Gorilla Perfume Sample Set

You MAY be missing B Never, I know I am, but Lush is making me feel every so comfortable about the demise of B with cosmetic releases that are the same or similar to many of B Never’s old collection.

Now….have you heard the word on Gorilla Perfume?


Lush’s sister company, B Never, had created a slew of various perfumes the tickle to senses. I felt B’s perfumes were a niche collection that could be appreciated by Lush lovers in a major way or those who had tastes for fragrance that ran towards the more obscure or exotic.

It all started with a sneak peek of Lush Tuca Tuca and since that release, Lush has gone and created an entirely new company called Gorilla Perfume. Lush is launching Gorilla Perfume shortly with a total of seven brand new scents including Tuca Tuca and old favorites such as Vanillary and Karma (Gag! Oranges and Dirt!).

The new scents are as follows:

Imogen Rose
An exquisite rose perfume with dry vetivert notes and a powdery amber accord.

The Smell of Freedom
Opens with a fresh, herbal accord and reveals its spicy and woody nature as it warms on your skin.

Orange Blossom
Fresh orange blossom and neroli perfume that smells like a distilled Mediterranean moment.

Carnal and sexy jasmine with an indolic character, floral notes and a soft, woody base.

And old favorites:

The sweet and sensual vanilla perfume with floral and smoky notes.

Tuca Tuca
Feminine and flirty violet perfume to evoke memories of that first intoxicating crush.


The trippy signature Lush scent of pine, patchouli and orange.

Until gorillaperfume.com officially launches, Lush UK is offering a seven pound sampler of all the fragrances above! £7 plus £5.95 for airmail to the US snags you all seven scents in sample size to try out before the new site launches so you can try, before you commit to a larger size. I ordered a set last week so expect a review soon.

If Gorilla Perfumes turn out to be anything like B Never’s fragrances, I think we’ll be in for a real treat. Simon (Mark, creator of Lush’s, son) is one of the masterminds behind many of the scents as well which is very promising.

What do you think?

Any Lush fragrance fans?

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Available now from Lush UK.

  • 8/2/10 11:40 Anitacska:

    I bought Tuca Tuca, it’s great, can’t comment on the others as I haven’t tried them.


    • 8/2/10 11:49 the Muse:

      anita any similarities to bathos or v? tuca tuca sounds like it would smell like those!


  • 8/2/10 12:47 amber:

    I saw this the other day and it made me want to place an order that much more. I actually really like Karma, as does my fiance. I have been wanting to try Tuca Tuca and know I would like Vanillary. The others all sound appealing. I am not a big fan of the solid perfumes as the application is less convenient. I have Olive Branch and HIWTK and found a great liquid of OB from Suds N Sass. This combined with the new bath bombs though is making it hard for me to sit on my hands. I am trying to convince myself to blow off some stuff on specktra to justify an order.


    • 8/2/10 12:55 the Muse:

      amber no offense karma is my least fav. I get oranges and dirt from it :( I’m wondering if Tuca Tuca smells like V or Bathos?! I really want to try the others badly myself to see if I’d be interested in large sizes. HIWTK is a fav of mine. 😀 LOL aw. Exchange rate is super at the moment from sterling to USD so best take advantage now while it’s so low. :)


  • 8/2/10 13:06 Ann:

    I ordered the sample set as soon as I got the Lush newsletter!
    I want to try them all :-)


    • 8/2/10 13:19 the Muse:

      me too ann they look gorg!


  • 9/21/10 7:25 ruby:

    I’m in love with LUST. :)) Smells like carnal jasmine and strong green tea to me. LUSH fragrances are usually very unique, love or hate experience. :)


    • 9/21/10 10:39 the Muse:

      haven’t tried yet ruby but excited too! I agree they are a unique experience that people either adore or simply can’t take!


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