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I’m not entirely sure I understand the point of having a mascara and lip product all in one. I mean wouldn’t you rather see an eyeliner paired up with a mascara or a lipstick with a gloss?

Benefit Prrrowl combines lips and eyes…..


Well it’s doubled ended so that counts for something as it saves space and you’re good to go for travelin’!

What is it?

A dual ended wand that includes an iridescent (peacock-blue) mascara topcoat on one side and a shimmering lip gloss on the other.

Benefit Prrrowl2

Benefit Prrrowl1

Benefit Prrrowl3

Do you need it?


Pea-cock blue mascara sounds nice enough.

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  • 8/30/10 11:08 Vanessa:

    Meh, I’d pass on this one. Doesn’t feel like they really put much effort into this product.

    BTW, are you gonna do a review on “Girl Meets Pearl” anytime soon? I’m curious to buy online, but I wanna read a review first before finalizing my decision.


    • 8/30/10 11:51 the Muse:

      agreed vanessa normally benefit releases are something to get excited about this not so much!


  • 8/30/10 11:26 Lindsay:

    I think I’d be more interested if this came in different color varieties. I’m not much of a blue mascara kinda girl. I do think the gloss looks pretty nice though.

    I also agree with you, gloss & mascara? Odd pairing. I could see a gloss & an eye liner because those are two things that I’m constantly touching up.


    • 8/30/10 11:50 the Muse:

      lindsay agreed, perhaps a bit more variety I could get on board with but really not eventful compared to benefit’s normal releases!


  • 8/30/10 11:30 Heather / Eyeconic:

    What a coincidence, I was just thinking about making a post for how dumb this product is :P $28 for a mascara top coat that probably won’t work, and a gloss? Ridiculous. I do want Girl Meets Pearl though :D


    • 8/30/10 11:56 the Muse:

      i agree heather for what it is, $28 is a bit too much. I def want girl meets pearl no doubt :D


  • 8/30/10 11:31 Tiffany:

    lol that IS pretty weird…but the lip gloss color is beautiful!!


    • 8/30/10 11:50 the Muse:

      I like the color too Tiff :D


  • 8/30/10 12:38 Cate:

    So I might have an addiction to gimicky things in pretty packaging, but this one didn’t let me down! I’m not sure if this was designed to make the whites of your eyes and your teeth look whiter and brighter but it definitely does! The peacock blue mascara topcoat is suble but GORGEOUS! As a blue-eyed girl, this definitely made my eyes pop. The lipgloss is fabulous but the only drawback is that the aqua shimmer which is understated when in the gloss sticks to your lips like CRAZY after it wears off. I find that it smells like a Malibu Bay Breeze which can be a love it or hate it kind of scent.


    • 8/30/10 13:02 the Muse:

      really cate? interesting :-D I’m not sure I’m sold out this one tbh. $28 I’d rather dish out on the new primer they have :D


  • 8/30/10 12:52 peri:

    wow…benefit finally made something that would draw my attention. i love blue mascara lol. and that shade looks like fun. i probably wouldnt care so much about the gloss, but i dig the mascara


    • 8/30/10 13:02 the Muse:

      topcoat seems interesting to me too peri but I wince at the price tag when I won’t use the gloss!


  • 8/30/10 22:44 Ashley B:

    Hmmmmm, I’ll probably pass. I would probably be in a daze and end up with blue lips and pink eyes lashes.


    • 8/31/10 9:11 the Muse:

      lol ashley! sounds about what I was thinkin’!


  • 8/31/10 1:15 Laura:

    I guess I’m the minority. I think the color combo I’d gorgeous. I could use daily


    • 8/31/10 9:07 the Muse:

      hey laura. little mismatched for me for some reason :)


  • 8/31/10 12:00 Andrea:

    Hmmm…This just looks weird to me.


  • 8/31/10 13:00 Lulu:

    Generally I buy pretty much whatever Benefit release but even to me this seems like a really weird product!


    • 8/31/10 13:09 the Muse:

      lulu I am pretty much in the same mode. They release, I buy, but this…weird.


  • 9/1/10 8:37 Leah:

    I’m a Benewhore but this is fugly!
    Err… nooooo thanks! :o)


    • 9/1/10 9:32 the Muse:

      leah I felt the same :(


      • 9/1/10 9:45 Leah:

        It’s a Beneboo boo!


        • 9/1/10 9:52 the Muse:

          lol leah!


  • 9/2/10 6:22 Miss Kitty:

    NOT BIG ON THIS ONE! i’m a benebabe and the first words in the pitch was “THIS WILL GET YOU LAID”. lol is that a promise? then again, the meeting was in the pub section of a hotel.

    also i’m not sure how excited you have to get about this, i think it’s only B or C launch [compared to things like GMP or the porefessional, huge A launch]

    so yeah benefit… not super big on this one.
    did i mention that BADgal Blue is being phased out? probably because of this…


    • 9/2/10 16:04 the Muse:

      ha nice pitch Kitty :-D LOL!

