MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent

I know you I walked with you once upon a dream.

Screeching halt.

Forget the dream, this is about EVIL!

“You poor simple fools, thinking you could defeat me, me, the mistress of all evil!”-Maleficent


MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Mineralize Eye Shadow $21

  • My Dark Magic (Deep pink with pink pearl and Deep plum with purple pearl)
  • She Who Dares (Deep navy with blue pearl and Deep forest green with lime green pearl)

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Lipstick $15.50

  • Violetta (Bright clean violet purple) (Amplified)
  • Dark Deed (Burgundy plum) (Amplified)

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Lipglass $15.50

  • Revenge Is Sweet (Light yellow purple)
  • Wrong Spell (Deep plum with pink purple)

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Beauty Powder $25

  • Briar Rose (Soft violet pink with pearl)

MAC Venomous Villains Maleficent Nail Lacquer $13

  • Bad Fairy (Red with red multi-changing pearl)
  • Formidable! (Teal green with pink multi-changing pearl)
  • Mean & Green (Purple with teal multi-changing pearl)

What will you haul from Maleficent’s stash?

  • 9/16/10 20:59 Eve:

    Yes please! Especially those nail polishes!


  • 9/16/10 21:14 dedra williams:

    IM buying this lot right here. Every think looks like it will suite my dark skin tone and im loving the polishes and Mineralize Eye Shadow.


    • 9/16/10 21:18 dedra williams:

      im skipping the Beauty Powder i have a lot of those xD the good thing is i use them .


  • 9/16/10 21:36 Heather:

    Everything I love it all!


  • 9/16/10 21:47 marron:

    I am loving that mean and green polish right now! :O


  • 9/16/10 21:55 Jeanie:

    Mean & Green Nail Laquer looks beautiful! i’m mesmerized just looking at the pic! lol


  • 9/16/10 22:12 Rozelyn:

    Do want.


  • 9/16/10 22:15 LolaAM:

    Definitely, the shadows, Violetta, and maybe the nail lacquers


  • 9/16/10 22:25 sher:

    Ooooh mineralize eyeshadows! I want I want!

    The colours are soooo gorgeous!


  • 9/16/10 22:37 Nina:

    Briar Rose, and bright purple lipgloss, but need to see in store first. On me.


  • 9/16/10 22:38 Carolanne:

    Bad Fairy shall be mine, you hear me! MIIIIIINNNE!!!!! (::inserts evil laugh here::)


    • 9/17/10 14:00 the Muse:

      lol carolanne I’m not getting in your way ;_D


  • 9/17/10 8:02 Lindsay:

    Maleficent is by far my favorite collection from the Venomous Vilians. Those shadows? Adore! Bright purple lipstick & gloss? Oh my! & Those polishes? Love at first sight!!


  • 9/17/10 8:04 Biba:

    I would pick up the nail polishes, if MAC would be available anywhere in my country… :(


  • 9/17/10 8:26 Kristina:

    Bad Fairy nail polish please!


  • 9/17/10 8:41 Leah:

    OMG… I want it all, and NOW! Just you try and stop me, muah-ha-ha…!


    • 9/17/10 10:28 the Muse:

      hehe leah!


  • 9/17/10 9:58 Wendy:

    Violetta is making my heart thump, I won’t lie… and I kind of want the first nail lacquer, only because I cannot for the life of me find Orly Galaxy Girl ANYWHERE.


  • 9/17/10 11:27 MC:

    All those Nail Colours are meant to be mine!!! I love all 3 shades!


  • 9/17/10 11:43 Alicia:

    I must have Bad Fairy!


  • 9/17/10 11:52 Sarah G.:

    If I don’t get Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass I will throw a royal fit. I might pick up a nail polish or two. Those colors are amazing!


  • 9/17/10 16:20 Phyrra:

    My Dark Magic and Violetta are the ones I’m drooling over though I will probably only get Violetta (and that’s because I’ve been planning on purchasing it for months!!!)


  • 9/26/10 19:56 Misato-san:

    My Dark Magic… stunning… <3


  • 10/4/10 16:21 sarah Mathianas:

    terrible waste of money violetta showed up maroon on me! mineralize isn’t impressive and the eye shadows are tiny


  • 10/12/10 14:04 Akasharaine:

    I am mixed (half black and half white) and all the Maleficent eye and lip colours are too dark for me. The nail polishes are cool, but expensive and don’t feature disney villain logo/design.

    I got Briar Rose for now… but I think I’m going to actually have to go back and try it on (possibly return it) cause the colour is a little too purple.. we’ll see.

    I am so sad. Maleficent is my absolute favourite villian of all time.

    I also got Cruella D’Ville lipglass in Wicked Ways – which I love. Too bright for everyday use, but definitely will be breaking it out when it’s bad girl time 😉


  • 6/1/12 15:15 D.I:

    Where can you get them now?


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