for my subscribers on Youtube.
    My favorite color is purple, bby the way(:

  • 7/16/10 21:21 Ashlee:

    I really wanna win this!!

  • 7/16/10 21:24 Appu:

    Awesome! ur friend Jai is soooper generous :) Enter me for the giveaway please :) my fav color is Pink :)

  • 7/16/10 21:25 Julia:

    Hello! Thank you for this chance!

    I would love to have this because I’ve never owned a MAC product before.

  • 7/16/10 21:26 kt:

    and your friend of course~<3

  • 7/16/10 21:29 laura:

    I love your blog!

  • 7/16/10 21:30 Trace:

    Enter me!! =)

  • 7/16/10 21:31 ace:

    ohh my goosh thank you!!! i think it looks beautiful… chances are i wont get it but hey cant hurt :) good luck everyone!!!

  • 7/16/10 21:32 layalis:

    this is so awesome!!!

  • 7/16/10 21:33 Diana:

    Hi Muse! My favorite color is green. This blush is gorgeous! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  • 7/16/10 21:35 RobbyRaynebow:

    My favorite color is Red. <3 your blog.


  • 7/16/10 21:35 Karli:

    Awesome! I’ve been wanting to try a MSF, but sadly didn’t have the money to get one from In The Groove.

  • 7/16/10 21:41 Jenni:

    what an awesome mystery prize!! enter me please!!

  • 7/16/10 21:48 Yan:

    Please enter me :) My favourite colour is coral.
    and thankyou for the giveaways

  • 7/16/10 21:53 Halifax:

    Thanks so much for this. Have a great vacation!

  • 7/16/10 21:57 Renee C.:

    Stereo Rose, I think this one’s a WINNER,lol…wishful thinking.

  • 7/16/10 22:04 Suri:

    Stereo Rose looks soo pretty! Hope you enjoy your vacation :)

  • 7/16/10 22:16 Anne Taylor:

    Brilliant! I don’t own this and would love too!

    follow you on Twitter (greeeneyedwhwom)
    Google Reader Subscriber

    Subscribe via email


  • 7/16/10 22:19 Eleanor:

    Hey there muuuse!
    I enjoy shopping, long walks on the beach, and mineralize skinfinishes. So enter me dearr (:

  • 7/16/10 22:24 Gina G:


  • 7/16/10 22:24 Scifi:

    Rose is my middle name. πŸ˜‰

  • 7/16/10 22:26 Amber:

    Hello, I wanna win, my favorite colors are lime green and deep purple

  • 7/16/10 22:32 Jules:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to win this!

    Take it easy, and enjoy your vacation!

  • 7/16/10 22:51 Tiffanie L:

    Well yeah I wanna win! xo

  • 7/16/10 22:51 Vera:

    I want to win!!! I subscribed to you on twitter! my favorite color is purple!

  • 7/16/10 22:52 chibicheeks:

    Ah!!! May the makeup gods smile upon me and let me win! In all honesty, this is my favorite makeup blog. And I’m not just saying that to suck up either! Thanks for all the great reviews, comments, tips. Hope you have a great time. ^_^

  • 7/16/10 22:53 Angela:

    Hello! I want to win! My favorite color is cerulean.

  • 7/16/10 22:57 Eva Dusolier:

    OMG STEREO ROSE!!!! I was stalking this one and couldn’t get is soooo wonderful….

  • 7/16/10 22:59 Mara:

    I’d love to win! No fave color, it’s sad. I follow via google :3

  • 7/16/10 23:22 Ashley:

    want to win!!! my fav its stila convertile color..the hot pink one!

  • 7/16/10 23:23 Patricia:

    i want to win, enjoy the vacation

  • 7/16/10 23:25 Patricia:

    follow @triciazetroc and i’m subscribed

  • 7/16/10 23:34 Kaylee:

    YES PLEASE Muse!!! Hope your vacation is awesome :)

  • 7/16/10 23:49 Ciambella:

    Hey Muse! My favorite color is International Klein Blue. I think it’s sort of half-color half-texture, though, so maybe that doesn’t quite count. Aaaand I wanna win!

