The bareMinerals Eye Club

When I was a kid I was quite the little tom boy and lord knows, in some cases, I still am. My best friend happened to be a boy when I was a kid (and heck I have a best friend who’s a boy now too…well he’s more a girl than a boy…) however he’d so dump me everyday at the same time when the boys across the street got home from camp. Hell, I was good for 8 hour straight of non stop games of tag, looking for bugs, and playing with action figures but once those boys came into the picture he was all manly and macho about playing with them and not me.

Needless to say I’d chase after all of them and wanted in on their little “no girls allowed” club.

After a while I got fed up and started playing with the little girl around the block and we had our own club. Boys smell anyway!

Anyway…I have one club we can all join in.

Check it!

The bareMinerals Eye Club is for all good girls and boys. Anyone can join and I promise they won’t dump you at the end of the day.

Granted you have to be a big lover of BE shadows to indulge but for those that are fans you’ll find the joy in this.

The club delivers shadows to your door directly every three months with a brush for application. Yup, you get three new shades of eyeshadow every three months for $24.99. Some of the shades you get are exclusive to club members as well.

Imagine seasonal shades of color that arrive every three months! Pretty cool right?

Best club ever.

Available from

  • 8/25/10 12:33 Regina:

    hmm it sounds very interesting. tho im lemming for the sephora blockbuster set… im probably gonna pick between the two. i dont need thaaat many eyeshadows,><


    • 8/25/10 12:44 the Muse:

      it sounds kinda fun regina 😀


  • 8/25/10 16:37 Storm:

    I won’t lie: I have given this serious thought. I actually thought about going in halfsies with my mom and splitting things (I have 7million empty five gram jars) and I’m still wondering if I should (can’t be that many brushes in the BE world…)


    • 8/25/10 16:46 the Muse:

      storm I’ve considered it but the price with shipping kinda made me meh


      • 8/25/10 16:50 Storm:

        Like I said, it would have to be split. I consider it and then I think: What am I thinking? I have other brands that I pay way more attention to!


        • 8/26/10 13:38 the Muse:

          ditto storm!


      • 8/25/10 21:37 regina:

        yea the shipping made me hesitate><


        • 8/26/10 13:12 the Muse:

          ya…$5 regina…not bad really as it’s 10 bucks a shadow plus the brush but meh…dunno


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