Win It: Urban Decay Envy Eyeshadow

The following giveaway is now closed and the winner will be alerted via e-mail shortly. Thank you for joining in!

Today I am having a day of giveaways on Musings!

So be sure to check the front page of my blog for all of the giveaways that are going on at the moment. The giveaways are starting small but will end with one MASSIVE goodie that everyone (or most everyone) is probably lemming hard at the moment.

Next up on the list Urban Decay Envy Eyeshadow!


This giveaway is for one Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Envy (discontinued and long gone). Anyone can enter to win which means US Residents as well as Canadian, European, and Asia ones can submit for a chance to win the palette!

A winner will be randomly selected and alerted via e-mail (DO NOT put your e-mail with the post, fill out the submit form with your e-mail address) on Monday July 26th, 2010.

You have three chances to win.

Comment! Say hello, say I wanna win, tell me your favorite color. Any comment will get you a single chance to win the palette!

For two more chances to win you can follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my feed!!

If you already follow and subscribe, you’re automatically entered to win!

That’s it!

Good Luck!

Have you consumed today’s ?

  • 7/16/10 11:02 Fatema:

    oh!! love urban decay shadows!!! I wanna win this!

  • 7/16/10 11:07 Emily:

    Love, Love UD eyeshadows! This color is going to be great with the upcoming fall season!

  • 7/16/10 11:08 electronicfly:

    Done-ed all three, and is the major giveaway the Naked Palette?!?!?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 11:11 Robin:

    What a gorgeous color! I’ve never seen Envy before, but I’m certainly envying it now :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 7/16/10 11:12 Ru:

    What a great color for fall… would make an awesome navy smokey. Too bad it’s discontinued!

  • 7/16/10 11:18 Julianna M.:

    I haven’t owned an UD eyeshadow since I was bold and in high school. I think it’s time to jump back in.

  • 7/16/10 11:23 Anna:

    Yeay, I’m a follower and subscriber and I’m saying hi :) I love UD, but there’s no possibility to get some goodies here in Germany..

  • 7/16/10 11:24 Sass:

    Hello. I wanna win and my fave color is red. I’m already subscribed to your RSS and I already follow you on Twitter.

  • 7/16/10 11:26 Emma:

    Groovy baby x

  • 7/16/10 11:29 P. Cruz:

    Urban Decay rocks! I’ve always wanted something from them. :)) Sadly, it’s not available in the Philippines. :( I’m so excited for the future giveaway! XD

  • 7/16/10 11:33 jkim:

    love these giveaways! lol

  • 7/16/10 11:34 Kelsey:

    I love Urban Decay and don’t have this one!

  • 7/16/10 11:39 cassie:

    Me! Me! Me! I wanna win!

  • 7/16/10 11:44 Halifax:

    Thanks lovely for the giveaway. Love the colour on this one

  • 7/16/10 11:50 Kaylee:


  • 7/16/10 11:52 Broadway:

    This is gorgeous! I wanna win this!

  • 7/16/10 11:53 jenny:

    Would love to win! I haven’t used UD eye shadow before & it looks so pretty :)

  • 7/16/10 11:54 Courtney:

    I want to win!

  • 7/16/10 11:59 Emma:

    I’ve been loving UD eyeshadows lately!

  • 7/16/10 11:59 lelila:

    love it!!!

    followed you on twitter. i’m following your blog thru blogger, is that counted haha

    • 7/16/10 12:02 the Muse:

      hi lelila it’s a follow through twitter :) I’m not on blogger so there isn’t anyway for me to know you’re following me and for me to count it as a follow. It’s a comment, subscription, and a twitter follow for three chances or just the one with a comment :)

      • 7/16/10 12:04 lelila:

        my statement is vague haha. i’m following you on twitter already, but instead of RSS, i been a blog follower thru blogger. it’s ok if this comment is my entry as well as twitter, 2 is better than nothing haha

        • 7/16/10 12:10 the Muse:

          ok gotcha you’ll have two lelila :) one for this comment and one for your RSS subscription just adding this into my database now πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 12:06 Sandy:

    I don’t own an Urban Decay e/s even though UDPP is my go-to lid primer. Don’t you think I ought to have an UD e/s to complement it??? Thanks for the chance!

  • 7/16/10 12:08 Michelle:

    Discovered your blog a few weeks ago – love it! UD eyeshadows are my favorite and this color looks divine! I wanna win it!

  • 7/16/10 12:12 Sarah:

    This is such a lovely color!!!! :)

  • 7/16/10 12:13 charlotte:

    Hi! I just la la love Urban Decay eyeshadows! In fact it is the only eyeshadow I use besides Mac.One of my absolute favs is “midnight cowboy rides again”. I love this color because i love to make smoky eyes. I think this would make a really cool diff smoky eye effect. I realllllyyyy hope I win as I am so obsessed with this brand! :)

  • 7/16/10 12:17 Summer:

    Hey again! Already entered the lip palette! lol! I actually do not yet own any Urban Decay but I have been itching for some after reading their reviews from you!

  • 7/16/10 12:19 JayJay:

    I <3 Urban Decay, but I have never tried this colour. It's gorgeous!

  • 7/16/10 12:20 Mags:

    Wow, thanks muse, is this valid for mexicans too? Love UD :)

    • 7/16/10 12:25 the Muse:

      anyone mags :) you can be on mars and enter πŸ˜€ haha!

      • 7/16/10 12:35 Mags:

        Haha thank u !

  • 7/16/10 12:21 Amber G:

    I would love to win! My favorite color is lavender but this blue is really pretty too!