  • 7/16/10 23:49 AMY:

    so generous of you Muse to be giving us a chance to win this coveted blush.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday and see you when you get back in the online world again .

    I’m subscribed to your blog.

  • 7/16/10 23:52 Tina:

    YELLOW!!! πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 23:55 Larie:

    Oooh, sweet giveaway! Enjoy your vacation!

  • 7/16/10 23:58 beth:


  • 7/17/10 0:06 Crystal:

    I’d love to win Stereo rose! It looks amazing on all the swatches I’ve seen.
    I adore coral blushes and highlighters!

  • 7/17/10 0:13 Ally:

    Hope you have fun on your vacation! You will be missed πŸ˜€
    Your friend Jai is awesome! I like periwinkle XD

  • 7/17/10 0:16 Erica:

    Oh I *guess* I’d like to win πŸ˜‰

  • 7/17/10 0:30 Courtney:

    Yay for Stereo Rose!!!! Thank you Jai and Muse!

  • 7/17/10 0:32 auroragyps:

    Cool way to find out what the big fuss about skin finishes is.

    Now, I will go Tweet.

  • 7/17/10 0:34 mythy:

    Yay contest! Hoping to win this~ I love pink and green :)

  • 7/17/10 0:56 Tifa:

    Ooh I definitelywanna try that! I only have one blush now, the NARS one that everyone has. The swatches look so pretty for that! And I’ve never tried MAC before…

  • 7/17/10 0:57 Tifa:

    My favorite color is a deep red by the way. Although, I do like a light, pretty pink like that as well. In makeup that’s my favorite kind of color πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 0:58 Kenny H.:

    i wanna hv this!

  • 7/17/10 1:05 Hailee:

    Please please please!!

  • 7/17/10 1:09 marc aaron bright:

    museo <3

  • 7/17/10 1:13 Melody:

    I wanna win (=
    my favorite color is lilac.

  • 7/17/10 1:17 Tee:

    I would love to win Stereo Rose and again thank you for the wonderful giveaways.

  • 7/17/10 1:23 LipstickChick:

    *fingers are crossed, cheeks are naked in the hopes that SR might find its way to them* LOL πŸ˜‰

  • 7/17/10 1:24 xKiKix:

    i would LOVE to win stereo rose since it is sold out everywhere.

  • 7/17/10 1:26 Mandy:

    Oh such a pretty color!

  • 7/17/10 1:54 Maple:

    haha, i see you mention this a lot, and i’m very curious as to how it would look on me

  • 7/17/10 2:05 Laura:

    Have a great holiday!

  • 7/17/10 2:42 Carol L:

    Cant find this anywhere!

  • 7/17/10 2:45 Kaitlyn:

    I want to win!!!

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    I would love to win this! I love blue and I love ur blog! :)

  • 7/17/10 4:33 Kendra:

    OMG!!! This is definitely the big one for sure!

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    Wiiii, enter me, please! I want this, badly! πŸ˜€

    Love all colours…

  • 7/17/10 4:48 Antonia:

    i want it!!

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    This is the best giveaway by far! I’m entering!
    I also follow you on Twitter and retweeted the contest.

  • 7/17/10 5:56 sydney:

    hello! thanks for such an amazing blog, i love reading it everyday!
    favorite color: blue (except i’m too afraid to use it in my makeup life)

  • 7/17/10 6:10 kirsty:

    how nice of your friend to donate this!

  • 7/17/10 6:31 Jenny:

    I <3 your blog πŸ˜‰

  • 7/17/10 6:44 tousledkitten:

    Hello! I REALLY want to win. I was in a pink mood but I’m sliding towards coral now lmao.

  • 7/17/10 7:06 Lori:

    If I win it I promise to walk it, feed it, and love on it every day!!!

  • 7/17/10 7:16 Pati:

    OMG, i have no words!!! Want it want it want it!!!