      I don’t mind badgal blue taking a dive tbh as I never liked it or plum for that matter :P


    • 9/5/10 10:45 Calypso:

      Miss Kitty:

      I’m also a Benebabe and I thought BADgal Blue was dunzo…and then we got a shipment…of one. We hadn’t seen it hit our counter in months. I wish they wouldn’t kill it — it’s got quite a following.

      I do adore Prrrowl though :) LOVE the lipgloss color.


      • 9/8/10 3:58 Christina:

        how do you like the topcoat calypso? will it show up over black mascara or directly applied to black lashes?


        • 9/8/10 18:50 Calypso:

          The topcoat is decent, but not amazing. It just adds a highlight, which is great if you aren’t 12. It’s best over black mascara.


      • 9/8/10 19:56 Miss Kitty:

        LOL wow. one!
        happened to us too, with laugh with me leelee of all things!

        i’m mourning the loss of d’finer d’liner most of all and i actually like Blue! whats up benefit?! :(


  • 9/3/10 18:54 Sarah:

    I adore all of Benefit’s stuff and this is no exception. I work at Ulta and just picked this up today, it’s AMAZING! The glitter is dark enough to not be “IN YOUR FACE” but still noticeable enough to be very attractive, adds a little “oomph” and the gloss, I’m in love… a peachy nude with teal/purple very sublte micro shimmer so it compliments the mascara well and is very unique. Personally, it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea but if you like fun-but-still-pretty make-up, it’s a great product.


  • 9/6/10 7:21 amelia:

    I NEED IT! but i’m a teenager… i get why an adult wouldnt realy need to carry this around


  • 9/8/10 3:56 Christina:

    I would like to know if it will work!! I like colorful top coats for mascare IN THEORY. well none really show up on me – ever.
    I do not find this product dumb; i received the alert and thought it was a cool idea to color coordinate top coat and lip gloss. the colours look like they will go together really well! only concern for me: Does it work? if not – pass. if yes – bring it on!


  • 9/11/10 21:28 Laura:

    Okay I went and saw it at Macy’s today and the pictures just DO NOT give it justice! Gorgeous! Serious – at least go swatch it.

    The blue mascara layer is all day wear – it sticks and it shows! Not like some other stuff where you can’t see the color or the sparkle. And guess what? The same blue is in iridescent sparkle IN THE GLOSS! It matches beautifully and is just so well done.

    I think it’s a total go to, casual with jeans, but goes from day to night.

    Next FF coupon and it’s in my shopping cart waiting to be enjoyed!


    • 9/13/10 13:52 the Muse:

      ha laura great to hear as I wasn’t sure about this one AT all!


  • 9/22/10 9:24 Jen:

    I have this product and really like it. It should be known though that the “mascara” portion is not actually a mascara, but a mascara “topper”….you apply it over your mascara and then it adds a bit of sparkle to your eyelashes….I think it’s really cool (I also tried it alone w/o mascara and it just doesn’t work). And the gloss I totally love because it has this cool blue hue to it when you first apply but then the pretty peachy/pink comes through and looks gorgeous. It also has some sparkle in it so if you don’t care for sparkly lips, you wouldn’t like it. Now as to why the eye/lip combo? I am not sure but they do complement each other.


    • 9/22/10 9:42 the Muse:

      yup I know what it is Jen :) glad you’re loving it hun! I’m not sure I need this one but interesting concept!


      • 9/22/10 21:32 Jen:

        LOL! I knew you knew what it was…I was just letting some of the others know who were wondering about it. I noticed some of them were calling it a mascara ;) Thanks….you’re awesome!


        • 9/23/10 10:28 the Muse:

          jen I was worried there for a sec lol ;-D aw shucks so are you!


  • 10/2/10 11:25 telle:

    i agree with the odd pairing of a gloss and mascara top coat b/c i wont be touching up the top coat throughout the day…..but the gloss is really nice and i do heart the blue shimmery effect. it is kind of pricey though….


    • 10/4/10 11:23 the Muse:

      a bit telle :P


  • 5/6/11 17:46 kimryan8:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Prrrowl. I am 31 years old and it offers subtle sparkle that is seen in the right light without tons of glitter… It works its very best as a topcoat over a lengthening mascara so your lashes don’t get clumpy. Then they sparkle in the sun! Great way to avoid glittery, melty makeup in the heat and accentuate your lashes. I constantly get compliments on it when I wear it.

    The lipgloss on one side seems weird but look at it like this; the glitter/shimmer in both ends is the same peacock blue shade so they compliment each other SO WELL when worn together.

    Another trick i’ve found if you want to make the peacock color pop: Line the top of your eyes with black liquid eyeliner. Then use a small liquid eyeliner brush and dip it into the mascara topcoat. Cover over the black. BEAUTIFUL! I adore this product and think its one of the most innovative yet from Benefit and I’m a huge Benewhore too.


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