  • 7/16/10 12:21 Kate:

    Love the shadow

  • 7/16/10 12:22 Amber G:

    I follow you on Twitter – I’m @AmberGoo

  • 7/16/10 12:22 Marina:

    Yay! I wanna win, of course! I’d have to say my favorite Urban Decay color that I’ve tried so far is Smog!

    • 7/16/10 12:23 Marina:

      I forgot to say that I follow on twitter by the username of glttrandrcknrll!

  • 7/16/10 12:24 Lauren:

    id love to win this shadow! greenish blue colors like that are my favorite. cool colors are where its at:)

  • 7/16/10 12:26 Ally:

    Hi Muse! I would love to win this! Thanks!

  • 7/16/10 12:28 Amy:

    I follow you through Twitter @mizzprice.

    I love pink. Mostly dark, hot pinks. Paired with black and silver and it’s beautiful!

    I also follow your RSS via Google Reader. (MizzPrice)

  • 7/16/10 12:35 Ashley:

    Hey! I want to win! My favorite color is purple.

  • 7/16/10 12:39 sarah ali:

    i want it :) i follow you on twitter already as @glossicious and already subs to your RSS feeds :)

  • 7/16/10 12:40 sugar sugar:

    hello! :3 i would really want to try urban decay shadows but they aren’t locally available in my country. i do love their potion primer and other stuff that i ordered online but haven’t gotten around ordering the eyeshadows yet. xD

    – i follow you on twitter – saccharine0158

  • 7/16/10 12:45 Sarah:

    When I was younger I took a trip to england and we went into this department store into the makeup/beauty section and i vowed that when i started wearing makeup i would try urban decay and rimmel hehe. I loved the edgyness.. then of course i started my goth phase. But I always remembered that and way after that phase I stayed true to that and my first Urban decay product was the Hall of Fame set And I guess a liquid liner In Ecstasy. And a gold retractable rimmel eyeliner

  • 7/16/10 12:48 lulee:

    this would make a great smokey eye!

    ps i follow you on twitter @aalajoon

  • 7/16/10 12:56 makeup&more:

    Hello, please enter me. I am subscriber for a long time now, and I am following you on twitter now (makeup_and_more). Thanks!

  • 7/16/10 12:57 Crystal:

    My fave Urban Decay eyeshadow would definitely have to be Half-Baked. It’s the perfect shimmery metallic gold! I’d love to win this!

  • 7/16/10 13:04 Chapelle:

    I’m feeling lucky today. I would love to win this eyeshadow. My favorite colors are pink, light blue, yellow, aqua and seafoam green. (I’m not good at choosing favorites, lol).

  • 7/16/10 13:06 Lisa:

    I love UD shadows! My favorite shadow from them is Sin. I follow you on twitter too (reikokorin)

  • 7/16/10 13:08 trace:

    Awesome! :) Thank you!

  • 7/16/10 13:11 Joy:

    That colour is gorgeous. I’m following you on Twitter (Username: dearjoy)

  • 7/16/10 13:31 Rin:

    I’ve never tried their eyeshadows; I’m thinking that I should start. :)
    I’m already following you on twitter (shinpuruhappy).

  • 7/16/10 13:35 kim:

    I’d love to win this! My favorite color is green. All greens!

  • 7/16/10 13:36 Storm:

    I don’t have twitter…I’m so behind! But I love love love UD…and You! And I *think* I have subscribed to your feed. I feel like I did something wrong lol

  • 7/16/10 13:41 Mi:

    I want to winnn

  • 7/16/10 13:52 Regina:

    following on twitter as geniermh. : )

  • 7/16/10 13:52 Eve:


  • 7/16/10 13:56 Kyunghee Kim:

    ud is def one of my fave brands!

    please enter me!

  • 7/16/10 13:57 Gina G:

    Whoa double rainbow!

    • 7/16/10 13:58 the Muse:

      LOL gina you’re cracking me up girl

  • 7/16/10 13:58 Jennifer:

    It’s such a pretty color! I love UD products!

  • 7/16/10 13:58 Kate Carney:

    this reminds me of the shade ‘goddess’

  • 7/16/10 14:08 Jessica Diaz:

    Hi, I wanna win this!! I love this dark color!! MY FAVORITE UD color is SMOG.
    thanks for the giveaways!


  • 7/16/10 14:16 Marie:

    Lovely color!

  • 7/16/10 14:17 Melissa-Elisabeth:

    That colour is gorgeous! I would love to win this :)

  • 7/16/10 14:19 Ashley:

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • 7/16/10 14:20 irini:

    i live in greece so i never got my hands on any urban decay goodies so it will be a great chance πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 14:32 Appu:

    Gorgeous Gorgeous color!

  • 7/16/10 14:32 Lilian11:

    Love UD and I want to win!

  • 7/16/10 14:34 Jen Du:

    <3 the Muse

  • 7/16/10 14:35 brittany:

    i’d love to win!

  • 7/16/10 14:36 brittany:

    follow via blogger.

  • 7/16/10 14:36 Agnes:

    this is such a pretty color! i’ve yet to try out UD shadows and this would be a really good opportunity! hehe thanks for giving us the chance! i also followed on twitter (@Pinkboxmakeup) and am subscribed :)

  • 7/16/10 14:39 krisprimps:

    Fave color is blurple, fave UD color is Lounge. :) I’m subbed to your rss under daishan79 on bloglines, twitter is krisprimps. :)

  • 7/16/10 14:40 Nicole C.:

    I would love to win.

  • 7/16/10 14:40 Gata:

    Hi and I wanna win! I love corals!

  • 7/16/10 14:42 June:

    please!! pick me!! :)

    i’ve never won anything in my life!!

