Bath and Body Works Halloween Collection: Bath and Body Works Fall Collection 2010

Bath and Body Works Halloween

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you Halloween is my most favorite Holiday of the year.
Seriously, who needs Christmas and Santa, when we can have Halloween and the Great Pumpkin!

To get me into a seasonal kinda mood I’m all about the Bath and Body Works Fall Collection 2010.

Carmel apples, creamy pumpkin, black licorice, oh my!


Honestly, I walk into Bath and Body Works lately and I’m thinking they need to rename the shop to Antibacterial Works. There is hand wash literally everywhere. Piles of the stuff! Forget body wash, forget body lotion, forget body mist…it’s all about the antibac! Is your BBW like that too? Or am I just lucky?

But honestly I can’t rightfully get tired of the stuff when they introduce scents like Caramel Apple for Fall 2010.

Check it!

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 7

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 6

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 8

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 3

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 2

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 4

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 5

Bath and Body Works Fall 2010 Halloween 1

Never to early to start Halloween in my book, I’m heading over to Bath and Body Works to stock up tonight!


What sort of Antibac do you have hanging out on your sink at the moment?

I have Island Nectar which is going to be replaced shortly by some Caramel Apple!

  • 8/24/10 10:11 ace:

    ewwwwwww the pocketbacs are GROSS… i went to bath and bod works the other day… but then again i dont like licorice! :)


    • 8/24/10 10:29 the Muse:

      don’t love pocketbacs b/c they are sticky ace but black licroice kinda makes me grin!


      • 8/24/10 10:32 ace:

        i looove them :) i have… um… six…


        • 8/24/10 10:52 the Muse:

          hehe ace :D


          • 8/24/10 10:57 ace:


  • 8/24/10 10:18 electronicfly:

    zomg zomg zomg THE GHOST IS SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!


    • 8/24/10 10:26 the Muse:

      lol electronic :)


  • 8/24/10 10:23 Emily:

    Do you know that Victoria Secret’s now has antibacterial gel? I have mine in Love Spell


    • 8/24/10 10:27 the Muse:

      Yes Emily :) awesome stuff!


  • 8/24/10 10:24 Jackie:

    I also have Island Nectar out! I honestly have so much of this anti bac soap stockpiled from previous sales, I really don’t need anymore…but Halloween is my favorite. I think I may need to get just a couple… =)


    • 8/24/10 10:29 the Muse:

      me neither jackie. crazy stocked up but halloween…wantsssss


  • 8/24/10 10:58 Sarah:

    I have lots of critters (3 cats, a baby and a ball python) so I do plenty of handwashing and using anti bact. gels, I love those little pocket things I have em all over my house, car, work, diaper bag, purse etc…i keep telling myself to get the cheaper unscented ones but then stocking up at bbw lol


    • 8/24/10 11:22 the Muse:

      hehe sarah but sometimes they have such killer deals who can resist stocking up!


  • 8/24/10 11:09 Eve:

    Im intrigued. Warm Fall/Winter scents are my absolute fav!!! I definately want to smell Creamy Pumpkin!


    • 8/24/10 11:20 the Muse:

      me too eve :-D creamy pumpkin def sounds interesting!


  • 8/24/10 13:03 dina:

    i love fall, although not a fan of halloween. highly anticipate fall & holiday seasonal items!!!!! caramel apple smells so yummy & the licorice is quite true to its name. when i went they didn’t have the creamy pumpkin or halloween stuffs yet. i hate when we can see things online but there not in store yet, way too impatient! :D


    • 8/24/10 13:16 the Muse:

      You D?! what about me :-D I race to the store and than they aren’t around damn it. so impatient is right. Come on Fall get here already!


  • 8/24/10 13:22 dina:

    damn websites inciting shopping riots!! :P


    • 8/24/10 13:27 the Muse:

      LOL dina *hugs* how are you? I feel like it’s been ages since we talked, I’m sorry. Been swamped here :( not a great friend I fear!


      • 8/24/10 13:39 dina:

        don’t be redonkulous! :P everything’s good, busy here too, ugh. at least long weekend next weekend right?!


        • 8/24/10 14:21 the Muse:

          how’s baby coming along? :-D yes thank god. plum tucked out!


