You NEED This: Laura Geller Tropic Hues Collection Back In Stock At QVC

Remember this gorgeous collection?


Just a note to let you know the Laura Geller Tropics Hues Collection is back in stock at QVC and it’s the only order of the season. It went out of stock fairly quickly last time and wasn’t available for several months. It’s now back and available for $34.27.

One of the highlights of the collection was the Laura Geller Tropic Hues Blush n Brighten Blush. This shade is now available in a full size for $22.73. I already have the mini version from the original collection but ordered the full size anyway since the shade is STUNNING!

You need these, if you haven’t already ordered.

Perfect Summer time makeup particularly if you missed out on Stereo Rose because I guarantee that Tropic Hues will fill the void that SR left.

Happy Haulin’!

Tell me if you indulge!

Review and Swatches of the Laura Geller Tropic Hues Collection.

  • 7/12/10 16:50 carlie:

    It’s already out of stock :(


    • 7/12/10 16:52 the Muse:

      DAMN that was fast carlie! Holy cow! You can still get the tropic hues Blush n Brighten though !


  • 7/13/10 6:59 Therese:

    This set finally made it to QVC UK…at £35! It was $35 so not sure about their exchange rate there! No way I’m paying that for it as I really only want the
    blush, I’ll wait for the full size…probably some time next year = (


  • 7/13/10 13:50 chibicheeks:

    I literally almost started drooling when I saw this picture!!! I never paid much attention to Laura Geller till I got a bunch of stuff on clearance at Sephora. I can’t believe it’s already out of stock! First stereo rose, now this??? why meeeeeeeeee???


    • 7/13/10 13:52 the Muse:

      aw chibi! *hugs* sorry :( you can order the large size of the tropic hues blush as that is still available 😀


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