  • 7/17/10 7:37 Aneka:

    Hey! What a fantastic giveaway! My favourite colour is red, I have no idea why though haha. It just has been :)
    Ooh i also follow you on twitter (mine is @neekeexoxo) and i’m subscribed to you via google reader

  • 7/17/10 8:35 Helen:

    Hello, wow i’d love to win of those babies! hope you enjoy your vacation!

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    Hi! I wanna win πŸ˜€
    My favorite color…well I love the rainbow πŸ˜›

  • 7/17/10 9:09 ilaybalilay:

    i really want this. :)

  • 7/17/10 9:14 Constance L:

    I want to win this one too!

  • 7/17/10 9:52 Nicole C.:

    I would love to win!

  • 7/17/10 9:58 irini:

    omg omg thank you so much for this giveaway its like wow

  • 7/17/10 10:17 Kelsey:

    squeee! even my counter in little nova scotia doesn’t have stereo rose anymore. :( i didn’t even get to see it in person.
    have fun vacationing muse!

  • 7/17/10 10:37 Alyssa:

    YAY i backordered stereo rose from nordstrom and then got a horrible email a couple days ago telling me they canceled the order and would not be able to fulfill it :(

  • 7/17/10 10:37 Alyssa:

    my favorite color is purple

  • 7/17/10 10:38 Alyssa:

    my favorite color for makeup is coral – i never knew about it until this summer, and now i LOVE it!

  • 7/17/10 10:38 Alyssa:

    your site make me want to buy asian makeup&skincare!

  • 7/17/10 10:42 brittany:

    my favorite color is cerulean blue :)

  • 7/17/10 10:50 Alyssa:

    oh no Muse, i screwed up! i thought by ‘four chances to win’, you meant i could leave four comments :(

  • 7/17/10 10:51 Ricci:

    I want to win, never used this before, my fave color is actually pink!

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    I want to win πŸ˜€
    I’m following on blogger/twitter too. (@caseykayyy)

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    Hi muse!!! i am addicted to ur beauty most favorite color is blieve it or not. ..ROSE!

  • 7/17/10 11:46 tina:

    gosh, I would love to get my hands on stereo rose for once!

  • 7/17/10 11:51 Lise:

    Oh I almost had a heart attack when I saw this! I want to win!

  • 7/17/10 11:54 Ashley:

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • 7/17/10 11:55 kat c.:

    My favorite color is purple, and this is such a treat, especially to us- your subbies!

  • 7/17/10 11:59 Vicky:

    never tried mac before! this should be awesome

  • 7/17/10 12:11 JimJam:

    I would just love to win this! i read your blog everyday !

    ive never tried a mac product cos i cant afford them so it would be great if i won ! oh, and my favourite colour is coral :)

  • 7/17/10 12:19 Davina:

    Thanks for the contest!

  • 7/17/10 12:22 Celeste:

    OMG!!! stereo-rose!!!! Really hope to be able to win this one!!!

  • 7/17/10 12:22 sarah ali:

    we dont have MAC in here ( my country) so it is my only chance to try the infamous MAC stereo rose :)
    i am RSS feed subscriber+ tweeted as @glossicious and i follow you on twitter wit the same n ame:)

  • 7/17/10 12:26 Briodmun:

    I hope this is open to international peeps.. :)!

  • 7/17/10 12:27 annika:

    my favorite color is green :) thanks for this opportunity

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    Thanks to you and Jai for an awesome giveaway!

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    I’m subscribed to email ~ <3

    My favorite color? Cerulean <3~

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    wow great that you’re giving away a stereo rose! πŸ˜€ my fave colour: teal

  • 7/17/10 13:50 Shelley:

    It would be great to win this!

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    I NEED this in my life!!!

  • 7/17/10 14:16 cass:

    hi, I love cats and Chad

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    Oh. My. Goodness!! Stereo Rose!

    Welllll…. My fave color is black πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 14:21 Staci:

    i love a purplelish pink

  • 7/17/10 14:30 Robin:

    I missed it in 2005 and would love one now!

  • 7/17/10 14:36 Colleen:

    Thank you for this wonderful contest! My favortie color is purple and I want to win! thanks agian!

