Lady Gaga Griege Vanity Fair Nail Look on a Budget: Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection, Bare to Wear

Lady Gaga Vanity Fair

Just when you though gray nails were so very last year, Lady Gaga pops up on September’s issue of Vanity Fair sporting a very bare look. Get the look without over spending your beauty budget with the new limited edition Milani Bare It All Collection, Bare to Wear.


Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection is available for a limited time at drugstores with a price of $4.49 per bottle.

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 6

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 5

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 4

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 3

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 2

Milani Cosmetics Bare It All Collection 1

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Whatcha think?

Will be you embracing a bare nail look this season?

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  • 8/12/10 10:28 Bonnie:

    ooooh pretty…I love neutral-pastel colored nails. I don’t give a crap whether Lady Gaga does, though :D


    • 8/12/10 10:34 the Muse:

      LOL poor Gaga Bonnie :-D I’m not much of a nail girl so these are kinda doing nothing for me at the moment :D


  • 8/12/10 10:39 Julianna M.:

    Eh, not for fall. Give me some gray, taupe, deep purple! My OPI Metro Chic nail polish is waiting in anticipation. Besides, I’m not cool enough to try to do what Gaga does.


    • 8/12/10 11:34 the Muse:

      Julianna LOL you’re WAY cool hun :-D I like purples and browns for Fall!


  • 8/12/10 10:53 Marina:

    Not one jumps out at me…and considering I have a dark purple color on now with a fuscia and blue shimmer reflect…don’t think I’ll be going neutral on the nails annnnnytime soon ;) But I love it on GaGa. Because I’m just another little lemming who follows everything she does XP Her music is just so addicting.


    • 8/12/10 11:34 the Muse:

      LOL Marina it really is. totally love it!


  • 8/12/10 12:36 LNU:

    Its nice to see her looking like a human being for once. O.O


    • 8/12/10 12:41 the Muse:

      lol do I sense a hint of sarcasm LNU? :D


  • 8/12/10 14:44 ndoodles:

    I like Bare Necessity – very pretty. Yay Gaga looking very beautiful on the cover. Can’t wait to see it.


    • 8/12/10 14:46 the Muse:

      ndoodles not her best look imho she kinda looks like a corpse?! or a witch!?


  • 8/12/10 16:02 Hana:

    I want to try some colors from this collection, but I just got the minty green from their other limited collection and I want the coral from it too. And I just have way way too many nail polishes.


    • 8/12/10 16:08 the Muse:

      hana wait for a bogo doll!


  • 8/12/10 21:59 Janet:

    Gaga reminds me of Yoko Ono a bit on this cover… very pretty :)
    I just love neutral/taupey colors in general. They just feel so professional. Altho I’m in high school so it’s a tad irrelevant lol


    • 8/12/10 22:43 the Muse:

      oh good point janet :-D she does kinda!!!!!! wish I can get on board but so NOT a nail girl for some reason!


  • 1/31/11 14:45 Liane:

    Hey, I’ll never give up my grey polish!
    I’m not too wild about any of those colors, but generally speaking Milani’s nail varnishes are of exceptionally high quality, especially considering how cheap they are!


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