  • 7/16/10 14:42 Tiffany:

    purdiestful!!! Out of all the brands i’ve tried, i think they make the best eyeshadows by far!

  • 7/16/10 14:46 Michelle Santos:

    Nice Color and i Wanna win!!

  • 7/16/10 14:49 Marron:

    I wanna win!!! My fave color is lilac!

  • 7/16/10 14:58 yadi Quinones:

    this sounds lovely !

  • 7/16/10 14:59 JessicaH:

    i wanna win this! i never have enough eye shadows ;D

  • 7/16/10 15:00 JessicaH:

    i am following u on tweeter! @redsdeath

  • 7/16/10 15:08 Tara:

    I want to win this!

  • 7/16/10 15:09 xMissxAndristx:

    omg… i did all 3. i neeeeeed that. *tries to calm down* i have all the current shades of UD eyeshadow and only 3 discontinued ones. that is one that i don’t have. my collection needs to be more complete.

  • 7/16/10 15:11 Priscilla:

    Gorgeous color!

  • 7/16/10 15:18 Eva Dusolier:

    ohhh wow….awesome, I always wanted this eyeshadow and I could never get it :( it would be so cool to win it πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 15:20 Patricia:

    follow @triciazetroc and i’m subscribed

  • 7/16/10 15:22 Patricia:

    i have been wanting to buy UD Envy

  • 7/16/10 15:27 Crystal:

    I’m starting to collect UD eyeshadows. I’ve got mostly purples so far & I need to branch out into colors like this one.

  • 7/16/10 15:28 elusive:

    Hi, I love your site and subscribe to your rss feed. I wanna win and my favourite colour is pink! =D

  • 7/16/10 15:29 Pes:

    Hi! I wanna win and my favorite color is navy blue. Thank you and love the blog! I’m also a follower using googlereader

  • 7/16/10 15:30 Aimee:

    Would love to win! I am subscribed via @firedawn

  • 7/16/10 15:35 tpzhearts:

    wow lots of giveaways! i follow on twitter too

  • 7/16/10 15:40 Hailey:

    I love Urban Decay products! I would like to win this gorgeous eye shadow. My favourite colour is mint green and coral.

  • 7/16/10 15:48 Sharon:

    Gorgeous color! I really hope I win. We don’t have Urban Decay products in my country :(

  • 7/16/10 15:49 Yao:

    I *love* UD’s eyeshadows!

  • 7/16/10 15:51 HC:

    Hello! I want to win. My favorite color is purple.

  • 7/16/10 15:53 Lillian:


  • 7/16/10 15:58 Karli:

    Ohhh, I don’t have this one in my collection!
    Looks gorgeous.

  • 7/16/10 15:59 Stavroula Plag:

    Gorgeous color!! :) I’m following you on twitter (StavroulaPlag) and I’ve subscribed to your blog feed via iGoogle and My Yahoo! hehe! πŸ˜‰

  • 7/16/10 16:00 DarkGlamour17:

    Hey……i love Urban Decay, the color blue, and David Archuleta! i’d like to win!!! tootles <3

  • 7/16/10 16:05 Dani M:

    This looks awesome! I’d love to win!
    Fav color is Pink! :)

  • 7/16/10 16:08 Amanda:

    I’m sad it’s raining today, because I wanted to go swimming! I guess I’ll just go shopping instead. πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 16:15 carlie:

    I wanna win :)

  • 7/16/10 16:18 Sadie:


  • 7/16/10 16:19 Sarah G.:

    Winning new beauty stuff would make my day!

  • 7/16/10 16:22 Amalie:

    Such a great color! I’m already following you through google :)

  • 7/16/10 16:26 Danielle:

    Love the glitter! Love the blog. :)

  • 7/16/10 16:28 Rachel:

    I really love the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencils. I haven’t tried their eye shadows before but I would love to win this one and try them. I’ve heard they are really nice. My favourite colours are turquoise and periwinkle. Thank you for the giveaway

  • 7/16/10 16:29 Monica:

    I am Envy-ous of whoever wins!

  • 7/16/10 16:33 Hana:

    Oooh, pretty color!

    I follow and I’m subscribed.

  • 7/16/10 16:36 Blair:

    Hello Muse,

    I’d love to win Envy! Something random – my favourite neutral palette is BR365 from Maquillage!

    I’m subscribing to your blog via RSS and I follow your Twitter account under the moniker BijinBlair =]

  • 7/16/10 16:42 Nadia:

    Urban Decay… it couldn’t be better… I’d love to have it!

  • 7/16/10 16:49 kali:

    Please enter me =)

  • 7/16/10 17:16 T:

    Great giveaway!

  • 7/16/10 17:26 Lumy:

    I’d love to win it! ^^

  • 7/16/10 17:28 Amy:

    I just got into UD shadows…would be so exciting to get a new colour!

  • 7/16/10 17:31 Hannah:

    Hii(: I want to win and my favorite color is pink(: thanks!

  • 7/16/10 17:46 Lauren:


  • 7/16/10 18:11 atu:

    I wanna win!!!

  • 7/16/10 18:12 Sunshyn Vanderheiden:

    Hi! I’d certainly like to win this. :)

    I follow on twitter and by feed.

  • 7/16/10 18:21 Andi:

    I wanna win! I follow you on my RSS feed in FireFox, and I follow you on Twitter. I’m DeusExMchna! I also love the color Aqua~ Good luck everyone!

  • 7/16/10 18:22 Py:

    yay muse!

  • 7/16/10 18:29 Jenny:

    yay enter me for some ud lovin!

  • 7/16/10 18:31 Marc Aaron bright:

    I love urban more than anything! I collect all if their shadows… Please make this littlegay boys dreams come true, Muse <3

  • 7/16/10 18:39 dangster:

    I am in love with that blue shade :)

  • 7/16/10 18:46 brandy:

    This is beautiful!