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    Muse! I rarely comment, but I stalk *evil grin*

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    high-lo! I wanna win… my fav color – purple (:

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    This sounds awesome!!

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    I wanna win! I’ve heard so much about Stereo Rose, I’m dying to try it out for myself. I RT’d your contest too!

  • 7/17/10 15:32 Kate Carney:

    meeeeee please!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hi! I want to win! My favourite colour is pink.

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    subscribed, followed your twitter, and RT’d :)

    i hope you have a wonderful vacation!

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    My favorite color is purple!

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    Yay !
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I would love to win !

  • 7/17/10 17:49 Liz:

    Wow, that is one totally freaking awesome giveaway!!!

  • 7/17/10 17:59 Tara:

    Enter me Please!

  • 7/17/10 18:05 I Dream of Jeannie:

    Hi Muse! I would LOVE to win something for a change! lol… I love anything black or dark colored too <3

  • 7/17/10 18:19 Angie B.:

    Ohhhh, I do not have and would love to try!

  • 7/17/10 18:22 kelly Wakefield:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  • 7/17/10 18:31 Vanessa:

    Hello! I wanna win and my favorite color is aubergine (:

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  • 7/17/10 20:08 holly:

    i’ve been wanting to try this out πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 20:20 Vivian:

    I want to win. My favorite color is red

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    Stereo Rose?! No way!! I want it!!!! πŸ˜€

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    I wanna win! I follow through google reader!

  • 7/17/10 20:31 Beth:

    Stereo Rose? I want! I need to feed my addiction with limited editions…

  • 7/17/10 20:56 Christy:

    I’ve been looking for this in so many stores! My favorite color is purple and I would love to win this =)

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    XD would be awesome to win!!

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    I wanna win!!! My favorite color is purple. Have a good vacation.

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    following you on twitter – saphyress

  • 7/17/10 21:46 Kristi Blackstone:

    My favorite brand!

  • 7/17/10 22:01 Leslie Price:

    Ooh, I want this! This could even be better than my current longtime favorite, NARS orgasm.

  • 7/17/10 22:03 Leslie Price:

    Twitter follower @lprice79.

  • 7/17/10 22:41 JessicaH:

    i RT @MusingsofaMUse I want to Win Stereo Rose

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    i wanna win this ;D i love the color red

  • 7/17/10 22:42 JessicaH:

    i am following you on tweeeter @redsdeath

  • 7/17/10 22:45 Jessica:

    I was out of North America for the whole Stereo Rose hullabaloo, and now I feel like I missed out big time! So, this is very exciting!

  • 7/17/10 23:06 mochamishmash:

    OMG!! Stereo Rose!! My favorite color is pink!!

  • 7/17/10 23:08 Kendal:

    Sold out in my store in FOUR minutes! I NEED Stereo Rose!

  • 7/17/10 23:13 Becky:

    Hey muse!

    My absolute favorite color is PINK! and if I will stereo rose, it would be my first MSF ever!

    I follow you on twitter as well! enjoy your vacation!

  • 7/17/10 23:15 Melissa:

    oh wow this is amazing! I would love to win this. I’ve been hunting for Stereo Rose but no luck.

    also my favorite color is purple…but my favorite color for makeup is any coral shade…hence stereo rose would be fantastic to have πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 23:33 myolie:

    thanks for the opportunity, i am one of those unlucky souls who was not able to grab one, my fave color pink ^ ^

  • 7/17/10 23:34 mary joyce:

    hi muse, it’s exams week already =)

  • 7/17/10 23:45 Tamara:

    Hi Muse! I want to win and my favorite color is pink! πŸ˜‰

  • 7/18/10 0:03 angie:

    I would love to win. My favorite color is blue.

  • 7/18/10 0:43 Lesley:

    Would love to win!
    Favorite color is a tossup between pink and blue
    thanks so much :)

  • 7/18/10 0:55 Alexis:

    i would love to try MAC (i don’t own any MAC items~T_T)~~ ^^ thanks to your generous friend! oh, my fave color is neon Blue.^^

    p.s. i already tweeted and subscribed^^

  • 7/18/10 1:03 clementine:

    I want to win, and my favorite color is blue.

