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Guerlain Les Violettes Mineral Powder

The appeal of a gorgeous compact of powder is never lost on me which is why Guerlain Les Violettes Mineral Powder tops my must have list at the moment!

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Philosophy Fall Collection 2010: Philosophy Halloween 2010

Ahhh Halloween. My very favorite Holiday. No, not Christmas, nope, not Thanksgiving…Halloween. Yes, that’s my favorite Holiday of the year. When else can you get candy just about everywhere you go? When else is it completely acceptable to eat entire bags of sweets without worrying about the calories? What other day would you be able to tolerate creepy, crawlers…including…gasp spiders!

My goth side absolutely adores this holiday. Tis way better than Christmas, I don’t care what you say!

Philosophy, as always, brings us some delightfully creepy offerings for Halloween and Fall this year. Wanna take a look?

If you’re reading in RSS please visit my blog to enjoy the slideshow embedded in this post.

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Twilight Beauty Nox Twilight Nail Polish

Twi-harders, I know you’re out there even if you’re way to ashamed to admit your status in our little club. If anyone brings up Eric Northman in this post, you shall suffer the wraith of the Muse. Naaa just kidding Eric is hot and stuff (lick-able as well!) but let’s keep on the topic of the delightful little Edward Cullen for the moment. This is not Team Eric or Team Bill and for the record I’m on Team Lafayette, girlfriend is all kinds of hot, but about Twilight….

Twi-harders and nail enthusiasts can jump knee deep into the new Nox Twilight Nail Collection.



Korres Vitamin E 10-Color Pencil Kit

I’m a HUGE fan of Korres Eye Liners so of course I’m loving hard on the 10 Pencil Kit they have available exclusively at Sephora.

Yes, sirree, please!



Lancome Dual Finish Foundation Powder

Lancome Dual finish Foundation Powder is now available in a handy size for a limited time!