  • 7/16/10 18:50 Steph:

    I don’t have any UD eyeshadow singles, so I’d love a chance to win one!

  • 7/16/10 18:59 Claire:

    So pretty. Fave colour is gold, although envy could probably convert me to a navy lover! x

  • 7/16/10 18:59 grace:

    hello there, i’d love to win this one!

  • 7/16/10 19:02 Ada:

    Hi Muse!

    Please enter me! My favorite color’s pink :] I’m addicted to UD eyeshadows! I’m also subscribed via RSS and follow you on Twitter!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  • 7/16/10 19:39 Mary:

    Hi! I wanna win!

  • 7/16/10 19:41 Carissa:

    just bought the naked palette and it’s amazing!! thanks for the great giveaways!

  • 7/16/10 19:46 evo:

    purdy colour!!

  • 7/16/10 19:52 Julia:

    great prize

  • 7/16/10 20:10 amy:

    Omigosh… another one? This is pretty awesome. Thanks so much for these giveaways, Muse =)

  • 7/16/10 20:11 sammie:

    you rock my world! i’d love to win!!!

  • 7/16/10 20:12 Ni:

    If I won, this would be my first UD single. Funny, I only have their palettes. Thanks again for the giveaways.

  • 7/16/10 20:12 Audrey:

    I looooove UD eyeshadows. <3 I'd love to win this!
    I subscribe to your blog through RSS and I follow your Twitter, too!

  • 7/16/10 20:32 Amanda B:

    i have been obsessed with neutrals this summer, especially the too faced and UD naked palettes!

  • 7/16/10 20:52 Sammay:

    Urban Decay is def. my favorite brand of makeup. Great quality and great pigmentation!

  • 7/16/10 21:07 Jessie:

    Yes please!!

  • 7/16/10 21:13 Mandy:

    Thats such a pretty color! ^__^

  • 7/16/10 21:26 kt:

    mm pretty!

  • 7/16/10 21:38 Diana:

    Hi muse! This is lovely! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • 7/16/10 21:40 RobbyRaynebow:

    Ooooo, Blue smoky eye here I come


  • 7/16/10 21:44 ace:

    thats a gorgeous color, id love to win!!! XD

  • 7/16/10 21:47 laura:

    Omg I’ve wanted this for so long!

  • 7/16/10 21:53 Renee C.:

    This is what my daughter always wants to buy at Sephora.

  • 7/16/10 22:22 Eleanor:

    Musey.. Urban Decay is the sun to my rise, the peanut butter to my jelly, the wind beneath my wings! So enter me. yeah.

  • 7/16/10 22:28 Anne Taylor:

    I WANT to win!! Fave eye colour is deep grey! (right now anyways)

    Follow you on Twitter (greeeneyedwhwom)

    Google Reader Subscriber


  • 7/16/10 22:52 Angela:

    Hello! I want to win! My favorite color is cerulean.

  • 7/16/10 22:53 Vera:

    I want to win! My favorite color is purple. I follow you on twitter now!

  • 7/16/10 22:53 Tiffanie L:

    I love UD!

  • 7/16/10 22:56 chibicheeks:

    I’ll miss your posts while you’re away! Who’s going to ignite my daily makeup craving????

  • 7/16/10 23:22 boochtothenooch:

    Love this color! Would make totally great eyeliner πŸ˜€

  • 7/16/10 23:32 Shannon:

    HelloOoOoOoOo – I wanna win! My fave color is black so then I can wear any make up color :)

  • 7/16/10 23:55 Tina:

    <3 urban decay

  • 7/16/10 23:55 Elena Torres:

    OMG, would love to own this color!!!! I love UD, please let me have it. :)

  • 7/16/10 23:56 beth:

    i wanna win

  • 7/16/10 23:57 GinaB:

    ohh i’d love to win that! (: urban decay is a great brand but they dont make a whole lot of blue shadows however that one looks like a keeper! haha i LOVE urban decay “kiddie pool”

  • 7/17/10 0:11 Peggy:

    Hi, I Would like to win! FAvorite color is Pink

  • 7/17/10 0:16 Erica:

    Yay! Urban Decay is the BEST!

  • 7/17/10 0:28 navi:

    I love contests!

  • 7/17/10 0:29 Ally:

    Nordy anniversary sale is making my wallet cry T-T

  • 7/17/10 0:40 mythy:

    I wanna win :O

  • 7/17/10 0:46 JezebelSeven:

    I love the subway token packaging so much on these. Gimme please! πŸ˜‰

  • 7/17/10 0:46 Stephie:

    Winning would be fantastic since I’m just starting to get into NYX and love their round lipsticks

  • 7/17/10 0:54 Tifa:

    Hello there~~~

  • 7/17/10 0:54 Tifa:

    I definitely wanna win πŸ˜€ Deep red is my favorite color~

  • 7/17/10 1:24 Marasy:

    Hi! My favorite color is purple, so my favorite UD eyeshadow is Fishnet.

  • 7/17/10 1:26 xKiKix:

    i would like to win.

  • 7/17/10 1:52 Maple:

    omg, discontinued… what a nice prize!

  • 7/17/10 2:17 Biba:

    Enter me, please! I’d love to win this. I don’t havey any UD stuff yet… About the fav colour – I love them all πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 2:46 Gigi:

    I LOVE Urban Decay and I LOVE teal!!

  • 7/17/10 2:50 Kaitlyn:

    I love urban decay eyeshadows!

  • 7/17/10 3:19 andrea:

    hello there~
    i would love to win!
    and my favorite color is pinkk πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 6:16 kirsty:

    I want to win!

