Beauty Most Unusual: Wait, What? That Looks Like…..

As I was happily blogging away about the new Jelly Pong Pong Gift Set yesterday I realized something………


Dear Jelly Pong Pong,

Why does your Trifle Lip Balm resemble a penis? Send me an explanation, with a diagram via e-mail.

k, thanks!

Love you guys like no tomorrow.

the Muse

Yes, well, the irony of a lip balm which you are putting next to your lips that’s shaped like a penis is simply too good to not discuss plus my inner 14 year old boy demanded I tell you all about it.

Beauty Most Unusual?

A Muse that simply has too much time on her hands?

Or just plain perverted?

You decide.

Disclaimer: Jelly Pong Pong was not harmed in the making of this post. Jelly Pong Pong is English and will probably have a British sense of humor about this post.

  • 8/5/10 10:07 Scientific Housewife:

    Haha, I don’t know if I’d want people to see me applying that!


    • 8/5/10 10:08 the Muse:

      LOL SH!


  • 8/5/10 10:13 KAT:

    HAHAHHAHA! I could make a hundred nasty/gross jokes about this but I wanna keep your blog clean! lol


    • 8/5/10 10:18 the Muse:

      are you kidding kat? I had a hard time not saying nasty things myself LOL!


  • 8/5/10 11:11 aretha:

    dear muse, you are being v naughty for saying things like this on your blog lol! :p seriously though it does resemble one hahahaha


    • 8/5/10 11:31 the Muse:

      haha aretha who me?


  • 8/5/10 12:03 Casey:

    I just started cracking up 😀

    I read the words on the image and was just like.. nah, she doesnt mean a penis… then I got to your writing and died a little. :)


    • 8/5/10 12:05 the Muse:

      lmao casey 😀 ok kids, today we’ll be learning about Penis on Musings of a Muse lol!


  • 8/5/10 12:55 Coral:

    Lately when presented a picture with a couple of guys snickering I couldn’t figure out what they were laughing at…but this one is pretty clear. I go this one right away. And I’m thinking that if I saw this before I bought it I might just stay away from it. I don’t really need to be that suggestive.


    • 8/5/10 13:09 the Muse:

      lol coral!


  • 8/5/10 14:48 Xail:

    0_0 Dear Lord, I thought the same thing when I first saw this! I thought it was just me, though, since my mind is constantly in the gutter. Thank God you pointed it out, otherwise I would’ve felt like a creep if I had.

    Do you think that its appearance is just accidental, or that Jelly Pong Pong designed it that way on purpose? If it’s accidental, then they should’ve caught it. If it was on purpose, they have some serious issues to work through. …Either way, it’s a lose-lose situation.


    • 8/5/10 14:51 the Muse:

      LOL Xail!!!!!!!! I doubt they did it on purpose but hey they are British. Brits love bog humor LOL 😀 I find it funny at the very least plus the product is actually good LOL!!!!!!!


      • 8/5/10 14:54 Xail:

        Indeed the Brits do!

        But I wonder who would ever muster up enough courage to use this in public…bless that brave soul. If I was a bystander, my mind would be going nutty by the mere suggestions caused by the imagery. And I would probably laugh hysterically.


        • 8/5/10 14:55 the Muse:

          lol xail maybe it’s ONLY us that noticed it. You could swivel it up in public and perhaps no one would even THINK it looked like ahem, manly parts haha! could be our perverted minds 😀


          • 8/5/10 14:58 Xail:

            Haha, very possible. I’m the kind of person that’s always reprimanded for having my mind in the gutter. But the gutter’s such a fun place to be, especially when conversations like this arise!

          • 8/5/10 15:03 the Muse:

            xail I’d rather be in the gutter any day 😀 LOL! Bring our the perversions :D!

  • 8/5/10 15:29 Vicky:

    Lol muse you’re too funny use New Yorkers hve a great sense if humor and can make anyone laugh


    • 8/5/10 15:34 the Muse:

      lol vicky aw shucks thanks 😀


  • 8/5/10 16:42 Miss D:

    Yup, it does resemble one. And I would totally get one of these, bring it out in front of people and start to apply it with enthusiasm! I would love to mess with people’s minds like that. I know…I’m terrible! XD


    • 8/5/10 16:43 the Muse:

      LOL Miss D nasty little thing aren’t you!? 😀


  • 8/5/10 20:04 Heather C.:

    HAHAHAHA! That’s awesome!


  • 8/6/10 0:10 Tohnia:

    am I the only person who sees a nipple not a penis? Lol.


    • 8/6/10 12:50 the Muse:

      ha tohnia :-D!


  • 8/6/10 1:28 Cristi:

    You know… this totally doesn’t look like a penis to me… Okay. Maybe a lil, but -only- because you mentioned it! XD

    I showed the picture of the lip balm to my boyfriend and he stared at as if thinking “Alright. Why am I staring at this???”

    When I asked him if it looked like a penis he was all “Nooo~” o.O <— face like that and everything XD

    I guess he and I are just really innocent people. ^^

    My best friend, however, would die laughing at the sight of this. XD

    I'll have to see what she says.


    • 8/6/10 12:49 the Muse:

      cristi possibly need more of a perverted mine like mine to see it 😀


  • 8/6/10 3:32 LithiaBlack:

    Well, it really looks like one but the product is very good when you get over the shape and use it 😛


    • 8/6/10 12:45 the Muse:

      agreed lithia how are you btw? long time no speak!


  • 8/9/10 6:33 Connie:

    LMAO! I wouldn’t mind me one of those!


    • 8/9/10 9:09 the Muse:

      Lol Connie :)


  • 5/9/11 18:42 Kate:

    Mmm Trifle is hands-down my fave product of all time by JPP! 😀

    And YES omg that is what I thought too! I have that flavor btw, blackcurrent… I loves it. <3 I wanna try another flavor but it's so freaking hard to tell the colors apart from their tiny stock photo… e__e;

    I asked my friends if they thought it looked like a penis and most said "no I don't see it" and I was like "aw, come on!" haha.


    • 5/10/11 9:11 the Muse:

      LOL they are innocent babes kate LOL!


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