Stila Stars in Your Eyes Palette: Beauty Abroad

Several weeks ago Eva Chen tweeted a photo of some of the Stila Holiday 2010 goodies we could expect soon from the brand. Fast forward to the present and Bella Sugar Australia is flashing around a very pretty photo of the Stila Stars in Your Eyes Palette which looks similar to Holiday 2010’s palette but with more natural shades of color.

Yes, please, I’ll take it!


Naked is infiltrating Fall 2010 like a ninja thanks to Urban Decay so it was only a matter of time before everyone else caught the bug and wanted to frolic around in the nude.

Keep in mind the Stila Stars in Your Eyes Palette may never reach US shores but it’s still damn pretty to look out.

Come on, let’s rent a jumbo jet and go shopping together down under. This palette is so worth it.

Either that or we cross our arms, legs, and toes hoping it’ll come see us soon in the US.

  • 8/18/10 12:49 jenna:

    omigosh! OKAY muse i need you to make a decision for me since i simply can’t make it myself!! and i know i can trust you with any and all cosmetic dilemmas! do i a) purchase the UD Naked palette? b) purchase TF Natural Eye Palette c) hope, pray, and await the possible arrival of this in North America?


    • 8/18/10 12:52 the Muse:

      jenna hard to say here because I dunno when this might arrive in NA. I hope SOON but Fall is here soon and I dunno if we’ll see another launch from Stila in Sept…….I’d say hold out BUT I also think that Stila shades sometimes apply a bit frosty which makes Naked the best choice imho. Plus it’s full size shadows for the price and these look considerably smaller.

      I’d love to say the Natural Palette but the UD has way better selection plus you can get Natural with the 25% off thingy going on with Facebook soon so if possible maybe both!??! 😀 but yes, in the long run, UD Naked is the way to go imho if you can only choose one!


      • 8/19/10 18:39 donna:

        do you know if naked is going to be a part of the permanent line? i got an email saying they are trying to restock it so more people can purchase it. i think it went faster than the alice in wonderland palette. :(


        • 8/20/10 12:26 the Muse:

          it is indeed donna. it’ll be around as per UD’s tweets lately 😀 it’s just really pop at the moment!


  • 8/18/10 13:23 Karrie:

    I hope this does make it over here!


    • 8/18/10 13:35 the Muse:

      me too karrie 😀 I think we got a good chance of it!


  • 9/2/10 22:06 dina:

    have you seen this the stila natural beauty palette @ ulta? its in the new sale ad but i can’t find it on the site yet. nice & only $22 😀 dunno how big it is though. i can’t tell if its the same one!


    • 9/7/10 10:52 the Muse:

      yes dina! it’s online now dude! I ordered on Thursday!


      • 9/7/10 10:55 dina:

        yes i got it this weekend, they had free full size gloss gift too. also got the cargo mascara duo & shower smoothies in lemon cookie & juicy apple (YUM!). :) as soon as i saw it in the ad i busted out the laptop to message you, my husband thinks i’m a loon 😛


        • 9/7/10 11:02 the Muse:

          LOL Dina! :-D!!!!!!!!! I’m waiting for it to arrive. Ordered online. 😛 boo! I wanted to do the shower gels but I was OH so good since they are too large for me to use up with all my philosophy gels EEP!


          • 9/7/10 12:14 dina:

            SO true but clearly my brain fogs up when making these decisions!!!

          • 9/7/10 12:17 the Muse:

            LOL Dina! I dunno how I said no for the record!

  • 9/5/10 10:08 Hannah:

    Ulta is carrying this now!


    • 9/7/10 9:48 the Muse:

      yup hannah I ordered it Thursday SQUEE!


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