  • 7/17/10 6:32 Nia:

    Fav colour is red :)

  • 7/17/10 6:34 Jenny:

    i <3 your blog πŸ˜‰

  • 7/17/10 6:40 tousledkitten:

    Hello! I wanna win! Still in a pink mood. x

  • 7/17/10 7:04 Lori:

    That color is sooooo beautiful!

  • 7/17/10 7:08 Gemma:

    Love urdan decay, this is one i don’t have in my collection

  • 7/17/10 7:16 nia:

    ooooo nice colorrrr :)

  • 7/17/10 8:10 Millie:

    Aw, this is so cool of you! I would love to win, hihi. My favourite colour is black, because it is so easy and goes with everything.

  • 7/17/10 8:32 Tijana:

    Love UD e/s! Great giveaway! I wanna win! :))

  • 7/17/10 8:51 Kat:

    That eye shadow is epic and I really want it. :O

  • 7/17/10 9:19 G. L. PENROD:

    never did would love to win an try some

  • 7/17/10 9:42 Claudia:

    this one is just too pretty not to have :)

  • 7/17/10 9:44 Petra:

    Oh, we don’t have UD available here, sadly, so I’d be thrilled to win! :)

  • 7/17/10 9:48 JustMe:

    Would loveto win this eyeshadow!

  • 7/17/10 11:11 Casey:

    i wanna win!

    my favorite color is purpleee

  • 7/17/10 11:44 tina:

    I love that color!

  • 7/17/10 11:59 kat c.:

    Hello, I wanna this so bad! :)

  • 7/17/10 12:15 Davina:

    Thanks for the contest!

  • 7/17/10 12:19 Celeste:

    That’s a beautiful color! Would love to win it πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 13:08 Nadine:

    Perfect for a smoky eye!

  • 7/17/10 13:08 tracy l davis:

    What a great color for fall

  • 7/17/10 13:29 Veronica Park:

    I envy whoever gets envy~ <3

  • 7/17/10 13:32 Kimberley:

    how could UD discontinue such a gorgeous colour? :)

  • 7/17/10 14:11 Heather:

    Pick me!!

  • 7/17/10 14:45 Deborah Wellenstein:

    Hello-I want to win!

  • 7/17/10 14:45 Colleen:

    That color is amazing! I want to win! Thanks for the chance to grab this great eyeshadow! :)

  • 7/17/10 15:16 Elysia:

    I wanna win and my fave color is green

  • 7/17/10 15:30 Lauren:

    I loooove Urban Decay shadows! I’ve been a subscriber of your blog for some time now, and now I’m a follower on Twitter too (darthlaurian). πŸ˜€

  • 7/17/10 17:20 Hacer @ Makyaj GΓΌnlüğü:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    The color looks awesome.

  • 7/17/10 17:33 Misato-san:

    I like Urban Decay too so I need to enter this one XD

  • 7/17/10 17:35 suroor:

    beautiful colour!!! luv u museee will miss u

  • 7/17/10 17:38 Rochelle:

    I love Urban Decay eyeshadows. Very soft & great quality! Love this color.

  • 7/17/10 18:10 I Dream of Jeannie:

    Hello there! I would love love love love love to win these! My favorite color is black or any dark-toned colors. See ya when u get back!

  • 7/17/10 18:17 Angie B.:

    Hello Muse! Hope you had a fab vacay!

  • 7/17/10 18:20 kelly Wakefield:

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  • 7/17/10 18:22 Suzanne K:

    Hi! I’d love to win (make up is SO expensive)! Thanks!

  • 7/17/10 18:25 Marcy:

    Oooh me want ! Love the blue.

  • 7/17/10 18:31 Liz:

    Love love love UD eye shadows. They are usually nicely pigmented, smooth as silk, and last really well. This is a color I’ve never tried!

  • 7/17/10 19:42 Stephanie:

    <3 Please enter me

  • 7/17/10 20:05 holly:

    i love UD :)

  • 7/17/10 20:22 Shelley Johnson:

    I love urban decay eyeshadow. It’s all I wear.

  • 7/17/10 20:23 Vivian:

    Hey! I wanna win. My fav color is red. I’m following you on twitter (@viviannnnn)

  • 7/17/10 20:28 Amy:

    I would love to win this, my favourite colour is Midnight Cowboy rides again!

  • 7/17/10 20:28 Amy Zachek:

    I absolutely adore UD eyeshadows and have been wanting to try this shade!

  • 7/17/10 20:38 Beth:

    I would love to have some UD sent my way. :)

  • 7/17/10 21:24 Roxanne Ellis Raymond:

    Love this color, would look great with my favorite black dress

  • 7/17/10 21:25 Roxanne Ellis Raymond:

    following you on twitter – saphyress

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    I love this shade!

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  • 7/17/10 21:56 Leslie Price:

    I wanna win! Thanks for the giveaway.

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    i love me some urban decay!

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    I love the frequent updates of this blog and I love urban decay eyeshadows. I wanna win! :)

  • 7/17/10 23:00 mochamishmash:

    Gorgeous shade!!

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    I would love to win!

  • 7/18/10 0:00 angie:

    I would love to win. My favorite color is blue.

  • 7/18/10 0:43 Kitty:

    Wow, this looks perfect for a smokey look!

  • 7/18/10 1:02 Alexis:

    oh, i want this! i love the color~

  • 7/18/10 1:24 Debohra:

    I love urban decay! Defintley my fave brand by far!

