Two New Ways to Conceal Dark Circles: Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Under Eye Concealer and Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer

Ahh dark circles the bane of my existence and many of us who aren’t sleeping those full 8 hours. I mean seriously, do people really sleep 8 hours? What a crock. I know I get 5 if I’m lucky.

Dear Makeup Gods,

I promise to get more sleep just banish my dark circles quick, k?

the Muse

Until the Makeup Gods hear my wish perhaps I better consider trying out two new ways to conceal my woe with Jane Iredale offerings (one promises to cover up dark tattoos!).

Check it!

  • Jane Iredale Circle/Delete Under Eye Concealer ($29)

A creamy concealer available in two shades infused with vitamin K to repair blood vessels and act as a skin bleaching agent to help fade hyper pigmentation.

Ha and you told me I couldn’t wash those dark circles right out of my hair! I’ll bleach them out! ZAP! Be gone!

  • Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer ($24)

A camouflage cream packed with mega pigment that will even cover up black tattoos (or so says Jane). It won’t only cover breakouts, it’ll make them disappear permanently with green tea extract to combat acne!

If it can conceal tattoos and acne I’m sure it can banish circles right?

I need to try these pronto.

Please Jane, won’t you help with my drama?

Available now from

Share all your concealing secrets!

What are you using to conceal your scary dark circles?

What works for you?

What doesn’t?

Do tell, it’ll be a great resource for everyone to hear different brands that have or haven’t worked.

  • 8/18/10 0:06 Melissa:

    I love Chanel Quick cover it is packaged like lip gloss so u can control the amount. Its creamy and pigmented, dries down nice. however, use the wrong primer and watch out – drama. For blemishes or redness I like the cover fx conceaer in a tube. You have to mix it up a bit so its not runny but it hides pimples well.


    • 8/18/10 12:27 the Muse:

      melissa would you believe I haven’t tried chanel concealers at all! how am I missing this stuff? 😀


      • 8/19/10 1:35 Melissa:

        imho u can skip the old school lipstick tube style ones and go for the full coverage ones. I have had my two shades for over a year and they are no where near needing replacement.


  • 8/18/10 12:34 Ally:

    Be gone zombie eyes! The pic freaks me out hehe 😀
    Just ordered circle/delete in shade 2 :)
    I’m still on a ‘use up and no buy’ but I just couldn’t resist after seeing this post LOL
    Hope I made the right choice in the shade though. Out of the 3 shades they offer I was debating on shade 1 or 2 but decided to go with 2 for my undertone is more peachy.
    I’m pretty fair (I guess NC15-20) with peachy-yellow undertone. Tell me dear Muse, do you think you would choose shade 2 for moi? Or should I have gone with the shade 1?
    Can’t wait till the package gets here (lol it’s not even shipped yet!).
    I feel like a school girl wating for my report card >_<


    • 8/18/10 12:36 the Muse:

      lol ally best pic I could find 😀 LOL!

      oh ally tell me how it is!? I’m dead curious! I was debating on the shades too….I always go lighter but was scared the first one would be too light. I think I’d prob go with 1 to be honest particularly with NC15-20 skin for sure. 😀

      LOL ally you’re cute. Let me know how it works out!?

      I think I might go ahead and indulge too!


      • 8/25/10 0:46 Ally:

        Got mine on saturday! I’ve been using it since and I’m happy to report back that I’m quite satisfied! 😀

        The #2 looked a little intimidating at first for the peachy color of the pair seemed a little dark in the pot but when spread out it’s a lot lighter, plus mixing it with the lighter color makes perfect for my fair peach complexion :3 I am very glad that I chose #2!
        Since it’s only been a few days, I’m not sure about the lightning dark circle/combatting blemishes properties yet but it doesn’t cake on, or get greasy on me and def. pwns my zombie circles/blemishes and stays put all day!

        I’m quite happy with this one! Luv you muse for being my darling enabler kyakya
        I think the report card says A+ xD


        • 8/25/10 9:53 the Muse:

          that’s awesome ally! I obviously NEED! sounds dreamy! you’re thanking me? thank you LOL your little review has me intrigued 😀 I must gets some.

          xoxo! thanks!


  • 8/18/10 15:48 Florence:

    the best of all the concealers i tried for my super dark circles is a yellow concealer by Kryolan. it is literally bright yellow, but does a trick magically! it seems quite heavy, but its not, gives coverage but u look very fresh. its absolutely amazing! the only blah thing is the smell- like soap. but thankfully eyes are not that close to your nose, right? lol


    • 8/18/10 16:08 the Muse:

      florence sounds awesome must try 😀 I have one from Signature CLub A that’s light blue and it does incredible THINGS! 😀 ha good mentality 😀 eyes away from nose!


      • 8/18/10 16:23 Florence:

        i have a set from Kryolan-a green,lilac and yellow. dont really see a purpose of lilac and green,but the yellow one is the biggest, yay, and absolutely incredible (just like Kryolan eyeshadows:D). since blue works for you, then maybe i should try to make the lilac work- its also cool toned…? yep, ill do that in the morning, in 7 hours!


        • 8/18/10 16:27 the Muse:

          omg lilac is awesome for brightening up skin Florence 😀 not just under eyes! 😀 u prob have the one that’s something like this


          • 8/18/10 16:43 Florence:

            o, ill try the lilac then! thanks!
            yes, its also a wheel of concealers, but with three colors only, half is yellow. i cant find it on the internet now though. maybe they dont make it anymore? that would be a disaster! i might have to go to a kryolan store soon….

          • 8/30/10 16:00 the Muse:

            dunno florence….they prob do have it around 😀 gotta track one down and try it out! I’ve tried color wheels before and was quite happy with the results 😀

  • 8/18/10 16:15 Beauty Scribbler:

    Argh I need to check these out. I’ve never found an undereye concealer opaque enough for my needs…


    • 8/18/10 16:16 the Muse:

      opaque? def don’t try these beauty scribbler these are heavy duty pigment 😀


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