  • 7/18/10 1:39 Nancy:

    This looks gorgeous!!

  • 7/18/10 1:49 MK:

    looks like a good color

  • 7/18/10 1:53 Linda:

    I want it! =D

  • 7/18/10 2:54 Rinny:

    This is such an exciiting giveaway! And I subscribed by email also :)

  • 7/18/10 4:03 Erin:

    Hello! I would love to win! :)

  • 7/18/10 4:07 Jess:

    My favourite colour is pink!

    And I’m a subscriber via google reader, does that count?

  • 7/18/10 4:37 LithiaBlack:

    I’d love to win and my favorite color is purple. I’m also following you via the rss feed :)

  • 7/18/10 5:34 Mary:

    Hi, Muse! Thanks so much for offering all of these giveaways! Have an awesome vacation!

  • 7/18/10 5:37 Alethea:

    HEYYY MUSE ^^ I would LOVE a chance to win Stereo Rose! I followed you on Twitter and subscribed to your feed and retweeted. ^^

    My favourite colour is pink but I really love the pretty sparkles in silver too. ^^

  • 7/18/10 5:43 ronyaLii:

    Hi, Muse, I wanna win . (foloow you in twitter @RonyaLii

    my favorite colors for makeup are blacks, dark greens ,azures ,purples ( and all dramatic look ones )

  • 7/18/10 6:45 Ana:

    My favorite color is red! :)

  • 7/18/10 6:51 Christina:

    I’m a student on a budget and I turned away my chance to buy this lovely Stereo Rose. I literally walked past MAC. Now I regret.

    Of course I’ll regret. Grrr.

    My fav color is BLUE! On my cheeks it’s peach though. Heehee.

  • 7/18/10 7:36 Kristi C:

    I want to try this.

  • 7/18/10 8:13 Angela:

    My favorite color is purple!! I’d love to win my first MAC mineralize porduct! :)

  • 7/18/10 8:13 Angela:

    I followed @girl with 2 eyes and subscribed !

  • 7/18/10 8:47 Cynthia C:

    This looks fabulous. Thanks for the chance.

  • 7/18/10 8:53 Tala:

    Hi Muse! I would like to win. I don’t own much MAC, and I loved this after reading your review. My favorite color is yellow! :)

  • 7/18/10 9:26 Yoyo:

    Stereo Rose looks so pretty! I really wish I could have nabbed one!

  • 7/18/10 9:38 Dini:

    stereo rose looks really gorgeous fromall the pictures and swatches that have been going around. i would love to win it!

  • 7/18/10 10:41 mansi:

    i wanna win!!!

    favourite color: azure :)

    thanks for this! i’ve been trying to hunt this down and it was alas but a failure :(

  • 7/18/10 11:00 Serena:

    I’d love to win this!!!

  • 7/18/10 11:32 Gigi Thao:

    I wanna win, my favorite color is navy blue.

  • 7/18/10 12:10 Sara:

    You’re a revered goddess for providing the elusive Stereo Rose! Have a good vacay1

  • 7/18/10 12:46 Zoe:

    Hi :)
    i want to win!
    and my favorite color is purple!

  • 7/18/10 12:49 Dorothy:

    I’ve never had the chance to try out an MSF, this would be so awesome!

  • 7/18/10 13:10 Sari:

    I would love to win!! Hope your vacation is going great!!

  • 7/18/10 13:13 Jessica:

    Oh wow. I would love this!

  • 7/18/10 13:28 Nikki:

    I’d love to win me some stereo rose! My favourite colour is navy blue~

  • 7/18/10 14:59 Mi:

    I wanted to get but decided it was too expensive for me. Oo If I win anyone of these prizes, I’d scream! lol
    Also I thought I already applied for this one, but I searched and I didn’t see it – hope it’s not recomment.
    Ty for chances to win.

  • 7/18/10 15:02 Linda F:

    Haven’t tried this. Would love to win! My favorite color is blue.

  • 7/18/10 15:17 El:

    Did I win?