  • 7/18/10 1:35 Lesley:

    Would love to win!
    Favorite color is a tossup between pink and blue
    thanks so much :)

  • 7/18/10 1:45 MK:

    great makeup

  • 7/18/10 1:52 Linda:

    Blue is my fav color. Wish I could pull it off better though ^^;

  • 7/18/10 2:51 Rinny:

    That’s a beautiful color of eyeshadow!

  • 7/18/10 3:22 *~ JuLiAnnE ~*:

    Hellooooo! I would like you enter your giveaway! My favorite color is purple!

    I’m following you on twitter and added your RSS feed to my blogger following thing. :)

  • 7/18/10 4:09 Erin:

    LOVE UD shadows :)

  • 7/18/10 4:16 Jess:

    Oohhh that looks like a really pretty colour!

    Favourite colour is pink though.

  • 7/18/10 4:47 Fweenix:

    Hello, I’d love to win this! My favorite color is ruby.

  • 7/18/10 5:30 LithiaBlack:

    Oh, I Iove UD. Please let me win, my favourite colour is purple and I’m subscribed to your rss feed too.

  • 7/18/10 5:39 RonyaLii:

    Hi, muse, thanks for those awesome giveaways you have here. I wanna win ( i follow you in twitter )

    my favorite colors for makeup are blacks, dark greens ,azures ,purples ( and all dramatic look ones )

    AND definatly – i love this eyeshadow ! :)

  • 7/18/10 5:43 Mary:

    Urban Decay makes my favorite shadows! I never even knew that this color ever existed! But It’s a really pretty shade!

  • 7/18/10 5:46 AMY:

    Never tried UD eye shadows before. I wanna win to give it a go

  • 7/18/10 6:52 Christina:

    > < Envy rocks. I need one.

    Blue smokey looks are totally my thing for a night out!

  • 7/18/10 8:20 Angela:

    who doesn’t love urban decay?!

  • 7/18/10 9:25 Yoyo:

    This color looks really pretty!

  • 7/18/10 10:54 brittany:

    sparkly :) i love urban decay!

  • 7/18/10 11:30 Gigi Thao:

    I wanna win, my favorite color is navy blue.

  • 7/18/10 12:04 sillylilacs:

    Oh this is pretty! ^_^

    If I win this will be my first UD product! -gasps all around- lol I’ve been deprived is what I’ve been told :p

  • 7/18/10 12:47 Dorothy:

    UD has the most fun eyeshadow colors.

  • 7/18/10 12:52 Zoe:


    i want to win! i love UD shadows, my favorites are sin and last call :)

  • 7/18/10 12:58 409cope:

    What a pretty colour!

  • 7/18/10 13:12 Jessica:

    Love it, thank you!

  • 7/18/10 13:49 Anne D:

    Love Urban Decay.

  • 7/18/10 14:42 Livvie:

    Hey, enter me please?
    My favourite UD eyeshadow that I have is Flipside by far because it’s such a pretty colour. Favourite colour in general is emerald green, wasn’t sure what colour you meant, but hey πŸ˜€

  • 7/18/10 15:06 CherryPoppins:

    That color is pretty. Love dark colors, my fav is black. :)

  • 7/18/10 15:54 Sara C:

    I <3 UD!! :)

  • 7/18/10 17:29 grace:

    I wanna win! my favorite color is green!

  • 7/18/10 18:17 Iqra:

    I would lovelove to win it! Thanks for all these giveaways!

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    gotta love urban decay :)

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    This color looks GORGEOUS!!! And I love me some Urban Decay and their shadows!

  • 7/18/10 19:31 Angela:

    I Love Urban Decay! Their shadows are so pigmented! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • 7/18/10 19:47 Brittany:

    Hi Muse!

    I want to win! and my favorite color in the whole wide world is lavender πŸ˜€

  • 7/18/10 20:13 sher:

    Purple/blue/green/orange/pink … it changes every day!

  • 7/18/10 20:36 Rosalie:

    I wanna win! Fantastic eyeshadow. Your blog is real nice, by the way! :)

  • 7/18/10 23:05 DJ:

    This color looks similar to Urban Decay’s Goddess.

  • 7/18/10 23:25 Diana:

    ke ke ke ke thnak you for putting up things to win
    but i was wondering when you say Asia does that include Australia?

  • 7/18/10 23:39 Rachel:

    enter me!

  • 7/19/10 0:24 izzy:

    never tried urban decay shadows.

  • 7/19/10 2:06 cinthya:

    I’d love to win, I just started using UD e/s and i love them!

  • 7/19/10 2:07 grace:

    looks gorgeous!

  • 7/19/10 3:03 Taylor:

    I love urban decay. Gorgeous color!

  • 7/19/10 7:08 Teressa:

    thank you for the giveaway!! I would love to enter this give away!! πŸ˜€

  • 7/19/10 8:08 laura r:

    ooo what a funky colour!

  • 7/19/10 8:31 Jen:

    my favorite color is pink and my favorite day of the week is saturday!

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    Love it

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    Hi Musey! I’m hoping to win! Blue is my favorite color.

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    Follower: sonia84cardoso
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    Thanks! :-)

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    Thanks for the chance.

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    Love Urban Decay! Thanks again for having these giveaways :)

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    This is such a gorgeous color!

  • 7/19/10 17:45 Nzilani:

    Hi i really wanna win (i live in switzerland – land of the cows) cos i cont access Urban Decay here πŸ˜› My fave colour is shimmery blue because it looks really special and amazing!

  • 7/19/10 17:45 Cynthia K.:

    I would LOVE to win this!

  • 7/19/10 19:07 shirley:

    enter me please!

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    i would love to win this. i need a dark blue shadow, plus i LOVE Urban Decay shadows!

