Avon Ice Sheers Eau de Toilette Spray: Summer Fragrance Cocktails!

If your beauty budget is of the shoestring variety and you’re looking for an inexpensive subtle little fragrance treat for the last few weeks of Summer, you might want to cheek out the new Avon Ice Sheers Eau de Toilette Sprays.

A little Summer fragrance cocktail on the cheap.

Check ’em!

Available for $9.99 each, in three scent selections, these cute fragrance sprays are great little budget picks for a sweeter smelling Summer! Choose from Refreshing, Luscious, or Delicious. Just the names tickle me into wanting to sniffle them.

A refreshing fusion of pear sorbet with hints of icy melon and whipped vanilla.

A delicious cocktail of chilled blackberry infused with cool mojito mint and frozen grapefruit.

A luscious blend of sparkling citrus and frosty orange blossom topped with creamy lemon meringue.

Avon Ice Sheers Eau de Toilette Sprays are available now from shop.avon.com

What do you think?

Worth a haul?

Any fans of Avon fragrance?

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  • 8/3/10 14:37 Kat:

    I have the lemon one, it’s delish! Lovely summery spritz. Only lasts a couple of hours though,, so you’ll need to carry it with you if you like your scent to last all day.


    • 8/3/10 14:47 the Muse:

      hey kat thanks for the good word 😀 aw I figured as Avon tends not to have a high perfume oil content but hey still cutes!


  • 8/3/10 14:40 JoElla:


    I want them! I want them in my fridge nice and cold! I need them because we are supposed to be 105 before the heat index! I wanna be cool and smell yummy!


    • 8/3/10 14:46 the Muse:

      ha joella 😀 great idea, stick ’em in the fridge, that works. Holy cows! 105?! where are you chickie!?


      • 8/4/10 12:53 Miss D:

        Yeah, these look nice…and I agree with JoElla, they need to be in the fridge. The heat index today for me is about 108 degrees! BTW- I’m in Texas. :(


        • 8/4/10 12:56 the Muse:

          damn Miss D that’s some HOT stuff! 😀 It’s kinda starting to get cooler in NY


  • 8/3/10 15:31 yay:

    i do know the avon lady….the name “ice sheers” & “Fragrance Cocktails” sound fun….


  • 8/5/10 8:49 dina:

    these sound yum, esp the yellow/lemon one :) there needs to be an avon store so we can sniff first!


    • 8/5/10 8:57 the Muse:

      I agree d LOL! or scratch and sniff monitors :)


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