  • 8/24/10 14:12 jenna:

    I have good old Warm Vanilla Sugar antibac on my bathroom sink right now. I’m really wanting caramel apple!! and some black licorice hand sani even though pretty much everyone around me will hate it except my Grandpa!! :)


    • 8/24/10 14:20 the Muse:

      hey jenna you need to replace that warm vanilla sugar with the ghost one for halloween hehe! aw really? wth :-D who doesn’t want clean hands that smell like caramel apple! damn them :D


  • 8/24/10 15:43 regina:

    i couldnt help myself and bought all the halloween pocketbacs. i love the zombie marshmellow one…coz umm…im a zombie movie girl


    • 8/24/10 15:58 the Muse:

      I got the zombie one too regina! total zombie girl too! and a vampire blood one I didn’t see that WAH!


  • 8/24/10 15:53 Lauren S.:

    OOOOh! The Caramel Apple looks divine. They have a pocketbac in Vampire Blood (pomegranate I think) and I love it. The husband tells me it smells like cough syrup though.


    • 8/24/10 15:57 the Muse:

      OMG really lauren I didn’t see that! I NEED IT LOL!


  • 8/24/10 19:14 Lenna:

    Love B&BW, but…it’s way too early for Halloween stuff! It’s still August! u__u;; Oh well. Not too interested in any of these flavors except maybe Carmel Apple. Onomnom.


    • 8/25/10 10:01 the Muse:

      lol lenna yup but I’m ready NOW :-D


  • 8/24/10 20:20 Storm:

    These are awesome! I love the scent of fall!(Pumpkins, Apple Cider, licorice…)


    • 8/25/10 10:00 the Muse:

      hey storm long time no speak :-D me too! love me some Halloween :D


      • 8/25/10 16:33 Storm:

        Grad school started, I’ve been exhausted! But I think I finally got into the swing of things. I haven’t been in a B&BW in over a year. I’ve been saving money…but I’m definitely getting some of these! I love fall scents.


        • 8/25/10 16:35 the Muse:

          I can image storm ouchie. good luck to you! I hate going to BBW…not saving $$ just can’t stand the aggressive sales people haha!


          • 8/25/10 16:43 Storm:

            I just tell them I’m looking and that I’ll “ask for help if I need it” otherwise, I get so insanely annoyed. What I hate is the tweenies spraying the hell out of stuff. I have allergies, I can’t deal with that strong of a smell.

          • 8/25/10 16:46 the Muse:

            that never seems to work for me storm :( yay…tell me about…more annoying at sephora with the tweens!

          • 8/25/10 16:49 Storm:

            Oh, man, don’t even get me started on Sephora and Ulta and the local counters. I’m unlucky–I don’t have a Sephora near by. But I do have an Ulta and plenty of local counters…and at Ulta, I have been known to tell kids to stop “spraying that synthetic crap since I know and you know you aren’t buying it.”

            I hate inattentive parents!

          • 8/27/10 9:13 the Muse:

            lol storm me TOO! jeepers no one watched their kids anymore!

  • 8/24/10 20:28 Sarah:

    I was in BBW the other day and they so didn’t have the caramel apple soap. I NEED it. I hope it comes in the moisturizing formula too. I bought several of the hand sanatizers in Halloween scents and a glow in the dark holder to hook the sanatizer to my purse. Best part? The holder was $.50! Halloween is my fave time of year (I even blog about it)!


    • 8/25/10 10:00 the Muse:

      it does indeed sarah :-D ha! I was thinking of getting the holder too lol we are such kids!


  • 8/24/10 21:14 Heather:

    I picked up all 5 pocketbac scents. The scents and names are really fun (well, as much fun as hand sanitizer gets!)
    I also got a candle in creamy pumpkin. To my nose, it smells a lot like their creamy caramel scent (which only come in wallflower form now.)

    I plan to go back for more creamy pumpkin. Not only do I love the scent, but I think the ivory pumpkins look so cute. ^-^


    • 8/25/10 9:59 the Muse:

      heather I really love the ivory pumpkins too, quite elegant for Halloween :D


  • 8/25/10 0:39 mon:

    That ghost looks so darling. I wonder what creamy pumpkin would smell like.


    • 8/25/10 9:55 the Muse:

      creamy caramel and ginger pumpkin blended with vanilla, golden amber and warm cream Mon :D


  • 8/25/10 10:34 Gia:

    ooo That ghost is sooo adorable! and the pumpkin!! I’m a sucker for cute pumpkins looking things, it goes back to Charlie Brown and the great pumpkin!!


    • 8/25/10 10:38 the Muse:

      hehe gia I LOVE the great pumpkin sigh! :-D childhood memories :D


  • 7/18/11 15:56 Kimber:

    Halloween is my favorite holiday and is HUGE in my family! My daughter’s are already planing their costumes for this year (very serious business!). I am so thrilled they are bringing back the black licorice pocket bac – I adore that fragrance and intend to really stock up!


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