  • 7/19/10 21:20 Destiny:

    cute color i so want 2 win this

  • 7/19/10 21:47 Tope:

    i dont own any urban decay products but i would love to start out with this

  • 7/20/10 1:05 Mary:

    I think my fav UD eye shadow would be Goddess.

  • 7/20/10 1:07 ruby:

    i wanna win! please?

  • 7/20/10 1:34 lily:

    I wanna win. :]

  • 7/20/10 5:05 layla:

    why on earth was it discontinued? it looks like such a pretty colour and i love the name..

  • 7/20/10 10:00 Gip:

    Oh,oh, I wanna win! My favorite colour is blooooo. Original, i know.

  • 7/20/10 10:23 216amyc:

    Urban Decay eyeshadow is the best!

  • 7/20/10 10:33 Joe:

    Love to win for my wife’s b-day

  • 7/20/10 10:58 chlo:

    hihi i want to win πŸ˜€ my favorite colour hmm grey-blue or bright neon coral!
    im following you at twiter at
    and ive subscribed to you via feedburner! :) thanks so much for this chance you are AMAZING! i love urban decayy

  • 7/20/10 11:11 brookstar:

    red. definitely red.

  • 7/20/10 11:13 Ika:

    Hi ^_^. i like smokey color. i like to win it. thank you for the giveaway ^^

  • 7/20/10 11:16 Miss D:

    Would love to win this color…you are too good to us Muse! Hope you’re having some fun and relaxing!

  • 7/20/10 13:19 lynnn:

    i wanna winn.. my favourite color is green

  • 7/20/10 14:08 Lala:

    My favorite color is purple. It makes my brown eyes pop.

  • 7/20/10 16:51 Seung Sung:

    hi! id like to win! and my favorite color is blue ;]

  • 7/20/10 16:54 aly:

    I would like to win

  • 7/21/10 0:52 Ashley C.:

    I love Urban Decay and I’ve never seen this color – it’s gorgeous!!
    Twitter intlgirl87

  • 7/21/10 1:26 Donna:

    I need to win <3

  • 7/21/10 5:47 Lisa:

    helooo muse… i want to win.. my favorite color is brown.. thank u ^^

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    i LOVE urban decay! really love to win this :) fav color’s purple

  • 7/21/10 9:10 Mei Ping:

    I love Urban Decay !!!!

  • 7/21/10 9:43 shel772:

    I don’t wear eyeshadow but this would make a great gift for my daughter.

  • 7/21/10 12:30 Tierra:

    oooh, pretty. πŸ˜‰ lovely color…enter me!

  • 7/21/10 12:34 Kayvid:

    I so wanna win! Already subscribe and twitter follow you

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    I WANT TO WIN!!!! But, regardless, Ill still ready all of your updates. Thank you for all your reviews!

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    Ooooo-la-la….Pick me ,pick me …….please

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    Wow that color is so pretty!

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    so pretty!!!!

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    I love any and all things Urban Decay!

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    My favorite color is plum. Thanks for having a great giveaway.

  • 7/21/10 18:57 Mary B.:

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    love the colour you chose

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    Hey, I’m already following your twitter…….and I love UD, but only have one UD item, the Sin UDPP.Please make my dreams come true!

  • 7/21/10 23:39 Golda Grace:

    hello! I wanna win! I LOVE PINK!

  • 7/22/10 2:17 Pattie:

    i love urban decay shadows!!! =) waiting for the new book of shadows and naked pallete! I wanna win this!

  • 7/22/10 8:06 Angel:

    i’ve love to win this pretty color! my fav colors are green and pink!

  • 7/22/10 10:03 Megan:

    Gotta love the giveaways, enter me! Thanks so much!

  • 7/22/10 11:13 Kimberly:

    This would make a very pretty smokey eye. I would love to try it as a liner too.

  • 7/22/10 11:13 Kimberly:

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    I subscribe via google reader. thank you!

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    I love urban decay!!

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    Hello! What a pretty eyeshadow, this would be fun for the night time! My favorite color is blue! Thank you for considering me πŸ˜€

  • 7/22/10 14:33 tricia c:

    i wanna win urban decay is great

  • 7/22/10 16:09 Airess:

    This would be a great smokey eye shadow color!

  • 7/22/10 18:04 Grace:

    I’m a Canadian loving pinks and reds! πŸ˜€

  • 7/22/10 19:34 Ellery Cushing:

    I love Urban Decay!
    They’re won of the few brands I can trust because a lot of it is vegan and I know they don’t test on animals.

  • 7/22/10 21:15 Sowmya Gopalakrishna:

    I would love to win!

  • 7/22/10 22:02 Kacey:

    This eyeshadow is a sexy, sexy color. I wanna win it! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway : )

  • 7/22/10 22:19 Laura:

    gorgeous colour!

  • 7/22/10 22:23 Del:

    i looooove this color! it’s hot hot hot…can you tell i like it? hee hee

  • 7/23/10 0:00 Grace Wong:

    hey there, I love urban decay!

  • 7/23/10 0:01 Grace Wong:

    I follow you on twitter!

  • 7/23/10 1:29 Gabriella:

    Seems like the perfect saucy eyeshadow when trying to impress the man of your dreams some urban night

  • 7/23/10 1:58 Darija:

    this color is so pretty,enter me please.

  • 7/23/10 4:24 farheen:

    Hey, I wanna win, my fav color is emerald

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  • 7/23/10 16:57 Lauren:

    Double pretty!!
    I like

  • 7/23/10 16:58 Liana:

    Never tried Urban Decay. I would love to win and see!!

  • 7/23/10 16:59 Samantha:

    beautiful color!!
    My summer favorite color is coral! Can’t live without it!!

  • 7/23/10 17:00 Lauren:

    LOVE IT!