  • 7/18/10 15:47 Sara C:

    I don’t have a favorite color really…I love all of them :) Hence my love of makeup!

  • 7/18/10 16:22 Heini:

    i would love to win! that looks so beautiful

  • 7/18/10 17:05 Kyunghee:

    ahh please eneter me i love mac!

  • 7/18/10 17:50 Tina J:

    I would love to win this! I have always wanted to try a MAC product!

  • 7/18/10 18:04 HoneysNY:

    hi πŸ˜‰
    i wanna win MAC Stereo Rose and i love corals, pinks, purples, reds..heck, love colors, any colors ;D
    thanks for having this giveaway love πŸ˜‰

  • 7/18/10 18:16 Iqra:

    I would love to have that!
    My fav color is teal!

  • 7/18/10 18:21 Angela:

    Hi Muse! I would love to try Stereo Rose. I’ve never had a MSF with color before. My favorite color is purple.

  • 7/18/10 18:25 Tina:

    i wanna win so bad!!! :)

  • 7/18/10 19:21 Emily P:

    Dude! I would love to win this! I read all the time, but I think this is actually one of my first times commenting…I wanted to thank you too for all the Lush review you do. I got a chance to visit NY and go to the Lush store there and pick up some great stuff from your recommendations! Thanks so much! Oh yeah, and again, I’d love to win! =)

  • 7/18/10 19:44 Fernanda R Andrade:

    Hey, Muse!
    Send it to me in Brasil! I loooooooooooooooooooove it and…
    just neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it sooooooooooooooo much!!!

    RSS – OK
    twitter – OK (feandrade27)
    e-mail – OK

  • 7/18/10 19:50 Brittany:

    Hi Muse!
    I love you! and want to win! and my favorite color is lavender πŸ˜‰

  • 7/18/10 20:16 Gabriella:

    would love to win!

  • 7/18/10 20:40 Rosalie:

    Thank you for all those givaways! I wanna win! πŸ˜€

  • 7/18/10 20:51 Ana:

    Hey Muse!

    My favorite color is forrest green and teal!

  • 7/18/10 21:13 KaylaK:

    Stereo Rose!!! I was so sad when they cancelled my order on Nordies website :(

  • 7/18/10 22:44 HautePJ:

    Hey Muse! Enjoy your vacay. I am really happy I picked up a MAC brush set at the Nordie Anniversary sale because I could use the skunk brush to apply Stereo Rose :).

  • 7/18/10 22:55 Beth:


  • 7/18/10 23:00 DJ:

    I’d love to win this! My favorite color is purple!

  • 7/19/10 0:20 izzy:

    i want to find out what the hype on stereo rose is all about!

  • 7/19/10 0:46 Chloedid:

    I would love to win this!

  • 7/19/10 0:55 angie:

    I wanna win! Favorite colors include silver, black, bronze-y stuff, baby blue…

  • 7/19/10 1:30 athenacalled:

    I’m curious what the hype’s about. XD Your blog’s been so helpful in my newfound makeup kick!

  • 7/19/10 2:53 Taylor:

    Wow, mac is my life, to get this would make my life!

  • 7/19/10 3:21 Shannyn:


    I wanna win!

    And (again) my favourite colour is pastel green.

    MAC is rediculously expensive here in Australia so I figure entering this is a good way to potentially save $50. You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say πŸ˜›

    ~ Shannyn

  • 7/19/10 5:23 Julie:

    love pink :)

  • 7/19/10 6:23 Lilian11:

    I really want this! it’s such a gorgeous color :) thanks for organising!

  • 7/19/10 7:21 Teressa:

    I really want to try the stereo rose MSF!!!! thanks for the fantastic giveaway!!! πŸ˜€

  • 7/19/10 7:57 thatgal:

    Hey Muse! As I already told, I got my haul at last, and one of the products is MAC Instant Chick blush I decided to purchase thanks to you. Your review of the blush was tasty! I want Stereo Rose!

  • 7/19/10 8:02 laura r:

    have a great vacation Musey! and let’s hear a round of applause for the generous Jai!

    my favourite colour at this moment is pale blue. and i sub to your emails. i just back from vacay myself and so i am catching up on my feeds!

