Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette

Bobbi Brown continues the theme of “Beauty Rules” with a new face palette of the same name.

Those of you, like ME, who are terribly addicted to Bobbi Brown Palettes may find the joy in this one.


The palette is available for a limited time but I’m not sure if it’s available exclusively at Nordstrom or if Bobbi will be launching it on her site. No word on the shades included either.

I will say it’s a different palette for Bobbi. For one thing it’s priced at a more affordable $45 (normally palettes this size range around $65), includes an eyeliner pencil (not typical of these style palettes), and appears to have a soft cover casing with a full size mirror.

Shades are quite similar to the Bobbi Brown Orchid Color Strip Palette so if you already have that palette you may wish to skip on the Beauty Rules one.

It’s available now at Nordstrom.

Bobbi fans what do you think?



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  • 8/4/10 20:06 Connie:

    Hmm looks interesting, if that lavender eyeshadow would of been brown instead I would drive to Nordys right now to get it lol 😀 but for now its a maybe, but consider its only $45 for BB its pretty good deal! :) What do you think Musey? Are you planning to get it? :)


    • 8/5/10 9:45 the Muse:

      hey connie! same here. I have the orchid color strip so I’m not sure I’d indulge 😛 I agree, price wise, it’s a fab deal!


  • 8/4/10 21:19 Amina:

    I’ll be skipping it….saving for holidays collections


    • 8/5/10 9:02 the Muse:

      Bobbi Holiday is always worth saving for AMina :)


  • 8/5/10 7:02 Therese:

    I totally missed out on the Orchid Strip (wasn’t even aware of them until this week…mu FAIL!) so this looks like a fab alternative…if a little more expensive!


    • 8/5/10 8:58 the Muse:

      therese spot on for the orchid strip :)


      • 8/5/10 9:50 Therese:

        Fab! I was so bummed I’d missed out on it! I might even give the Denim & Rose a miss in favour of this palette. Hope it makes it to the UK! :O


        • 8/5/10 9:58 the Muse:

          hey therese don’t skip d and r, it’s a really nice one imho! however, if you’re a fairer English Rose you may wish to avoid, as the blues kinda look washed out on super pale skin 😛 I think if they do it with the book release chances are UK will get it 😀 The colors look identical to Orchid imho 😀


  • 8/5/10 9:45 Kat:

    Ooooh! It’s very purdy….and I have a GC for Nordie’s burning in my pocket!! Was going to save it to see the MAC WW collection, but got a GC for them on my B-day!!!


    • 8/5/10 9:49 the Muse:

      ha kat go spend that GC girl!


  • 8/11/10 17:31 K Girl:

    I was just at Nordstrom and the Palette is so freakin’ cute. Really, the colors are really wearable and the mirror is huge. I was nervous before seeing it at the quality of the case, but it is just really adorable. A must for any teen in your life (or adult)!


    • 8/12/10 9:35 the Muse:

      oh wow k girl sounds lovely. haven’t seen yet but really eager to 😀 I think it’s a great one for teens!


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