  • 7/23/10 19:43 Crystal:

    Great eyeshadow color!

  • 7/23/10 20:08 Jessa:

    Hi! I wanna win!

  • 7/23/10 23:33 Kirstie:

    Nice shade! I have not seen this one yet!

  • 7/24/10 0:00 gina:

    This color is so cool! I wonder if it would look good with brown eyes.

  • 7/24/10 1:53 Charlotte Bxl:

    Wauw, what a nice color!
    I’m in for this price :-)

  • 7/24/10 3:23 Angela:

    wahh I love UD eyeshadow. My favourites that I own are Honey, Peace (still haven’t figured out how to wear that one), and Underground

  • 7/24/10 3:38 Hoa L.:

    Hello! I want to win! My favorite color is red. πŸ˜€

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    Love UD! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 7/24/10 14:22 julieh:

    I’d really like to win!

  • 7/24/10 14:57 Kelly:

    I absolutely ADORE Urban Decay eyeshadow! My favorite shade is Sin, but this looks like it would make an awesome blend!

  • 7/24/10 16:30 Happi Shopr:

    Hello! I want to win! My favorite color is blue.

  • 7/24/10 19:15 Gail Pisani:

    Cute and Creative website!! :)Thanks for the giveaway!! Look forward to following you in the future!!!

  • 7/24/10 23:47 Lucy Schwartz:

    How can Envy be discontinued. Next Greed , and Sloth will be also.

  • 7/25/10 1:23 Kathryn R:

    I love urban decay

  • 7/25/10 2:40 maddy:

    hey muuuse! :)
    im a religous muse blog reader. hahahha
    anyways, these giveaways are amaazing :)
    but anywhooo, my favorite color is lilac purple.
    totally gooorgeous πŸ˜€

  • 7/25/10 3:02 Annie:

    love the color already. hahahs.

  • 7/25/10 4:58 nancy:

    Such a pretty dark color =)

  • 7/25/10 5:06 Nicole:

    I’d love to win this!

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  • 7/25/10 6:45 Lyudmila:

    I wanna win

  • 7/25/10 6:45 Lyudmila:

    I like grey color!

  • 7/25/10 8:42 Melissa B.:

    My daughters would love this color.

  • 7/25/10 12:40 Kathy Scott:

    Thanks for the chance to win some great makeup.

  • 7/25/10 14:45 jennifer h:

    I love Urban Decay Makeup! They have the best colors! My fave color is emerald green.

  • 7/25/10 16:11 B.E. Ringer:

    Oh! Would love to win this!

  • 7/25/10 16:20 Samantha:

    Thanks for the chance to win. btw, favorite color = cerulean. love it!

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    Love your sweeps. Love to win this.

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    I want to win please πŸ˜€

  • 7/25/10 18:16 Rachel S:

    That is such a pretty color! great choice

  • 7/25/10 19:32 salma:

    omg i wanna win as well haha !
    you are way too generous ! thanks

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    Great giveaway! My favorite color is blue but i’m not ballsy enough to wear it as makeup lol

  • 7/25/10 21:43 Shannon:

    OMG OMG OMG, I must have this color… I must own all UD shadows and then I can rule the work, mwahahaha (evil cackle)

  • 7/25/10 22:21 Claire:

    Oooh.. I love Urban Decay, and this is such a lovely color!

  • 7/25/10 23:17 Storm:

    That color is totally up my Lily Munster wanna be alley. :)

  • 7/25/10 23:57 Val:

    I think UD couldn’t have come up with a better name to describe this eyeshadow. The color looks gorgeous in the pan. Just looking at it fills me with envy, hehe… πŸ˜›

  • 7/26/10 1:37 Janette:

    I love Urban Decay eyeshadows!

  • 7/26/10 3:31 Gianna:

    That’s a nice color, I can’t see why they discontinued it.

  • 7/26/10 4:12 Justine:

    One of my daughter’s fave colors, she would love this!

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  • 7/26/10 4:29 Michelle H.:

    I would love to win. This is a nice color.

  • 7/26/10 5:41 Bry:

    Ah… I wanna win! I am just getting into makeup, but back in my jr. high days i was really ’emo’ and into this color… quite lovely!

    my favorite color is green… hook me up girrrrrl πŸ˜‰

  • 7/26/10 7:29 Chrystal:

    I love Urban Decay, and love this color.

  • 7/26/10 7:30 Chrystal:

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    This is gorgeous!

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    I want to win.

  • 7/26/10 9:15 Kelley:

    My favorite color is pink.

  • 7/26/10 9:18 Kelley:

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    Such wonderful prizes. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

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    What a great shade!

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    plesase enter me

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    I want to winnn!

  • 7/26/10 10:55 Gloria M.:

    I follow and subscribe and would love to win! My favorite color is lavender but love this one shown!

  • 7/26/10 11:05 S Carter:

    Pretty eye shadow!!

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    Thank you for the Great giveaway please count me in :)

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    Hello. I want to win. My favorite color is puple.

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    I follow you on twitter.(donnak4)

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    Such a pretty color!!! I’d love to win!

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    My fav colour is purple and would love to win

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    Gorgeous color!!! I like it :)

    I follow you on Twitter (username: ConBdeBelleza) and I`m subscribed to your feed.

  • 7/26/10 15:46 Wendi:

    Hello Would love to win. Hear about the products all the time and would love to try them out

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    I want ot win

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  • 7/26/10 20:39 Nicky:

    Please, oh please, dear Muse, pick me a fellow makeup junkie.

    ENVY is such a great shade. I just love Urban Decay stuff too!

  • 7/26/10 20:45 tonya b:

    Love the color!