Jelly Belly Recipe Bath & Shower Gel Set

There is something so utterly satisfying about a big old box of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. I love to play mad scientist with them, mixing up cocktails and creating new flavors like popcorn strawberry banana or rootbeer float key lime pie….seriously, I’ve been tempted to shove one of every flavor in my mouth to see what it would taste like!

Sorry, is that gross?



Combing my love of bath products and Jelly Beans is fab-o by me so I’m currently lemming the Jelly Belly Bath & Shower Gel Set. Please can I have it now? So cute!

A set of three bubble bath and shower gel bottles by Jelly Belly, in raspberry, blueberry and strawberry jam scents for $12.

Oooo imagine the cocktail possibilities!

Available from ASOS.

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