MAC Dare to Wear LipGlass Review and Swatches

Cheers! New MAC Lipglasses! How fun! The MAC Dare to Wear Collection features six new Lipglasses in an interesting formula.

Did you haul them?


A new style of MAC Lipglass that combines high pigments with holographic pearl for a multi-dimensional effect that creates a dazzling lip look!

Cheers MAC for creating an incredibly pigmented lipglass sans stick and tack. Formula wise this aren’t a traditional lipglass format as they do not sport a sticky, tacky feel but more of a smoother, thinner consistency that feels very lightweight, barely there on lips.

The consistency runs considerably thinner than a lipglass and has alot less shine in my opinion as they are going for full force bling here so it’s mostly about the dazzle sans the shine. They feel really comfortable on my lips and surprisingly wear quite long for something that’s lacking a sticky formula. In some ways they feel a tad silicone-like and wrap around your lips kinda adhering in place. I do suggest layering well as they do give a nice bit of color but building up is definitely suggested to get more pop and sizzle. Although they look gritty (all that glitter!) they apply very smooth and feel like you have nothing at all on your lips!

I, for one, am a self confessed glitter addict but even I will admit that most of the shades introduced are not exactly work friendly. I tried three and the only one you might get away with in an office environment would be Dare to Dare which is pale pink. The other shades I tried Gimme That! (full fuchsia) and Ban This! (purple) might be a little harder to get past your boss.

Of course, after they have worn off you’ll see quite a bit of glitter on your bare lips which can be a tad on the messy side of things.

  • Sparkle-a-holics!
  • Anyone who likes sparkling shades of gloss!
  • Anyone who likes vibrant, bold shades of gloss.

  • Anyone who HATES glitter, sparkle, or shimmer!
  • Anyone who isn’t consistent about touching up (you’re going to want to keep your hands on these once they wear away or look ridiculous with glitter hanging out on your bare lips).
  • Anyone expecting traditional MAC Lipglass (these are like NO other MAC gloss product particularly Lipglass).

Honestly, I didn’t like them all that much. The formula is very interesting but it feels dry on my lips and doesn’t pack enough punch to really get me slap happy. The shades, even for someone who likes fun colors, are just a tad on the crazy side of things and the formula isn’t all that and a bag of chips. In some ways they feel like a watered down Dazzleglass. Hardcore MAC fan girls might find the joy in them but this fan girl did not…..if they had a more glossy consistency I think they would have won me over but as is, I think I can probably live happily without them in my makeup life.

Anyone try the MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass?

OMG Loves?

Oh noes Leaves?

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  • 8/12/10 21:12 Phyrra:

    I grabbed Gimme That! and I love it :)


    • 8/12/10 22:47 the Muse:

      dd wasn’t really adoring it :( wanted to love but dunno prefer regular old lipglass 😛


  • 8/12/10 22:56 makeup morsels:

    whoaa I love all three colors especially Ban That! They really pop


  • 8/12/10 23:58 Storm:

    I have Gimme That! So Bad, and Brash and Bold. I honestly think that So Bad is something some people could get away with in a work environment. It is a really soft color on me. I absolutely love these, they last much longer than the other lip glasses I have from MAC. I like that they’re kind of…thick in a way. I love working in a creative field where I *do* get to wear things that are not the norm. My friend tried to talk me into working at the bank with her, and I know I’d probably hate it. Storm and Conservative environments don’t mix well!


  • 8/13/10 0:14 LINDARRAGNAR:

    No omg muse 1!!! are these L.E/ ??!? i saw a video on these and wasn’t interested but omfg those swatches are beautiful!!!! gimme that is so me.. :)

    i’m so broke i can’t get them….gotta save for the guerlain


    • 8/13/10 10:02 the Muse:

      they are indeed linda sniffle 😀 haha guerlain=WAY better purchase!


  • 8/13/10 1:27 Matryoshka Doll:

    I got Ban This! and honestly the only place I can think to wear it is on my Las Vegas trip this weekend. Otherwise it’s a little too over the top for anything but a club. I also got Wind Me Up, which is gold and a little more user friendly.


    • 8/13/10 10:02 the Muse:

      I agree matryoshka. All the colors seemed a tad bolder. Wind me Up yea, def considerably more tame compared to the others 😀


  • 8/13/10 2:56 Nia:

    I got Bold&Brash (the red one) and like you I was a bit disappointed in the colour payoff. They feel a bit drying, but they wear incredibly well, I had them on for 7h.
    Tough to me they feel tacky, not really sticky.

    Have a great weekend Muse, the weekend is nearly here 😀


    • 8/13/10 10:01 the Muse:

      nia they really wear well 😀 not tack or stick imho but def didn’t love the feel, they just feel dry, not like a gloss at all 😛 color payoff was pretty good if you build it up otherwise one swatch is pretty opaque…i dunno nothing special though 😛

      yayayayayay can’t wait. R&R needed!


  • 8/13/10 5:17 Anitacska:

    I love these and got them all! Wind Me Up would be pretty work friendly too, it’s a gorgeous coppery shade, not as bright as some of the others. I haven’t yet worn Bold & Brash as it’s such a bright red colour, but still, so pretty! 😀

    Dare to Wear and Digi Pops with the lip products were a killer for me, I bought all the DTW lipglasses, all the dazzle lipsticks and 4 dazzleglasses (those are coming from Finland as they weren’t released in the UK). But I sooo love my glitter! 😀


  • 8/13/10 7:03 joel:

    Thanks for sharing. But I am so sorry I too don’t like glitter, sparkle, or shimmer!! I’ll never try this.


    • 8/13/10 8:21 the Muse:

      my pleasure joel!


  • 8/13/10 11:16 Michelle:

    I hauled Dare to Dare which I enjoyed but my boyfriend hates it. A couple kisses before he’s off to work and he’s got some serious glittery stubble!


    • 8/13/10 11:17 the Muse:

      aw michelle! lol! that’s too sweet the mental image is making me smile!


  • 8/13/10 11:38 The Beauty Alchemist:

    I love these , but then I am a glitter nut in my lippies too. I liked the different , less glossy formula . Longer wear is a big bonus too. I have Wind Me Up which is a golden bronze and for me that’s almost an everyday shade . But yes, you will have sparkle on the lips long after it weras off :)


    • 8/13/10 13:40 the Muse:

      I dunno couldn’t get on board hun. too drying :( needed more glossy finish sigh!


  • 8/13/10 16:16 telle:

    i have gimme that and i like it enough, but not enough to acquire any other colors. i found GT to be like a liquid lip color vs. a glassy gloss and found it to be a little bit staining in terms of the color. i find because it seems more of a liquid color than gloss, it was easier to get really bold lips, which i love, but found it drying and found that after an hour or two, my lips felt better when i applied a light lip shine like BBW in summer berry over top.
    i do love the va-voom factor and think mac did a fabulous job capturing lady gaga in a collection- she is not work place appropriate 😉 and could have her picture under the word “bold” in the dictionary.


    • 8/13/10 16:27 the Muse:

      Drying here too telle 😛 Formula jusn’t was all that and a bag of chips for me sadly 😛 LOL no she isn’t is she?! 😀


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