Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Bag Collection and Harajuku Lovers Makeup Girls Bag Collection

Damn you Gwen! Why did you have to create the Harajuku Lovers Fragrances and Accessories? Imma just love everything you put out that’s stamped with the Harajuku Lovers name.

My recent foray into Target had me stumbling across a ton of cute school supplies with the Harajuku Lover Girls stamped all over it and of course, Sephora has an entire makeup bag line dedicated to them.


Sephora carries an entire range of Harajuku Lovers Makeup Bags some of which are slashed down in price at the moment. The bags are a bright, playful accessory that makes toting your makeup around a joy. These should appeal to those of us who love our kawaii beauty picks!

I got a chance to play around with some of the bags last week and I’m so in lust. It’s a tad late in the Summer but if you’re heading on vacay soon you might wanna shop the Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Bag Collection as it features the girl’s in their teeny, tiny bikinis ready for some fun in the sun and rather perfect for you to tote your makeup or beach bag essentials in these little purses. The collection features a pencil case, a clutch, and an organizer all priced at an affordable $13 to $27.

The regular Harajuku Lovers Makeup Girls Bag Collection features a Sephora exclusive ensemble of bags featuring the girls getting all dolled up!

The bags are super cute in my humblest and since I’m such a fan I don’t mind dishing the dough to own one. Prices for the regular line is in the $20’s and $30’s however you can grab the Sunshine Cuties on sale at the moment.

Fond fans of the line will see the joy in these makeup bags.

Loves ’em!

Available from Sephora.


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  • 8/16/10 20:02 Storm:

    These are super cute! I may have to buy one to replace my boring makeup bag that I keep in my purse. Today, I bought I Wonder Woman pencil bag and Lisa Frank erasers. I know people were judging… Who cares! Wonder Woman! LISA FRANK!


    • 8/16/10 20:04 the Muse:

      OMG lisa frank bringing back my childhood storm!!!!!!


      • 8/16/10 20:06 Storm:

        Mine too! My six year old niece was with me and she thought it was cute, but didn’t really get the importance of it! I shared with her though lol. A six pack of erasers is $1 at Walmart, so…why not? And I’m thinking I need to grab some more of the pencil bags for makeup travel <3


        • 8/17/10 14:34 the Muse:

          ha storm we are such big kids 😀 That’s what I use ’em for, traveling for sure. They had HK erasers are the dollar bin in Target btw 😀 hahaha!


  • 8/16/10 20:17 Joana:

    This makeup bag is perfect to keep all your eyesilks, lip glosses, makeup brushes and other skin care products organized and always ready to be used.


  • 8/17/10 10:34 Jane:

    I am really lucky my mum picked up the new collection of bags to use for school, and then my dad went an picked up the bathing beauties one so I am set up for cosmetics bags.


    • 8/17/10 10:41 the Muse:

      aw awesome ‘rents Jane! :)


  • 8/17/10 14:01 dangster:

    I’m really loving that pink one. It’s got little beauty products all over it!


    • 8/17/10 14:05 the Muse:

      dangster they are so sweet 😀


  • 8/17/10 16:15 Wendy:

    Just when I think I can buy grown up looking things this comes along!
    This and my Care Bears t shirts wont let me act my age, dang it!!
    Oh well, must rejoice in cuteness.
    XO from Mexico.


    • 8/17/10 16:21 the Muse:

      lol Wendy. honey I’ll never grow up. Just give in and be a kid ;-D


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