Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask Review

Ahh moisture. Dry skin folks are constantly seeking more, more, more. More hydration, more moisture, anything to get our tight, itchy skin back in order.

My own skin is performing at a combo rate at the moment but as the cooler weather approaches, dry skin havoc is right around my skincare corner.

Savior could possibly come in the form of Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask.


Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask hydrates the skin with Glycosyl Trehalose that allows moisture to absorb into the skin easier. It promises to smoothe, lighten, and tighten the skin with Algae Extract while protecting cells from dehydration and free radical damage with Hyaluronate.

Ahh so as you might have guessed that “sparkling” in the title is all about the formula being a foaming mask. Yes, indeed, this is a great foaming mask. Gosh, I adore foaming masks even if some do nothing in the ways of working.

How do they work or how does this one work?

Simple! It’s a thicker gel formula which you smooth over your face. After about 30 seconds it begins to sizzle, pop, and foam up. It feels quite ticklish to me. After a minute you’ll have a full face of foam on your face. You can sit around for 3 to 5 minutes or more if you choose. As you sit the bubbles begin popping on your face producing the tickling sensation I spoke of. Simply rinse with water after and you’re done!

The effect?

Skin isn’t necessarily mega moist but skin definitely feels softer, smoother, and brighter, almost dewy to the touch. Cyber Colors recommends using this prior to makeup however I don’t have time in the AM to bother so I use it prior to bed at night and smooth on my night cream after. Come the morning, my skin definitely has an improved texture but results are not long term in my opinion so using once or twice weekly is a good idea.

It’s $37 per bottle (bit costly when other foaming masks are cheaper) and isn’t easily located within the US sadly. However, it can be purchased from Sasa if you’d like to try it out!

  • Anyone looking to liven skin up and give it a boost of moisture (this works nicely at getting skin dewy to the touch but no long term results).
  • Anyone wanting a foaming facial treatment that makes skin look brighter and smoother!

  • Anyone who isn’t interested in shelling out near $40 for something that won’t produce long term results.

I really enjoy foaming facial masks and this is definately one of the better ones. It definitely does something for my lackluster skin but I just wish it would be something that would have some long term benefits.

Quite nice but a little pricey for what it does!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 8/31/10 12:04 jenna:

    wow i’ve never heard of a foaming mask and i’m really intrigued by this! i’m imagining something like drinking a soda but for the face hehe! asian brands aren’t really attainable for me sadly as they are so cute and unique and i love to read about them on your blog! do you know of any others i could get my hands on closer to home?


    • 8/31/10 12:07 the Muse:

      exactly that jenna 😀 hehe! Depending where you live Jenna you can head to Chinatowns and such. Manhattan, flushing has alot of Asian drugstores and beauty shops, that’s always a great place to start 😀 However, online is prob the best selection :)


      • 8/31/10 12:21 jenna:

        awesome, thank you muse! once again you’ve broadened my beauty horizons 😀


        • 8/31/10 12:24 the Muse:

          my pleasure jenna 😀


  • 8/31/10 15:48 regina:

    ooh i definitely like the idea of this one. and my skin always need some moisture. but the price is a bit much for just short term results. i rather shell out more for a bottle of something that will give me long term results. so ill pass for now until you or i find something longer lasting^^.


    • 8/31/10 15:56 the Muse:

      hey regina LOTS of foaming masks to choose from that are considerably cheaper 😀


      • 8/31/10 15:58 regina:

        are they longer lasting? =)


        • 8/31/10 16:15 the Muse:

          sadly haven’t run across foam masks that have long term results regina :(


  • 1/10/11 23:29 Tracy:

    Hi Muse ! I bought Bliss Oxygen mask but haven’t tried it yet. Is it similar because I think it it’s also a foaming mask…


    • 1/11/11 9:30 the Muse:

      same concept tracy :)


  • 8/11/11 10:35 Chan Li Chin:

    Malaysia now sell cheaper….
    2 bottle only sell for us55


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