Benefit All You Need Is Gloss

The Beatles performed All You Need is Love for the first time in 1967. The song was written by John and if you happen to be a big Lennon fan you can definably get his jive from it. The song was written and meant to be understood by many nations and cultures, a simple message that would be universally understood. It’s true in some aspects isn’t? All you need is love.

In the cases of beauty junkies though….

All we need is gloss.

Sure, we could dig on love but I bet any one of us would admit to needing only gloss.

Benefit understands.

Benefit All You Need Is Gloss is the traditional Holiday gloss set from the brand featuring three dual ended glosses, giving you six total shades.

The set includes:

  • I’m with the Band (golden pink shimmer)
  • Almost Famous (copper penny)
  • Life on the A List (bubble gum pink)
  • Who are you Wearing (passion fruit pink)
  • Back to the Fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia)
  • 24K (sexy gold)

Available now for $29 at

I know quite a few people have asked after swatches on this and My Name is Glowla, I’m working on it for you 😉

  • 9/22/10 18:38 Ozma:

    I want.


    • 10/22/10 7:11 Amy:



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