  • 7/19/10 8:24 joanie:

    coool :)

  • 7/19/10 9:22 Gail:

    Love to win – Have a great vaca!

  • 7/19/10 10:10 Kelly:

    Hi Musey! I’m hoping to win! Blue is my favorite color πŸ˜€

  • 7/19/10 10:15 Ru:

    Oh Stereo Rose…

  • 7/19/10 10:18 Nessa:

    Have a great vacation! Great giveaway!
    I follow you on twitter and subscribe to your feed.

  • 7/19/10 11:03 Sonia:

    Love the giveaway!
    Follower: sonia84cardoso
    Twitter follower: SoKika84
    Thanks! :-)

  • 7/19/10 11:26 Chapelle:

    Hmm…Looks lovely. I would definitely love to win this. And once again my favorite colors are pink, light blue, aqua and yellow.

  • 7/19/10 11:32 Elena:

    Hello Muse, greetings from a sunny north Sweden!
    Made myself 4 chances with this :)

  • 7/19/10 11:49 Beautiful Canvas:

    Please enter me. I also already subscribed through RSS.

  • 7/19/10 11:52 Colette:

    oh how fun! I hope I win. have a good vaca

  • 7/19/10 12:01 Debohra:

    Hi! I wanna win!

  • 7/19/10 12:06 jenn:

    yes please! Have a great trip!

  • 7/19/10 12:20 Mrs. Vega:

    I love the name of it

  • 7/19/10 12:22 Judith:

    Hello! I would love to win this (if this prize is available to international readers). My favorite color is purple.

  • 7/19/10 13:14 Hailey:

    I want to win! I”ve looked for this everywhere but it’s sold out. Thank you for the giveaway. My favourite colour is mint green.

  • 7/19/10 13:45 Tiffany:

    stereo rose is sold out everywhere! i’d love to try it though!

  • 7/19/10 13:58 Lisa:

    Thanks Jai! I hope I win so I can wear this lovely color everyday!

  • 7/19/10 14:14 216amyc:

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    I’ve been dying to try Stereo Rose! Count Me In! :)

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    OMG! I wanted to get this SOOOO bad when it came out! But as the fates would have it, no luck!

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    Aaaah I was so sad when I finally got to the MAC store in Indy and it was gone! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway (And thanks to Jai!)
    Twitter intlgirl87

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    i wanna win this soooo bad!

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    Love, love, love your blog – faithful reader although I usually never comment. πŸ˜‰

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    I just got back from a Sephora haul after spending about 2 hours in the store! Tarina Tarantino makeup is even cuter in real life!

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    enjoy your vacation muse, see you soon! πŸ˜€

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    My favorite color is green and I’d love to win Stereo Rose! =)

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    Hi, what a nice thing to do, would love to win this special Mac goodie! I don’t have Stereo Rose. Thanks for the chance to win and for all the great posts, I really enjoy reading them.

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    I love love MAC. Obviously I read because you have all the best info on it :)
    My favorite color is purple :)

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    Corals and pinky-peaches are my favorite colors at the moment (don’t know if they count as actual colors though, lol).

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    I already follow you on twitter. I enjoy your tweets :)
    I LOVE Mac MSF’s. SR is such beautiful one!

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    I just love Any color that looks good on me. Puce, Steregelean , Jasper. if it is flattering I want it.

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    I was unfortunately too late to get my own Stereo Rose. I had no idea they would sell out so fast!

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    How generous of you and your friend to give such a coveted mu item to one of your readers :O !!! I would be so happy if I was the lucky winner… please pick me !

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    The coveted Stereo Rose!!!

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    I would love to win, my favorite color is purple, thanks!

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    Hey Muse πŸ˜€
    I wanna win, and I want to say my favorite colour is black, but blacks not a colour but a tone 😐 so I guess it’s going to be red!

  • 7/26/10 17:24 sarah:

    idddd love to win, thanks πŸ˜€

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    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me. I just love anything makeup related.

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