L’Oreal Midnight Muse Collection L’Oreal HIP Studio Secrets Intense Eyeliner Dark Night Review and Swatches

L’Oreal Midnight Muse (hey, is this collection named after me?) is available at your local drugstores for a limited time. The collection features two displays one has new lipsticks and nail varnishes and the other features new HIP Duo Eyeshadows and Eyeliners.

Let’s take a look!

Although I was tempted to indulge in one or two shades of the shadow duos I did refrain considering these are always a hit or miss in terms of quality and these particularly shades had alot of matte going on so I ended up skipping completely.

However, the liners did intrigue me. Three new shades of L’Oreal HIP Studio Secrets Intense Eyeliners are available. This is a new name with three shades to choose from however the formula is much the same as the L’Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners however with a creamy finish.

Formula is a dreamy, creamy blend that applies easily and flawlessly without tugging or skipping of any kind. It smudges easily as well creating a nice smokey effect. I was sad I didn’t get my hands on the richer maroon shade they had available however I did indulge in Dark Night which is a dark, blackened brown.

Color applies smoothly as I said above and also works well on waterline although I cannot confirm how waterline safe these are so be aware prior to application. The Chrome line was not something you’d want to use on your waterline however these are easy enough to do so and last a fair few hours before fading away.

The pencil lasts fairly longer on my eyes however the creamier texture may prove a tad smudgy for oily lids. I can picture these easily fading away or migrating around lids if you’re not as dry as I am.

I paid merely $5.99 for the pencil so I have little bad to say about them. It’s creamy, it applies evenly and easily, and has nice pigmentation plus it wears well on my eyes.

Yup, sounds like a nice little budget option to me if you’re on the look out for a cheaper liner that applies well and smudges easily. I believe these shades are available for a limited time for Fall so you might want to grab them while they are around before they are gone for good.

I got mine at CVS.

Anyone try?

What did you think?

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  • 9/29/10 13:58 JoElla:

    That is a beautiful brown color! I would love to see the other colors offered and since they smudge, I bet it would work well with the smashbox shadow liner brush! (so can’t remember the number of it)


    • 9/29/10 16:30 the Muse:

      hey smudge so dreamy Jo ;-D good price too!!!!!!!


  • 9/29/10 14:56 Phyrra:

    Hah! Love the name! I haven’t seen these out yet, but as far as the drugstore liners go, I love the Milani liquifi pencils and the Cover Girl liquiline pencils.


    • 9/29/10 16:26 the Muse:

      hehe me TOO!


  • 9/30/10 2:29 Ricci:

    I want an eyeliner that glides on effortlessly.. is this it?


    • 9/30/10 9:07 the Muse:

      Glides on with tugging or skipping Ricci :)


  • 10/1/10 0:39 Felis:

    The maroon is unbelievably gorgeous, although it applied a little unevenly for me. With some clever smudging it evened right out and looked fantastic for six hours until I took it off.


    • 10/1/10 10:00 the Muse:

      awesome felis ;-D they sold out of the shade at my drugstore grrr I wants it ;D


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